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I care very much about your comments, opinions and showing me substantive mistakes as well as grammatical and spelling mistakes. I am also waiting for every criticism, even the most severe one, because that's the only way to get to the truth. Contact me if you have an interesting text and want to add it to your site, for example, your own thoughts.

I have published already more ten books on topics on this website so far:

1. "Essenceism 1 - God is not from this world" - scientific understanding of God

2. "Essenceism 2 - We are from this world" - understanding of man towards God

3. "Essenceism 3 - Evil is from this world" - understanding of evil

4. "Essenceism 4 - Vision not from this world" - understanding of world

5. "Essenceism 5 - Eternity is not from this world" - understanding of eternity

6. "Essenceism 6 - Unreal gods from this world" - understanding of religion

7. "Essenceism 7 - Love from this and not from this world" - understanding of love

8. "Essenceism 8 - Reality from this and not from this world" - understanding of our and original reality

9. "Outline of Theory of Eternal Existence" - short presentatuon of my Theory

10. "Theory of Eternal Existence" - understanding of rules of eternity

11. "The True God does not know evil" - brochure

12. "Touch of eternity" - modern analysis of religious concepts

13. "Touch of hope" - a science-fiction novel

Literary Publisher "Białe Pióro" offers the book "Touch of eternity"  in *.pdf format and a science-fiction novel:  "A touch of hope", also in paper form.

I can send the books about "Essenceism" personally in the form of *.pdf files after receiving an e-mail with such a request.

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My explanation

What I do on my websites and in my books through the essenceism system is to explain that Original Being, created the world according to His concept and in accordance with His qualities. God’s concept is a perfect one, and therefore it cannot be corrected and modified by Him due to the behavior of people and angels, and especially because of the creation of evil by them.

The world created by the Original Being has been put under the authority of people with the support of angels, and it is people and angels who are to lead it to the Kingdom of Heaven. That was the way it was from the beginning and it is now giving all of them a task. Because they have corrupted a good situation and created a world incompatible with the concept of the Creator, only people and angels are supposed to fix it.

I write about all this and I point out that God will not do this repair (salvation) instead of  people and for angels. Otherwise, He would have to admit His mistakes, for example, that He gave people free will. Needlessly religions wait for Him to do it for us, repairing evil in the form of the Last Judgment or some end of the world. It will never happen.

God's Love and His Mercy have nothing to do with it. These are just such religious forms of escape from responsibility for the future of the world. This is the biggest mistake of many religions. God cannot clean up dirt or evil for us. He does not know evil. He also cannot take away our free will by doing something for us that we would have done voluntarily.

I try to suggest ways to restore the world to the concept of the Creator, indicating that people and angels must do it.




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