Chapter 2

The Original Being emerged from Himself

the universe, life and spiritual persons

According to the essenceism system, the Original Being created the universe, life and spiritual persons of people from Himself. My system also introduced these propositions into the theory of eternal existence. The findings of essenceism for the theory of eternal existence result from research that was carried out in accordance with previously established principles of conduct used in science and using objective research instruments.

One of these tools, and at the same time a phenomenon supporting the participation of the Intelligent Original Being in the creation of the universe, is the transformation of energy into matter. This is a phenomenon that has never been repeated before and could not have occurred on its own. It required full harmony between the laws governing this process and a huge amount of energy. This could only come from one Source far greater in power than known to humanity. Due to the pre-existing laws and building materials that later filled space-time, essenceism could assume that behind its appearance there was the Primordial Energy and Personality of the Creator, which constitute His attributes as the Original Being. This means that He changed energy into matter on a gigantic scale. In this process he used the concept created in His Personality. Its introduction caused time to flow and space to appear instantly. The logic of this act indicates the existence of intelligent information generated in His Personality, which shaped the basic structure of the universe, initiated biological life and caused the existence of us, intelligent beings born from His "womb". Thanks to the intelligent information "stuck" in the process of creating the universe, we have ideal conditions to grow to personal maturity. This is because the Original Being introduced a part of His Personality into human bodies in the form of a human eternal spiritual person. From the moment of birth, it resides in each of us, along with the information about our eternity encoded in it. This applies to each of us, which translates into the meaning of our lives.

For an even better understanding of the phenomenon of the creation of all things, I will explain this act by pointing out that people do the same when creating new objects. The main difference in the act of creation between the Original Being and us is that we take the creative material from nature and He, as suggested by the analytical system of essenceism, from Himself. This means that he used the information that was inside Him to achieve what he wanted to do. This also means that people, acting creatively, do the same as the Creator. They encode their ideas in the works they create. This example allows us to better understand the creative act of the Original Being.

By examining the works of people brought to life by the Creator, it can be concluded that His action consists in introducing information about the concept that has always been in His Personality, which is His Spiritual Side, into the Primordial Energy, which is His Physical Side. Therefore, the Original Being introduced the information existing in Him into space-time, which was thus filled with energy, matter, nature and people. This led to the realization of a state of reality from His Attributes, i.e. Intelligence, Emotionality and Will centered in His Heart.

The above results of analyzes prepared by the essenceizm system surprised both me and my friends. Particularly surprising were conclusions such as the fact that the Creator created the universe from Himself and that, as the Original Being, He used His Power of Love as a superpower to create the universe, biological life and us, people. Among many such conclusions is also the fact that the Creator, by creating an eternal spiritual person in every person, wanted her to love Him in return. My theory of eternal existence introduced all these statements to explain what the true situation of humanity should be.

The most difficult conclusion to accept was the statement of essenceism, that the true concept of the world prepared for people by the Original Being did not provide for power at all. This means that the Original Being not only created the universe, life and us using His Original Force of Love, but also established this Force as the only mechanism of existence for our entire civilization.

As for spiritual phenomena related to the state beyond time and space, according to my theory of eternal existence, all spiritual beings existing in the state beyond time and space emerged directly from the Personality of the Original Being. In contrast, the physical entities of the universe were created as a result of the action of His Energy of the First Cause permeated with the Laws created in His Personality. Due to the fact that spiritual and physical phenomena have one Source coding everything, they should act as connecting vessels. I will add that due to the perfection of the Original Being, the constant presence of beings in a state beyond time and space concerns perfect spiritual persons, people and angels. At the same time, angels should be treated as beings serving spiritual people.

So I would like to remind you that, according to my theory, the meaning of the existence of the space-time of the universe is that the Original Being intended it as a place for human beings who have eternal spiritual persons within them to achieve perfection. Therefore, in the space of the world, we should, in harmony with our physical persons, undergo growth to perfection, which concerns our spiritual persons. That's why we carry them within us from the moment we are born. This perfection, apart from the knowledge of our eternity, is shaped by the experiences of childhood, marital and parental love, as well as friendly love for all people. These types of love should shape the personality of every person so that it becomes "in the image and likeness" of our Creator. This is why we live in the physical environment of time and space. This was our destiny from the beginning. Information about such a course of life was encoded by the Original Being in the spiritual person of man. He can therefore be treated as the all-knowing Creator within the concept of creation.

I will add one more important topic resulting from the analyzes of essenceism. Namely, it is necessary to explain the "lineage" of the perfect plan of creation, which the Original Being emerged from Its Personality. Namely, the developing environment of the planet prepared under this plan was fully harmonized with the concept of the existence of humans on it. This "forces" the Creator to transmit to nature the impulse of life, which constantly permeates the actual state of nature on the planet prepared for it. Thus, encoded information in the structure of nature led to the emergence of evolved entities. It's the same with people. Therefore, the information coming from the Creator's Personality "triggered" the mechanism of transferring an eternal spiritual person to each of us. Therefore, the Creator encoded the information in His Laws in such a way that they operate constantly, and in subsequent generations they "force" the same process of people reaching the state of perfection. This, according to essenceism, is one of the arguments that the Original Being could possibly create the same worlds on many other planets in space, intended for the same people as us.

The above findings of the essenceism system are intended to help fully understand the reality intended for the development of humanity. The above findings are also intended to make understanding human presence on Earth more meaningful. This is one of the main reasons for the creation not only of the analytical system of essenceism, but also of the theory of eternal existence. Thanks to this, I can say that I am participating in the return of our reality to the state that is the eternal concept of the Original Being. Therefore, it is worth calling Him our Father.










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