Reality from this and not from this world

( Essenceizm 8 )

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From the author:

The essenceism analytical system aims to provide knowledge that gives hope for a proper understanding of our reality. I present it in this book. I would like to remind you that the knowledge collected by essenceism was also used to create the theory of eternal existence. When creating it, I dreamed that it would reflect the concept of reality intended for humanity by the Creator. I call this concept the Good and its Creator the Original Being.

My system of essenceism and the theory of eternal existence bring innovative knowledge. I pass it on to those who are looking for eternity and true love, even if they do not know what its source is. Since my views may be so new that they are difficult to accept, in this book I decided to describe my system in even simpler language to be better understood.

The analytical system of essenceism and the theory of eternal existence resulting from its research can successfully replace religion. They are addressed to all people: believers and non-believers, atheists, agnostics, and even to those who are completely indifferent to the phenomenon of religion. My findings do not create any new faith and do not make it dependent on a cult. They only replace religious faith with new scientific knowledge. They also propose a radical change in knowledge regarding God as the Original Being, the spiritual world and human eternity. Thanks to this, they help to remove the fear of punishments created by religions for not following their orders. This gives people peace and freedom of thought.

As in previous studies, I decided to give up all footnotes because I do not want to rely on anyone's views to support my theses. Thank you to everyone who helped me in my work.


Table of contents


The real state of our world


Part 1 – The real good of this world

1. State beyond time and space - the starting point

2. Original Being created the universe from Himself

3. Directed Creative Energy - The Power of Love

4. Activity of the Original Being

5. The Creator's greatest work

6. Laws of the spiritual world

7. The indirect presence of the Original Being

8. The Creator's love dedicated to humanity

9. Unified knowledge about reality


Part 2 – The real evil of this world

10. Analysis of the rise of Satan and evil

11. The false god of this world

12. The operation of the mechanism of Satan's power

13. We have a false vision of the world

14. Two contradictory realities

15. The result of people's spiritual death

16. Difficulty in eliminating evil

17. Satan's influence on people

18. Cancer of totalitarianism versus democracy


Part 3 – The real tragedy of this world

19. The state of our world

20. Analysis of the source of good and evil

21. The current state of religion

22. Analysis of the existence of religious gods

23. The process of destruction of good by power

23b. Evil created by ”the altar and throne alliance”

24. Understanding the personality of the Son of God

25. Studying the work of Jesus Christ

26. Attempt to regain the meaning of Jesus' teaching

27. The shocking truth about our reality


Part 4 – The real hope of this world

28. Encoding existence in creation

29. The real meaning of human life

30. Eternity as the proper state of man

31. Little dreams of an ordinary person

32. Hope to be born again

33. All hope in the process of salvation

34. People's responsibility for the future

35. Mission of global responsibility

36. The innovation of the theory of eternal existence



My spiritual testament


The most important message of essenceism

regarding two realities

1. According to the analysis of the essenceism system, the Original Being is the Intelligent First Cause, i.e. the eternal, perfect and absolute Creator. It was He who created from Himself an ideal reality intended for people. This makes Him the Father of Good Reality.

2. This Good Reality coming from the activity of the Original Being contains encoded information coming from the attributes, qualities and features of His Personality.

3. The opposite of the concept coming from the Personality of the Original Being is the antireality coming from Satan. It is hell that has permeated our civilization since the beginning of human history.

4. The antireality originating from Satan's personality contains a coded "evil virus". It creates a fallen nature in man and stimulates the evil power of power. If we do not remedy this situation, this evil may continue forever.










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