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This is a comprehensive analysis of religious concepts

This is a website presenting extremely interesting and new topics about people, and above all, finding the eternity inherent in it. Knowledge here posted is not a result of some visions or revelations. This content is the result of a logical analysis of general knowledge about the world, about God and about basic religious concepts. The topics gathered here try to answer briefly about the current questions of our identity, the sense of human life and the existence of the spiritual world. Its provoke further questions about the existence of God, the existence of evil and the present state of humanity. Some will also be interested in the question of the end of the world. I will therefore try to answer all these questions.

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  Brief explanation of the content


 Essenceism - My  analitycal system (see:

                                      and my books  (see:

 Presentation of Essenceism


Contents of the Theory of Eternal Existence


The Outline of the Theory of Eternal Existence


and Introduction to the Theory of Eternal Existence


Main topics - Who God is:

 Main subjects - Question about God, about religion and about faith -1


 0. Who is God?


1. Original Being - In search of Infinity (see:

Cover Essenceism 1_God is not from this world_eng

2. God as the Center - God as the Center of the All Things


3. Personality of God - An image of God for man


4. God as the Creator - God as the Source of existence


5. God and science - God in the face of science


6. God as the Heavenly Father - God as a participant in evolution


7. God as the Source and the Beginning of All Things

 Duality of All Things

8. Man - eternal being - Defining a man

Cover Essenceism 2_We are from this world_eng

9. Man towards All Things - Man's place for all creation


10. Man and other beings -

      Who are other spiritual beings for a human being

11.The beginning of humanity

     The scientific vision from the Garden of Eden

12. The perfect world - Will we finally get it?


13. God's Heart - The Source of Love and the Beginning of Good


14. Future vision of the universe - The purpose of the universe

Cover Essenceism 4_Vision not from this world_eng

15. A look at the image of God - God's image reaching the imagination


Important topics  – Good and Evil:

0. Where does the evil come from? – Good and evil


1. The beginning of evil - The existence of evil and its center

Cover Essenceism 3_Evil is from this world_eng

2. Center of Evil - Satan  - Satan's Identity


3. A world without evil and the present world -

 Where do we actually live now?

4. End of the world - Fear of the end of the world and the Last Judgment


5. God and the present world - The world from God's point of view


6. God does not know evil - God does not know evil


7. The meaning of human life - Search for the purpose of human life


8. The sense of the spiritual history of humanity -

     The sense of human history

9.  Behind the scenes of world history -

     The political course of world history

10. A black scenario for humanity - May it never come true


Themes about Jesus Christ and Salvation:

0. What did Jesus Christ do? -

    Question about God, about religion and faith - 2

1. Jesus Christ - I try to understand Jesus Christ


2. Jesus Christ - The Lonely Redeemer - The Solitude of Jesus


3. Secrets of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ  - 

    Who is Jesus and Holy Spirit?

4. Resurrection and Last Judgment - Analysis of final matters


5. Salvation of the world -

    What must be fulfilled for the world to be saved?

6. Responsibility for Salvation - The role of God, people and angels


7. Reincarnation and salvation -

    Counterproposition to the salvation and reincarnation

8. Personal Salvation - How to try to get out of hell?


9. The Bible for contemporaries - My attitude towards the Bible


Important topics – Man and Spiritual world:

01. Man - separate category of being -

What kind of being in the universe is a human being?

02. We are not animals – Physical side of man


03. Spirituality in a man - Spiritual side of man 


04. Eternity in a man - what is our eternity about?


0. Introducing to the spiritual world -

    Description about the spiritual world

Cover Essenceism 5_Eternity is not from this world_eng

1. Spiritual world -

    I try to describe the principles of the spiritual world

2. The spiritual world at present -

    Connections between the spiritual world and the physical one

3. The spiritual world - the background of conflicts -

     I am trying to understand the background of spiritual conflicts

4. Man in the face of death -

   What to do before entering the spiritual world

Thematic compendium -

 Description of the main concepts in the thematic order

Alphabetical compendium -

 Description of the main concepts in alphabetical order


Personal topics:

0. About religions -

Question about God, question about religion, question about faith - 3

1.The main moral problem

    Biggest moral problem of humanity towards God 

2. Conclusions from different religions -

    Conclusions from various religious

Cover Essenceism 6_Unreal gods from this world




3. Miracles in the process of Salvation -

    Are miracles needed to build faith?

4. God’s help and prayer - I try to understand the meaning of prayer


5. Man in the face of faith in God - How to find God in his personal life


6. Words to the believers - What I can tell to people who believe in God

Cover Essenceizm 8_Reality from this and not from this world

7. The obstacles behind in understanding God -

    What do people not see?

8. Discussion time - when every word is important -

    An independent way to know God

9. Opening for spiritual knowledge -

    What did I need to write about these topics

10. Search and questions - What else are you looking for?


11. Love and friendship -

      Briefly about love, friendship and loneliness

Cover Essenceism 7_Love from this and not from this world


12. Letter to Heavenly Father -

      How to express your love, joy and freedom?

13. Personal proposal of knowing God -

      Examples of personal vision of God

14. My path to God - What was the beginning


15. A dream about an ideal world - I had a dream...



Conclusions from the discussed topics - Summary of main topics


"The touch of eternity":

Table of contents of the book "Touch of eternity" and information about contact to the author is in a separate section.

Contact e-mail:, phone: +48 (22) 7227700 - Janusz Mazur


I begin the description of my search for the First Cause, search for the roots of the universe and the man himself. I do not want it to be a religious work, but a research and science at the level of a person who thinks logically and draws logical conclusions. These are the features of the researcher: logical thinking and drawing logical conclusions. My level of scientific knowledge is not academic. It is rather the level of an urgent student of natural sciences, especially physics. That is why I am not ashamed to call my research and scientific work. When religious themes appear, I will also have a research and scientific distance to them. Only after exhausting all known scientific knowledge and ending logical argumentation I will add emotional arguments, because even the most meticulous researcher is not just a soulless machine.

I do not identify myself with any existing religion, church or denomination. My religious views are only partly due to the search for universal truth in religious beliefs. In this study I use, above all, my life experience, my thoughts and focusing on the problems of people around me. From all these spiritual experiences, I have drawn logical conclusions and made notes from them for many years. Now I present the fruits of my work.

Please see my books about Essenceism system:

1. "Essenceism 1 - God is not from this world" - scientific understanding of God


2. "Essenceism 2 - We are from this world" - understanding of man towards God

3. "Essenceism 3 - Evil is from this world" - understanding of evil


4. "Essenceism 4 - Vision not from this world" - understanding of world


5. "Essenceism 5 - Eternity is not from this world" - understanding of eternity


6. "Essenceism 6 - Unreal gods from this world" - understanding of religion


7. "Essenceism 7 - Love from this and not from this world" - understanding of love

8. "Essenceism 8 - Reality from this and not from this world" - understanding of our and original reality


see: Contents of the Theory of Eternal Existence


and: The Outline of the Theory of Eternal Existence


and also: Introduction to the Theory of Eternal Existence  




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