Chapter 12

The operation of the mechanism of Satan's power

Based on the analysis of the essenceism system, it can be concluded that since the beginning of human history, when Satan gained control over people, his power over people has been constantly maintained in all spheres of our lives. This means that we still have an active source of evil. It particularly burdens the political, religious and financial authorities. These are the basic "tools" used by the "god of this world."

The fact that there is a fallen nature in people shows that politics is based on people who, like everyone else, are burdened with a fallen nature that comes from Satan. Sometimes it seems that before a politician trusted by people gains political power, his fallen nature is as if "dormant." However, it awakens when the conditions are right. It looks like a situation where there is an inactive virus in our body which, under favorable conditions, can cause a disease affecting the entire body. Fallen nature reacts similarly, and at any moment it can awaken the virus of power. For this reason, many politicians, after gaining power in the country, may after a short time reactivate the virus of power based on fallen nature. This means that the politician infected with it carries out a scenario that maintains Satan's rule over people.

In addition, it infects those around it with this virus.

This means that such a politician, using lies and promises of benefits, presents evil as good, which changes the concept of the value of good among the people subordinated to him. This leads to their subordination. By ensuring that evil prevails over good thanks to such a politician, Satan no longer has to specifically supervise the further operation of evil. This is done for him by the power virus implanted in people, based on fallen nature, which in people with power mutates more and more to the stage of totalitarian power. The virus of power damages the personality of a given politician to such an extent that he unconsciously works to extend Satan's power, maintaining his position as the "god of this world".

Satan's influence is even stronger in the case of people of faith. Here his supervision is particularly strong, because many clergy know that they cannot submit to it. This is because they are convinced that their religion was created on the initiative of the god they worship and that only it can effectively save the world from evil. Unfortunately, honest people of faith may not know that Satan is impersonating the god they worship. At the same time, those who discover the truth about his role in the world are eliminated by people unaware of Satan's activities or are so neutralized that they have no influence on other people. In his control over the activities of religions, Satan most often focuses on the main leaders and hierarchs who, when managing the activities of these religions, have the greatest opportunity to exercise power over the believers subordinated to them.

The religion of power has accompanied us since the beginning of our civilization. First, there were individual shamans, sorcerers and all kinds of spiritual advisors. Then spiritual leaders appeared, often combining religious and political power. For centuries, they have been able to cause religious enslavement of people in the form of various versions of religious states. In the case of the emergence of great world religions, first there appears an outstanding individual who may indeed have had nothing to do with the evil power. It seems that this fully applied only to Jesus Christ. Only He was resistant to the virus of power until the end of His life, consistently proclaiming the mechanism of love. Others, such as Muhammad, found themselves halfway between the power of love and the power of power. Unfortunately, the power of power gradually took over their personalities, and then the personalities of their successors, so the further fate of the religions they created, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, were finally contaminated by the virus of power that produced evil. Therefore, religions, despite beautiful words, teachings and slogans, implement the scenario of Satan's power over humanity. This gave Satan the opportunity to "cover" the entire world with his power. This is how religions always have maintained Satan's rule, even if they may not realize it. Therefore, essenceism draws the attention of many people of faith to the need to eliminate power from the life of their religion.

Another important mechanism of Satan's power is money. Thanks to him, Satan has "everyday" control over people. Of course, the evil power of money works most effectively in political and religious power, but the richest part of society creates "on its own" evil power that maintains Satan's position, where it is difficult for politicians and religious leaders to reach.

As you can see, in my studies I explain Satan's power over humanity in various ways. The implantation of a fallen nature in us can also be compared to a programmer introducing malicious code into an IT system, which is popularly called a computer virus. Therefore, the programmer no longer has to influence the destruction of each individual computer, because the virus implanted in the entire system does it for him. Satan does not have to control individual people, because the fallen nature implanted by him does it, controlling human personalities sufficiently. This was stated by Christ in the case of Satan's influence over the Jewish religious leaders. He simply stated that Satan was their father. It is worth asking whether we all have Satan as our father or only Jewish clergy. Everyone. Although our original nature rebels against Satan's spiritual fatherhood, the second, fallen nature makes us Satan's subordinates. This state was also confirmed by Jesus on various occasions, not only calling Satan "the ruler of this world", but also that he is also the father of people subordinated to him.

There is no better explanation for the existence of the phenomenon of evil coming from Satan, except through the mechanism of power based on the fallen nature implanted in us. Fallen nature is the "pad" for the force of power. So, the power of Satan and his fallen demons constantly shapes our personality. We, living in the world, transfer it to our everyday lives. Hence, in the vast majority of people, alongside good thoughts and desires, there are constantly bad feelings, thoughts and desires. From the beginning, through my system, I have been demonstrating that people for centuries have been unconsciously accepting the fact that Satan has "arranged" the world for us. This is a very bad situation for humanity, which is why I constantly remind you that it is Satan, not God, who is present in our world.








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