“Reality from this and not from this world”

Part 3 – The real tragedy of this world

19. The state of our world

20. Analysis of the source of good and evil

21. The current state of religion

22. Analysis of the existence of religious gods

23. The process of destruction of good by power

23b. Evil created by ”the altar and throne alliance”

24. Understanding the personality of the Son of God

25. Studying the work of Jesus Christ

26. Attempt to regain the meaning of Jesus' teaching

27. The shocking truth about our reality


The sense of human life on Earth

The essenceism system explains that we live on Earth to achieve personal perfection.

Specifically, my system explains that we also live to gain proper knowledge of the work of our Creator, as well as to gain experience that will enable us to live forever. Our eternity refers to our never-ending existence in a state beyond time and space, which is a spiritual sphere devoid of material space and the phenomenon of the passage of time.

It is worth noting that if during our physical life we have proper knowledge about eternity, in the sphere beyond time and space we will create the flow of time ourselves and shape the reality surrounding us in our own way.

The essenceism system and the theory of eternal existence resulting from its analysis were created so that we can now prepare for our eternal future in a state beyond time and space alongside the Original Being.







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