The Original Being

In Search of the First Cause


I try to describe God: step 1

If for the modern man the concept of God is to have a meaning, he must be the absolute, the perfect and the greatest and most powerful of all that human reason can imagine.

Such a God, hereinafter referred to as the Original Being, cannot "fit" in the space-time understood as the present universe we study. The time has passed for God to be placed on the golden throne above the clouds, who reigns among the angels who play him with trumpets. After this medieval vision, the views that placed God somewhere in space, among the stars, also failed. Also the more modern explanation that God is everywhere loses meaning in our time, because most people do not accept the dogmatic imposed act of faith.

Only noticing the limited time of existence of the universe by discovering its supposed starting point has created a new direction in understanding the correct position of the Original Being. This means that the phenomenon of the expansion of the universe and the fact that it began with a certain moment was noticed. It has even been established that this moment could have been the so-called Big Bang or similar violent phenomenon. As a result, the universe was bound by boundary conditions and its duration was determined from the initial state to the present state at about 13.8 billion years. This situation entitles us to ask the first question: what was before the Big Bang and to the second: where is our universe? Against the backdrop of this situation, for the first time, the possibility of a logical imagination of the sphere beyond time and space, which could be a source sphere for the present time-space and which would house our universe, was created for the first time. This means the existence of a source sphere from infinity to infinity, a spheres unlimited spatially and temporally both in the past, in the present and in the future. This is exactly the case with the existence of the Original Being. Because He, as the First Cause, existed before the creation of the universe described as space-time, then it can be said that the sphere beyond time and space is His eternal, natural and perfect "environment" of existence. This is His permanent "home" and there we can imagine Him as an always-existing God.

The above understanding of the simultaneous existence of two realities, i.e. time-space-time and a sphere unlimited by time and space, leads to the conclusion that our universe emerged from the sphere beyond time and space. In addition, it entitles you to state that even an infinite number of universes could have emerged from such a sphere. However, in order to stop the desire to think too much, let us stay for now with our one universe that emerged from this sphere.

All this leads to the conclusion that the Creator needs to be associated with this sphere, because it is like He is spatially unlimited and infinite from backward infinity to infinity in the uncertain future. So we're talking about the First Cause as being a Mind-identified personally with this realm. He must have a Personality that is the source of all laws and principles, containing Intellect, Will and Affection - His basic attributes. Those qualities should create a Personality Center identified with the colloquially used concept of the Spirit of God. If such a Original Being, which I described above, really exists, then of course it must be more powerful than our universe, more primary than it and the first source of its origin. At the same time this Original Being should be "integrated" with the creative material, that is, with the Energy of the First Cause, which is also His necessary attribute. We can say that if we came to the conclusion that everything comes from energy. The Energy of the First Cause functions in both the spiritual and physical world, but in the second one it transforms into concrete forms of energy or matter that is knowable and measurable with scientific methods. We no longer have to believe that there was an inexplicable miracle of creating the world out of nothing. This very closes the idea of who God is, how and where to imagine His existence and how our universe was created. Together, it allows us to progress in a fuller understanding of God as the Eternal Source of all things, our Creator. In further parts of this study I will use more "religious" concepts. For example, I will call the universe the physical world and the realm beyond the time and space of the spiritual world.

Summing up the above, I repeat the basic thesis of this study that the entire universe with all its material forms and various forms of energy is a creative transformation of the God's Original Energy. At the same time, His Personality, whose attributes permeate this Energy, I call the Spirit of God.

Our language is not adapted to translate concepts outside of time and space.  That is why I have to use understandable wording or substitute models that are just a facade of something that really lies under this concept.

The first such term is infinity, which is accepted not only by mathematicians, but also in the general consciousness of all people.

It is quite easy for us to accept infinity oriented towards the future. We feel subconsciously that the universe will last forever, because even if there is a cataclysm on Earth and life will disappear on it, in the scale of the entire cosmos it will be an almost imperceptible incident. There are no premises to deny the permanent, imperishable duration of the universe. It is much harder to accept and understand infinity oriented in the opposite direction, i.e. facing the past. We will always ask ourselves a question, which is very logical, what was before. Even the statement that God has always existed will entail the same question as before or where this eternal beginning is. Of course, infinity has no end, but it also has no beginning and it is the most difficult to accept. Maybe the next paragraphs will help you better understand this problem.

Presumably, you will never be able to provide proof of the existence of God.  However, since we entrust the knowledge of the Original Being of our intuition and imagination, it is worth making certain models of directly unknowable reality that will help in understanding God and His Personality.

I will use the one-dimensional scheme first. Such a graphical model of infinity well reflects the human image of God, especially in the form of a drawing, which I want to use here. In this way, I would like to somehow "embed" the Original Being in the presence of other beings.  In one of the following chapters, to stimulate our imagination, I will present a two-dimensional and three-dimensional model, but here, for the beginning, I will adopt a one-dimensional model.


I compare the Original Being to a straight line stretching from minus infinity to plus infinity, remaining for one dimension at the moment. This simple image illustrates the state of something that has always existed, goes through our time and continues to infinity.

You can also present a graphical infinite model in the form of a circle. He can also help us understand the infinitude of God. It's as if the beginning and the end are merging or overlapping the age-old Alpha and Omega.


In the universe, circular motion is common, beginning with the structure of the atom, and on the great cosmic galaxies ending.  Such uninterrupted movement in a circle from minus infinity to plus infinity may somewhat bring closer the understanding of the full unlimitedness of Original Being.

Next, I present my assumptions about the whole of the universe, starting with man.  In the thesis presented in my study, I claim that each of us originates from the Original Being, i.e. everyone is a child of God (I will explain exactly how I understand it later in this study).  This thesis means that each of us is a ray starting from a specific point on this straight line, and like her, there is no end. This ray-line, that is, man, overlaps with the straight line, i.e. Original Being and goes to infinity with Him. If we have already begun life, we will exist forever. First, we experience them together with our physical body, and then, after being freed from it, we continue our existence in infinity as an eternal person - a spiritual person.  The man who once began his life lives eternally in the form adopted from the Original Being exists forever.  So we can call us "existing beings", which means in short the fact of existence forever, from the moment of birth. We are different from the Original Being above all because we have a beginning, and He is not it, because He exists independently of time and space.

There are, of course, other creatures besides God (Original Being) and people (existing beings). In the spiritual world, these are spiritual beings, which in my elaboration constitute a separate topic and I will deal with them in the next chapters. At the same time, in the physical or material world, there are innumerable creatures constituting a living nature. Apart from them on Earth, we have many creations, things and objects that make up a still life. All of them I simply name a being, regardless of whether they are animals, plants or ordinary material objects. These living and material entities have one important common feature: they all have a beginning and an end, just like the segment from point A to point B. It distinguishes them from God and from people. You can also place them as a segment on this straight line, which is a model of Original Being.

The obvious conclusion from the above consideration is that man belongs to the "God's world" and not to the animal world.  This is also one of the main topics of this study.

In the next topic I will discuss the position of God as the Center of the Universe: God as Center of the universe.

















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