Chapter 23

The process of destruction of good by power

Essenceism examines the phenomenon of power based on the analysis of phenomena in space and throughout nature. This is because power is one of the most important phenomena determining the state of our civilization. To fully understand it, my system had to find an appropriate analytical model. Nature provided it.

We first note that the predominance of some entities over others covers the entire nature. In contrast, in the human world we often treat the advantage of one person over another as an injustice. Unfortunately, we have always observed this advantage, even though people do not consider themselves animals. Many of us have become accustomed to this state, and there are even those who believe that it is completely normal. They explain this by the fact that from the very beginning the phenomenon of the emergence of all forces in space also applies to the world of nature. For example, space objects with great mass always control the behavior of those with less mass. Therefore, no one is surprised that even among animals there is power of the stronger over the weaker. For example, when predators devour their prey, this phenomenon is considered natural. Nobody treats this fact as evil or a tragedy. Science defines the operation of power in nature as biologism. Unfortunately, this should not be the case in the human world, because people are not animals, which I keep repeating in my studies. In the world of people, the power of power most often brings evil, which is confirmed by the entire history of humanity.

We know well that in all periods of human development, leaders have emerged to decide how we should act. As part of their power, they often treated a given human community like a herd of animals. Regardless of the place in the world and the historical period, the phenomenon of power has appeared always and everywhere. In a positive sense, the action of governments can be assessed as something necessary to maintain peace, order and the rule of law among a large group of people. Unfortunately, many rulers have acted and will continue to act in this way, making society similar to the animal world. This means that a very few ruled over the majority, the stronger took the property of the weak or excluded them from society, or even killed them. Organizations were also established bringing together many people, unfortunately sometimes criminals. For example, gangs and mafias were like packs of animals. They imposed power on their "hunting grounds", i.e. in the place of residence of their "subordinates".

The obvious sign of power is organized government in any country. The government, even the one elected by the majority of citizens, is still the authority that uses force against its voters. The power of government determines the legal status, compliance with regulations and the safety of citizens' everyday lives. The power of government is most often represented by the army, police, and various law enforcement and surveillance services. Citizens are therefore controlled by its various forms. In a positive sense, it is used to prevent evil created by those who want to use their advantage to take advantage of other people's weakness. Hence, the operation of the forces of political power is perceived by the majority of people as a guarantee of the existence of relative good, although a minority sees it as a lesser evil. Therefore, power in the world of evil seems to be a necessity, especially in a democratic system. In practice, even in a democracy, there is coercion from the political authorities. One can only take comfort in the fact that the force of power operating in the world of democracy is gentler than in various totalitarianisms, regimes and tyrannies.

It is worth adding that not everyone realizes that apart from political power, there is also religious power, although it is less visible. In the past, it was even stronger or more significant than political. It can be assumed that it is even earlier than political power. For example, biblical records indicate this. According to them, all power appeared with the severing of the bond between people and their Creator. It seems that at the very beginning of history there was a destructive power generating evil. This indicates that authority has a source other than our Creator.

Essenceism consistently claims that the Original Being created the universe using His Original Power of Love. This results from the assumption and thesis of this system. The model of the creative activity of the Original Being described in essenceism is modeled on scientific methods. As a result, a conclusion was reached that the impulse to create the universe, life, and especially people most likely has its source in the Heart of the Original Being. It combines the attributes of Intelligence, Will and Emotionality with His creative "material", i.e. the Energy of the First Cause. Understanding the act of creating the universe with the help of the Primordial Force of Love leads to understanding the meaning of the creative concept of creating an eternal living environment for people, i.e. for the Earth and the entire universe. Therefore, the purpose of analyzing the creative process performed by the Original Being is to understand the fact that the only force that created His concept of reality was the Force of Love flowing from His Heart. There is therefore no place for power in His work of creation, because everything is guided by the Power of Love in the form of service.

Further analyzes of essenceism show that the process of shaping reality by the Creator was adapted to the creation and upbringing of His children on Earth. That's why each of us has a natural person. Its goal is to bring to perfection the spiritual person received from the Creator at the birth of each person. This concept does not include power, but includes only love and service. Both the Intelligence and the Will of the Original Being are closely related to His most important attribute, i.e. Emotionality. They are centered together in His Heart, which is the source of the Original Power of Love. Therefore, there is no room for power in the Creator's Personality. Therefore, there is no place for it in His actions and therefore in His achievements.

Essenceism supports the thesis that the first people under the care of Archangel Lucifer were to begin a course of life guided by the power of love. He was with them on purpose, because the Original Being, due to His perfection, could not raise His children directly. Unfortunately, in the initial phase of their development, the Archangel took over the position of imperfect Adam and directed the direction of the force of love towards himself. This changed its value dramatically. When reversed to its original direction, the force of love became the force of power, taking over all its power from it. This situation was completely contrary to the concept of the Original Being regarding the future of people. It caused not only their spiritual death, but also the creation of a fallen nature within them. The result of this situation was that people were cut off from the Heavenly Father. His place was taken by Satan, a creature transformed from Archangel Lucifer. This situation initiated the existence of evil, i.e. a state opposite to the concept of Original Being. This continues to this day. Since this tragic event, people have had a false god over them, using evil and the power of power. This means that Satan took the place of God.

Most world religions are aware of the existence of evil and the need to eliminate it. Unfortunately, they are easily controlled by the "lord of this world", as Jesus Christ called Satan. Therefore, he easily weakened the true mission of religion, according to which people who are led to salvation are guided only by love. So Satan has given us the power of power, shaped in such a veiled way that we are not aware of it. Hence, in most religions, their hierarchs are guided by the force of power, equal in its use to political leaders.

Thus, a situation completely contrary to the original concept of the Creator created Satan's double rule over people, both in the form of political and religious power. It seems, therefore, that the worst solution for people in a particular territory is to combine political power with the power of one dominant religion. By using the force of power, religious denominations become totalitarian institutions. Since many political systems are totalitarian in nature, it is easy to realize why there is so much evil in the world. Therefore, essenceism is intended to demonstrate that almost from the beginning of the world we have been living in a wrong reality, which can be called hell. Unfortunately, this is how the lives of successive generations of people have been going for thousands of years, unaware that they are living in the wrong reality.

To sum up, I claim that, based on my system, I analyzed the state of our world and came to the conclusion that we currently live in a world that is not a concept of the Original Being. Unfortunately, this is a state that does not belong to humanity and has nothing to do with the reality that the Original Being had within itself. Our world can be described as a fallen world, and in a religious way as hell. This is a very harsh assessment, which can be explained by the still valid testimony of Christ that we are ruled by the "lord of this world." Unfortunately, the death and enormous sacrifice of Christ did not change our situation in the physical world. As a consolation, we have the partial victory of the Son of God, which freed almost all spheres of the spiritual world from Satan. Thanks to this, the eternity of each of us in the sphere beyond time and space was authenticated. Additionally, we gain knowledge that in order to complete the salvation process, we must transform the power of power into the power of love. Then, for eternity, this will provide us with the action of the Original Power of Love, as well as the presence with us of our Father, the Original Being.


Evil created by the altar and throne alliance

One of the conclusions of essenceism is the claim that since the beginning of history, Satan has been ruling the world through the phenomenon of power, both on a local and global scale. Under his rule, the leaders of societies noticed that the "alliance of throne and altar" was very profitable for them in the process of maintaining power. It can certainly work the other way around too. So, for to maintain their position, religious leaders seek support from politicians as often as politicians seek support from them.

The essenceism system notes that from the early centuries of our history, the rulers of nations either cooperated closely with religious leaders or combined the positions of political and religious leaders. Therefore, the "altar and throne alliance" has always accompanied us. Unfortunately, history has taught us that this alliance almost always brought evil. The most popular example of this is the Inquisition. A less noticeable evil, although of much greater importance to the world, was the alliance of political and religious powers in ancient Israel that led to the death of the Son of God. An equally significant evil destroying His efforts was the first council of the Catholic Church in Nicaea. It was convened by Emperor Constantine I, whose goal was to create a religion of power that would strengthen his position as the leader of the empire. According to essenceism, it was a "funeral" of the teachings of the Son of God. This council, by creating Christianity, destroyed the main mission of Jesus as the Teacher of love, eternity and knowledge for the salvation of the world. So, the Son of God did not want to create any religious authority structure.














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