Chapter 15

The result of people's spiritual death

I confirm the analyzes of essenceism that what happened at the beginning of human history brought death to people, or more precisely, spiritual death. Then the phenomenon of evil arose, which still sustains spiritual death in us. It completely separates humanity from the Creator. So, this situation also burdens us by a lack of knowledge about our eternity. Therefore, it is worth taking to heart the words written in the Book of Revelation (3:1-16): "You have a name that says you are alive, but you are dead."

Spiritual death means breaking the bond with the Creator of our spiritual person. This applies to every human being born on Earth. The only exception to this rule, according to my analytical system, is Jesus. According to essenceism, a human spiritual person, in order to develop, needs a constant bond with his Creator. This bond is absolutely necessary for man as a spiritual person to achieve perfection and then live forever. It is no wonder that breaking the bond with the Creator stops the development of a spiritual person and means the spiritual death of a person. Essenceism explains that from the Creator's point of view, spiritual death means the "disappearance" of a person from His "radar", that is, the Heavenly Father completely loses contact with His child.

Before the fall of the first people, their contact with the Original Being was only indirect. This is understandable due to the fact that the perfect Original Being could not be directly in unity with the imperfect being, which is man, during his live in the physical world. The intermediaries between the first humans and their Father were angels. From the beginning, their task was to educate people so that they could achieve the perfection necessary to live in full unity with the Creator throughout their physical life. The Original Being, being a perfect Being, cannot directly teach and raise His children, because it would still give imperfect beings the status of perfection. So, angels were necessary to serve people. The direct educator replacing their Parent was the Archangel, whom the Bible gives the name Lucifer. Today this name is clearly associated with Satan, but before the fall of the first people it was the Archangel of God appointed to the role of their protector. Therefore, the first people treated the Archangel as children treat their parents, trusting him. In return, the Archangel gave them parental love, which was the first phase of the Heavenly Father's Love, i.e. the parental power of the Original Power of Love. This position of the Archangel towards the first people was to last only until they began to take over from their true Father the power of the Original Power of Love intended for their marital love. This power in the form of love was the beginning of the unification of a man and a woman as a married couple, i.e. the creation of a new form of love constituting the next phase of shaping the personality of the first people. At this phase, the advantage of the Archangel and other angels over people was supposed to end.

The fall of the first humans must have occurred in the phase when Archangel Lucifer "interfused" the level of marital love, that is, took over the position of the first man towards his legitimate partner. He took the place of the still imperfect future husband of the first woman, that is, he directed her personality towards himself. So he changed the direction of the Original Power of Love, turning it towards himself instead of passing it on to the first people. Taking the position of the imperfect partner of the first woman, he became an imperfect being himself. Because this was not his position, he lost connection with the Creator, i.e. connection with the Source of the Power of Love. So he became a being operating outside of God's Law. Having broken the bond with the Creator, the Archangel automatically took control over the first people, i.e. he became a god for them. From then on, instead of giving them the love of the Heavenly Father, that is, serving them, he took full power over them. Thus, Satan, transformed from Archangel, became the source of evil, introducing it into the state of the human world. This also means that the power of love has been changed into the power of power, which is a kind of "vehicle of evil". This is what essenceism claims: reversing the direction of the force of love to the opposite direction makes it a new force completely opposite to the force of love.

So, the marital phase of introducing the Force of Love into the personalities of the first people ended with their downfall. This happened simultaneously with the fall of Archangel Lucifer. Due to the participation of the first people in this event, we can speak of their co-responsibility for this tragedy. Due to the Archangel's significant advantage over his pupils, it can only be said that the human responsibility for their fall must have been a hundred times smaller than the Archangel's responsibility. I compare the division of roles in this tragedy to the responsibility of a teacher at school if, instead of imparting knowledge to students, he took parental authority over them.

Since the beginning of essenceism, I have been explaining the situation in the current world using analyses. In this analysis, I remind you that our personalities do not have appropriate conditions for proper development. The power of Satan and his demons is great enough for them to rule over the human world. They have the power of power, which took its power from the Original Power of Love coming from the Creator. This situation of humanity is symbolically presented in the biblical record, which describes the "casting down" of fallen angels to Earth. It means that, as a result of their actions, they ceased to exist in a state beyond time and space, and at the same time they took control of the imperfect personalities of people on Earth.

The effects of events from the beginning of our history still affect our reality today. We experience it as evil constantly produced by the power of power. At the same time, due to evil, the spiritual development of humanity was stopped. So I repeat the main findings of my system: Archangel Lucifer, now as Satan, is the ruler of our world. In his case, it was as if a second personality was created in one being. This occurred when the original personality of the good Archangel was "turned" in the opposite direction to the original one, creating the "cancerous" personality, or Satan personality. Thus, Satan inherited the power of Archangel Lucifer, but completely opposite to the power that was assigned to the educator of the first people. The further existence of the actual Archangel of God was as if frozen. Therefore, only the evil side of his personality, created outside the law of creation, is active. In this way, Satan became the spiritual father of people, separating us from the True Father. We, in turn, inheriting both the good fatherhood of the Original Being and the evil fatherhood of Satan, have within us the two natures mentioned: the original, good one and the fallen, evil one. Therefore, in this study I explain that due to the existence of natures from two different sources, we have a "double" personality, of which the good one is most often "frozen" and the evil one fully active. Therefore, in the history of mankind, the evil known to us is created by people themselves, stimulated by the power of Satan.

To understand the process of evil even better, essenceism explains that after the evil events at the beginning of humanity, it is now necessary to distinguish man's original separateness from that which has been completely changed into a state that is its opposite. Therefore, in every person there are two personalities called the original nature and the fallen nature. Practically, in most cases, it is rather the evil side of our personality associated with Satan that is at work. Hence, one can imagine a state when a man having two natures after the fall, behaves like a literary model of the duality of good and evil in the form of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the book by R. L. Stevenson. Thus, since the event at the beginning of history, humans have become both fallen and "torn" beings, that is, inaccessible to their Creator. Together with them, the "good side" of Archangel froze in action, and his "bad side", i.e. Satan, took the position of a god towards people. Jesus reported this when he claimed that Satan had become "the god of world" at the beginning of history. This is still the case today.

Through the essenceism system, I have drawn important conclusions from the above analysis. Namely, the Original Being, as perfect, absolute and unchangeable, cannot be modified by the phenomenon of evil arising in the imperfect sphere of life on Earth. Therefore, the process of the fall of humans and Archangel Lucifer is not known to Him. For the Creator, the Archangel still fulfills his mission, because for Him "time stands still", so the information that people have died spiritually is not known to Him. Even though the knowledge about the origin of evil does not reach the Creator, His Laws constantly reach us as an action of Providence. They will lead to the fulfillment of His Will sooner or later, even if it takes hundreds of thousands of years. For now, the short period of our civilization has turned out to be insufficient for the proper completion of the main work of the Original Being.

To sum up, it must be said that due to these events, all people have had their way to personal perfection closed. Humanity now creates history cut off from its true Father and Creator who knows no evil. Contrary to this claim, various versions of a religious god know evil and participate in the life of humanity, which is the content of the teachings of most religions. This is evidenced, for example, by Christian teaching. His dogmatic statements put the Creator under the accusation that he did not stop the Archangel's action, that is, he allowed evil to happen. This sounds like an accusation of the Creator making a mistake, and it also denies His basic attribute as a perfect Creator. Therefore, current religions still preach their imaginary god, who "covers" the Creator and "promotes" the evil god of this world, i.e. Satan.








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