Chapter 3

Directed creative energy –

the Original Force of Love from the Creator

Science confirms that everything is created from energy. Therefore, the universe must have arisen from a state of energy that existed before its existence. No amount of pleading to the lack of evidence will change this fact. This means that before the universe came into being, there must have already been a primordial state with source energy. According to my system of essenceism, the energy from which the universe was created can be described as primal energy or creative energy. My system calls it First Cause Energy. In essenceism, it is one of the two main attributes of the Original Being, i.e. it is the External Side of the Original Being. It is the building block of everything we examine with scientific instruments. The second attribute existing in complete harmony with the first is the Inner Side of the Original Being, which means His Personality. From it come all the laws that accompany the energy that creates space-time and into which the Creator introduces His information that shapes the act of creation. Therefore, from the beginning of the universe, information encoded by the Creator permeated every quantum of energy from which the universe was created. The energy directed in this way manifested itself as the action of a source force, called by many scientists a superforce. This superforce, from the point defined as the singularity, began to shape the interactions in the space-time of the universe known to science.

While largely agreeing with scientists, my analytical system uses different terminology to describe the process of creating the space-time of the universe. Essenceism recognized that the participation of a Personal First Cause in this process was necessary. I would like to remind you that the causal action resulting from His Personality was defined by my system as the Original Power of Love, not as a superpower. This results from the findings of the essenceism system that the cause of the Creator's action is His Love. For this reason, it can be said that the existence of the universe and people is an act of love originating from the Center of His Personality, i.e. from His Heart. Moreover, my system explains that the Creator, by "pouring" a huge amount of Primordial Energy permeated with Laws, also started the flow of time. He therefore "poured" the "inexhaustible content" from a state beyond time and space into the space-time initiated by Himself. This "infusion" took place "in the twinkling of an eye" through the "isthmus" or channel between the two states mentioned. So, instead of a singularity, my system determines the creation of the cosmos.

I now bring these findings down to the level of human functioning. It must be said that we also treat energy as a creative building block of our existence. Throughout our lives, we provide energy to our body by consuming food. This energy is also transferred to our body by the sun's rays and heat from various earthly heating sources. Energy can also be provided by the nature around us, i.e. plants and animals that participate in our lives. According to my system, all these forms of energy are derivatives of the Primordial Energy from the Creator directed to the needs of people by the Original Force of Love.

For now, in our world separated from the Creator by evil, people do not take into account the existence of energy introduced by the Primordial Force of Love. Even more so, they do not associate the creation of the universe with It and do not know that everything we know in dead and living nature was created with Her participation. Regardless of what is happening on Earth, the theory of eternal existence shaped by essenceism enriches the reason for the appearance of people on Earth with an "emotional" reason, i.e. love. Therefore, the reason for the creation of the universe must be combined with the fact of the subsequent existence of people in it. This is because the Creator's Love is strictly directed towards people. This orientation applies to all of us who are His children for the Creator. Therefore, the final conclusion of the theory of eternal existence regarding the causality and purposefulness of the creation of the universe means that the universe was created out of the desire of the Creator's love, which was directed towards us from the beginning. The Creator wanted our eternal personalities, i.e. our spiritual persons coming directly from Him, to be eternal just like Him.

The science does not take into account the existence of the Creator, and therefore the fact that He created everything from His Energy and Personality, i.e. that He created the universe from Himself. Of course, science also does not equate superforce with the Original Power of Love. Therefore, for scientists, the cause and the process of the creation of the universe are still a great unknown. Perhaps soon, or perhaps unfortunately only in a hundred years, science will accept the above findings of the essenceism system and the theory of eternal existence.








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