Chapter 16

Difficulty in eliminating evil

In subsequent developments, essenceism system demonstrated the ever-existing difficulty in eliminating evil. It lies in the fact that, apart from its source in the form of Satan, evil has unwavering support from humanity. This is because people do not realize who the real god of our world is. The main religious denominations speak of God as the Creator of all things and the powerful ruler of the world controlling everything around us. However, analyzes of my system have shown that the True God has been cut off from our reality from the moment Satan, called "the god of this world" by Jesus Christ, took control of people. This means that Satan and his demons have been illegally controlling humanity almost forever. He may have so confused the hierarchs and theologians of major religions that they may unknowingly worship him instead of the True Creator. This is a situation that is extremely inconsistent with the original concept of the world that our Creator, i.e. the Original Being, prepared for us. Therefore, the conclusion of my system is to define our world as hell.

The above knowledge should have become known to all humanity at least two thousand years ago. However, at that time Jesus' teaching was so difficult to accept that it was rejected. In addition, the clergy of the religion prevailing in Israel at the time of Jesus committed a crime against the Son of God, wanting to stop the knowledge that He wanted to give us about the true ruler of this world, Satan. Therefore, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a historical crime that blocked people's path to the truth for a long time.

The main tragedy of our world is that almost no one in the world is aware of everything I write about in this study. Although some people who understand the functioning of evil have some awareness that evil is brought upon them by Satan, they do not treat him as the real god of our world. An even greater tragedy is that the world's religious denominations also do this.

It is worth noting here that world religions, which sometimes remind themselves that they are supposed to work to save the world from evil, wrongly create large organizational structures instead of using individual missionary service, which was started by Jesus Christ. The point is that when you start the mission to liberate the world from Satan's rule by creating collective structures (governments, states, social groups, social and religious structures), you are entering "territories" already occupied by the "ruler of this world", Satan. This is what puts these structures in a losing position against him. According to essenceism, for now in our world only a single individual is able to resist Satan's influence, and only if he remains in a state of unity with the Son of God.

I repeat, therefore, that the overwhelming majority of believers in existing religions unconsciously profess the "divinity" of Satan, thinking that they worship the True God. They do not realize that they worship Satan in the form of their imaginary gods, as Jesus pointed out. Despite Jesus' warnings, people still think they are properly worshiping the god of their religion. Unfortunately, incorrect knowledge about the true God is often introduced by the clergy themselves for the needs of their cults. This state has existed for thousands of years, constantly maintained by religious authorities.

In addition to the above information, the essenceism system in all its studies also proves that Satan's rule over the world is also based on political power, often supported by the banking system, which has part of the power in its hands through money. This form of Satan's rule affects our individuals. It complements the above knowledge regarding spiritual persons, i.e. the claim that Satan maintains his rule over people using religious power. This is especially visible in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, although other religions are also his "tool".

This condition creates great difficulty in removing evil from our world. So far, we have only had one attempt to properly "repair" the world by Jesus Christ. He, endowed with the value of the Son of God, was the only one in the history of mankind who had a chance to save the world from the hands of Satan. Unfortunately, He was not allowed to do this. In addition, His teachings have been so "reworked" by Christian theologians that today they mean the opposite of what Jesus wanted. According to essenceism, the current state of religious denominations, especially Christianity and Islam, is the same as two thousand years ago, when the Son of God was treated as an enemy of Judaism. I would like to emphasize that the essenceism system talks about the lack of responsibility of religions for saving the world from evil in order to shock them. This is to encourage them to act through love, that is, to refrain from using religious power.









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