Chapter 20

Analysis of the source of good and evil

The theory of eternal existence took upon itself the task of showing the eternal pattern of goodness. I do this based on the results of the essenceism system, in which I presented good as a reality or state created from the Personality of the Original Being. Therefore, the reality resulting from His action should be good, perfect and eternal, since it comes from a good, perfect and eternal Creator. This is exactly the conclusion of my theory.

Therefore, the definition of good in the essenceism system is: it is a reality shaped by the attributes of the Original Being, specifically by His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality centered in His Heart. It is introduced by the Original Force of Love, which is the main driving force of the Creator. The direction of action given by it creates good, i.e. the state originally belonging to humanity. In a state of goodness, all laws prepared for humanity by its Creator should operate. Based on the above description, we can say that goodness has a personal source.

The above analysis also provides a starting point for defining evil. Essenceism explains the origin of evil as a process of reversing the force of love in the opposite direction to its original direction. In my system I showed that evil, being the opposite of good, must also have its source personal. The change in the direction of the force of love to the opposite direction must have been caused by a strong personality that could transform the force of love into the force of power that destroys good. The resulting evil therefore has a personal source, which theologians of many religions refer to as Satan. The essenceism system, while explaining more deeply the "religious" claims of theologians, analyzes the cause of evil even more thoroughly. It shows that the beginning of evil was the reversal of the direction of the Original Force of Love by Archangel Lucifer, the protector of the first people. As a result, not only the power of power was created, but also a new, "cancerous" personality of the Archangel, i.e. the personality of Satan. From that moment on, he became the personal source of the evil power of power. Its power is therefore based on the reversal of the power of the Primordial Force of Love. I described it in the second part of this study.

The theory of eternal existence, which summarizes the results of essenceism analyses, explains that the true or good reality is still waiting to be implemented by people living on Earth. For now, due to the occurrence of evil, humanity remains in a state of spiritual death and is unable to implement good as the reality intended for it. This is made impossible by the opposite anti-reality described above, which like a malignant tumor is eating away at our civilization, making it hell. So, it is worth constantly remembering that we do not have the true reality that the Creator, i.e. the personal Source of good, has prepared for us.

So the ideal of goodness is still beyond our reach. In this situation, the mission of my system is to propagate the true idea of reality belonging to humanity, i.e. the state of good originating from the Personality of the Original Being. I will add that the message of my theory is addressed to every person. Each of us can become a personal source of good after "turning away" from the personal source of evil.






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