Chapter 1

State beyond time and space – a starting point

The phenomenon of a state beyond time and space has so far penetrated human consciousness in the form of a spiritual world known from religious beliefs, sometimes from stories invented for children, and even in descriptions of sensational events related to science-fiction phenomena. Unlike these visions, the essenceism system introduced the results of its analyzes in a rational way, based on the methods used in science. This required understanding the meaning of our limited lives in the reality known in scientific language as space-time. Thanks to the new knowledge, the way was opened to the development of the theory of eternal existence, which aims to properly understand eternity. Therefore, in all my studies I try to demonstrate the existence of a state beyond time and space related to a properly understood reality that affects our eternity.

Thanks to this approach, it was possible to describe the state of the universe as space-time with an understandable sense of existence. It was into it, as a space filled with the Energy of the First Cause by the Original Being, that specific laws and time, force fields and interactions leading to the formation of matter were introduced. All these states had coded information introduced by the Original Being in the form of rules and laws. Then our entire reality was created from a state beyond time and space thanks to the operation of laws introducing information into energy and matter regarding the purpose of their existence. Currently, humans are "stuck" in this reality on planet Earth, and the entire universe is "stuck" within a state beyond time and space.

The energy of the First Cause, as long as it exists in a state beyond time and space, is structureless, i.e. without any internal order. Only when it "enters" space-time together with the laws coding it, does it take on a form that can be described mathematically. Therefore, the "exit" of the Original Energy from a state beyond time and space "quantizes" the lowest state of energy in such a way that on the basis of mini portions of energy, "pixels" are created, constituting the matrix of space-time. Therefore, these are the smallest forms that have encoded information carried by the introduced laws. As a result of the creative action of the Original Being, these forms, in accordance with the purpose encoded in them, must lead to the emergence of more complex forms, such as elementary particles and basic interactions. This is how the original reality of the universe was created, formed by the Original Being.

In order to understand the activity of the First Cause acting with a specific purpose from a state beyond time and space, one must have knowledge that at the beginning of the universe there was a phenomenon that we have not been able to observe on such a scale since. It's about changing energy into matter. The beginning of this transformation began with the sudden appearance of a gigantic amount of source energy and its attendant laws. Many scientists believe that all this energy was set in motion by a homogeneous superforce. It quickly transformed into fundamental interactions that gradually created subatomic elements of matter, called elementary particles. All this was controlled by precise laws containing precise information with a high level of intelligence. This indicates their origin from the Intelligent First Cause, the same from which the initial energy emerged. It therefore seems logical that superforce was caused by a creative impulse from outside the universe. It was this field that gave rise to the ubiquitous force field, which its discoverer, Peter Higgs, named after himself. From that moment on, science learned about a state that could be described using mathematical methods. Unfortunately, scientists, imposing a material approach to the studied issues, are unable to accept the creative process described in my theory, related to a source state beyond time and space. This is because they still have not discovered where the source energy came from and the precise laws that control it. Of course, they also cannot confirm that the Intelligent First Cause mentioned above has its source in a transcendent Creator. Meanwhile, by creating essenceism research instruments, I could define the First Cause as an Intelligent Original Being. This is how the main theorem of essenceism and the theory of eternal existence was created, that the Original Being created the universe, life and all humanity from Itself. At the same time, the superpower mentioned above has been defined by me as the Original Power of Love. This, in turn, led to the statement that the spiritual cause of the creation of the universe, life and people was the Creator's desire for love.

Unfortunately, my claims are not yet taken into account by science. This is because scientists are unable to adopt the research methods used in the essenceism system. Therefore, all causal events preceding the creation of the superforce, the Higgs field and the huge amount of energy permeated by the accompanying laws remain beyond the cognitive capabilities of scientists. To put it more clearly, scientists are unable to explain the true meaning of the creation of the universe, that is, why this gigantic structure appeared and what its purpose is. In this situation, the essenceism system, which creates the theory of eternal existence, constantly explains a new perspective on the creation of the cosmos. This is particularly about the assumption of the existence of an original reality beyond time and space, which is the eternal state of the presence of the Personal First Cause. I define it as the Original Being, which is the thesis of my system. By analyzing both physical and spiritual phenomena, I was able to determine the qualities, attributes and characteristics of the Original Being. I could also logically explain the reason for the creation of the universe, the purpose of its existence and the way it came to be. I could also explain why humans existed on Earth. The explanation of the origins of these phenomena was included in all my studies of the essenceism analytical system. After checking the validity of these claims, the theory of eternal existence was created.

Therefore, my system, partially replacing the mission of science, introduces knowledge about the state of our reality, without connecting it with religious or philosophical views. This means that it scientifically conveys knowledge about the proper state of the world. This is how a basis was created for understanding not only our reality, but above all the one that can be called the source reality beyond time and space. The essenceism system therefore presents not only the state of reality as we know it, but also explains the state of reality created by the Creator.










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