Chapter 14

Two contradictory realities

Science has shown that antimatter exists. It arises when the elementary particles that make up ordinary matter take on opposite electric charge values to the original ones. This changes the direction of interactions in the opposite direction to those that shape ordinary matter. Thus, fundamental elementary particles other than those that make up ordinary matter may appear in the universe. However, the antimatter created from them cannot exist together with ordinary matter. In a given environment, either only matter exists, or only antimatter exists. According to scientists, in the first moments of the existence of the cosmos, as a result of the annihilation of these two states, almost only ordinary matter remained, and antimatter occurs only sporadically. It appears that this process was encoded in the basic elements of matter.

The above model was used in the essenceism system to illustrate a conflict-generating phenomenon in which, next to the original reality, another evil reality, opposite to it, was created. When analyzing the current situation of humanity, this model is intended to demonstrate that our evil reality has little in common with the original concept of the Original Being. The essenceism system first examined the original state of earthly reality belonging to humanity, which it illustrated with a model of ordinary matter. Then he described the existing current state of our reality, completely inconsistent with the original one, which he illustrated with the antimatter model.

Here I will remind you of the "religious" explanation of the moment of the creation of two realities, which I included in previous publications of essenceism. Namely, I analyzed the symbolic biblical description in which the Creator provided knowledge about His reality. Within it, people were to develop their personality, guided by the will to become perfect in the "Image and likeness" of their True Father. This guaranteed people eternal life in the ideal reality predicted by the Creator. However, their guardian, Archangel Lucifer, having changed his original position due to the change in the direction of the force of love, presented people with a different vision of reality: “You will certainly not die! But God knows that when you eat of this tree, your eyes will be opened, and you will know good and evil as God does” (Genesis 3:5-6). There are two lies in this statement by Lucifer: the first is that they will not die, and the second is that God knows both good and evil. Unfortunately, the "consumption" caused by Lucifer, i.e. the reversal of love, was an evil that initiated a new state of reality that was contrary to the concept coming from the Creator. To understand this, we must realize that the Creator knows only good and does not know evil. That is why we died spiritually, that is, we severed the bond of life with Him. From this point on we have two parallel realities. The first, original, is the eternal state coming from the Father of humanity, and the second is spiritual death coming from the Archangel who became Satan. This knowledge assigned the essenceism system the mission of explaining the proper state of existence in our anti-world, i.e. analyzing the existence of two contradictory realities resulting from the opposing actions of their creators.

The model of the existence of matter and antimatter makes it easier to understand the difference between the current bad state of the world and the vision created by the good coming from the Creator. Thanks to this, we will become aware of the gap between the concept of the world coming from the Creator and the everyday reality on Earth existing against His will. If we symbolically call the current state antimatter, we will find that, compared to the reality of the Creator, which is symbolized by matter, we have an image of what happened at the beginning of the universe. We can therefore say that the state of humanity was largely annihilated at the beginning of its existence. My system of essenceism, based on this model, argues that people live in an anti-world, which is the opposite of the state of the world that is the concept of the Creator. Such a reversed state produces not only evil, but also ignorance about the Original Being, about our eternity and ignorance about the details of the reality that belongs to us. This includes, among other things, ignorance about the purpose and meaning of the creation of the universe, the origin of life and the possibility of bringing our spiritual person to a state of perfection. We also have ignorance about Satan, who creates evil power. It is through it that he destroys the mechanism of good created by love, which was initiated by the Creator, the Original Being, during the creation of the world.

According to the studies of essenceism, the Original Being created from His Personality and His Original Energy a perfectly prepared physical reality, which we know as the space-time of the universe. When creating it, he introduced his creative code into each of its elements, which is information describing the principles and purpose of its existence. Jesus claimed the same thing two thousand years ago, using the parable of the mustard seed to explain God's creative work. He simply wanted to explain that a very tiny element of nature could contain unchanging information that always led to the creation of a large tree. Taking His example, this description of information coding by the Creator can be extended to all source elements of nature. As a result of this understanding of the activity of the Original Being, I found that all elements of the universe have encoded information from the Creator. This statement led to the conclusion that the Original Being must be all-knowing regarding the reality created by Himself. This also leads to the conclusion that He has no knowledge of our reality, which He never created. Therefore, in all my studies I claim that the Creator of good itself, i.e. the Original Being, knows no evil.

Referring to this statement, essenceism could demonstrate that our anti-reality has an anti-creator. Religions defined this "inverted creator" and at the same time "god of this world" as Satan. It was he who, as a result of his "anti-creative" action, took the position of the Creator. This means that Satan has encoded a "virus" into our personality that introduces his concept of anti-reality. As in the case of an ordinary virus, we have many mutations of various activities happening in our evil reality, because the "Satanic virus" shapes in us a fallen nature that is under Satan's control. Unlike the Creator, Satan knows evil, i.e. he is all-knowing in the earthly reality he created.

Essenceism shows that the Creator bases his actions on the Original Power of Love. This Force should not only shape reality in a state beyond time and space, but also in the space-time state of the universe. Unfortunately, this is not the case for now. As I have already written, unlike the Original Being, Satan bases his control over the world on the action of his power of power, the power of which comes from the cancerous reversal of the direction of the Original Power of Love. For this reason, Satan still has an advantage over the Creator, because he constantly uses the power of this force to create a force of power. While the Creator only knows His reality, Satan, as the former Archangel, consciously closes the original reality from us in order to give us the one he initiated.

To sum up, although we have limited knowledge of what the original world prepared by the Creator should look like, my system shows that what He intended for humanity has not been completely annihilated. So, the ideal world as "real matter" is waiting for us to "annihilate" our evil world, which is "antimatter" or, in other words, antireality. It would be good for every person to know about the existence of two contradictory realities. This chapter is less about the evil reality of physical life on Earth as we know it, but more about the almost unknown true reality waiting to be realized on our part. Thus, for thousands of years, humanity has been faced with the task of learning and implementing the reality prepared by the Original Being, while overcoming the hostile action of Satan. The explanation of this task is the content of part of my study.








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