Chapter 35

Mission of global responsibility


Responsibility of scientists

for source knowledge about the Creative First Cause

Typically, scientists introduce knowledge into their field that is true for them. In other words, most of them equate knowledge proven by themselves and other scientists with truth. However, there is an area that has been overlooked by mainstream science. It is about knowledge about the existence of God, reality beyond time and space, as well as the spirituality of people. I am not talking about theology, because classical theology is based on faith, on revelations, and often on established dogmas of faith. Therefore, it is not scientific knowledge. I mean the field tentatively called source neotics, which always adheres to the classical canons of science, i.e. it is based on knowledge. For scientists aware of their mission, it may be a signal that they should reach the very source of knowledge. Therefore, replacing religion, they can create knowledge about the Source First Cause of all things, which we popularly call the Creator. Hence we talk about source neotics. In my case, the basis for analyzes in this field is the analytical system of essenceism, and the conclusions resulting from it create the theory of eternal existence.

Then I invite scientists who want to use the experience from their field to solve issues that concern people and to present their views. These are the ones that, in times of disappearing religious faith, would show arguments proving the existence of an Intelligent First Cause. Currently, during the rapid development of science, each field brings new knowledge about the universe, the state of nature and the structure of man. Therefore, it would be good to use new knowledge to replace the disappearing religious faith.

This is also the goal of the essenceism system, which initially drew attention to the responsibility of people of science to keep up with the spiritual needs of people, i.e. to overcome the lack of knowledge about the possible Personal Creator of the universe. I also mean knowledge about the emergence of biological life and about us, people living our lives on Earth.

By presenting the analytical system of essenceism and the theory of eternal existence, I would like to invite as many people as possible who have developed scientific knowledge on the topics proposed below in the form of questions. Here they are:

How to present the Source First Cause, i.e. the Personal Intelligent Original Being?

How can the creation of life encoded in matter be attributed to the First Cause?

How can the appearance of a human being who has not only a biological organism, but also a spiritual person be attributed to the Source First Cause?

Is there a personal source of evil called Satan?

In the above questions, I used terms that are currently used by the essenceism system. I find them the most precise. I am open to suggestions regarding any knowledge of an innovative nature. At the same time, I present the theory of eternal existence to a wider academic audience.


The responsibility of people of faith

to renew love to free the world from the force of power

The clergy of the great religions, called revealed, should take co-responsibility for removing evil from the life of humanity. Seeing that after thousands of years it is still difficult to repair the world, they should start all over again. The famous sentence from the Apocalypse of St. John (21:5): "Now I am making all things new..." leads to an important conclusion, which the essenceism system treats as an opportunity to renew the world. Just as Einstein, by getting rid of the burdens of classical physics and thanks to his intuition and imagination, changed the face of the entire physics of the universe, people of various religions, wanting to follow the example of his bold decision, should get rid of all the burdens of the vision of faith presented for centuries. By applying logic, imagination and independent thinking, they could help scientists, politicians and businessmen fulfill their responsibility for the world.

However, the analyzes I made using the essenceism system showed that such striving to restore the original state of goodness is not very well understood among people. So you need to think about how to start all over again. An ongoing problem for humanity, and therefore also for people of faith, is the lack of proper knowledge of the reality in which we currently live. In addition, this matter concerns only a few people who have no influence on others.

According to the essenceism system, by changing the direction of the Original Force of Love, the power of power was created, i.e. a new phenomenon called evil appeared. This can only be corrected by restoring the original direction of the Force of Love coming directly from the Father of humanity. This means complete resignation from various types of cults, commandments, orders, and especially from power over people. In this way, Jesus' dreams of renewing the world could finally be fulfilled. His dream was for every person to be a child of God, that is, for each of us to become accomplished like the Heavenly Father. It is also worth remembering that He dreamed of creating a new good human community. He based his dreams on friendly love among people. Both two thousand years ago and today, the Son of God, as a perfect man, could be the center of the process of saving the world from Satan's power. The Son of God has a spiritual power greater than Satan's, and he also has the Original Power of Love, which can oppose the power of power. The only thing the Son of God needs is the support of people who will treat Him not only as a "shield" against Satan, but also as a friend, teacher and spiritual guide. His modus operandi will require no religious structures, cults or commandments. In the essenceism system, I compared such action to a virus pandemic that spread around the world without any barriers and without any organizational structure used by religions. Thanks to this action, the Son of God can trigger the beginning of the "love virus" pandemic.

As part of understanding the mission of the Son of God, essenceism proposes understanding a certain phenomenon that can help people. The point is that any human being can play the role of an angel. People who provide defense, protection and various types of support in society know this to some extent. They are like angels to us. The essenceism system showed that people constitute the meaning of His creative activity for the Creator, while angels are beings serving people. Therefore, according to essenceism, we are not only to use friendly love, but also to be "angels" for each other. This means that humanity can create a kind of angelic network of friendship, help and service. This can be taken care of by people of religion who, instead of being "servants of God", can become servants of people and be like angels to them.

Therefore, in order to begin the true renewal of our reality to the state coming from the Creator, it would be necessary to restore the correct direction of the Force of His Love. Practically, this would mean transforming the power of power into the force of love modeled on that of the Creator. First, it is about childlike love, which leads to full trust in the guardian representing the love of the Heavenly Father. Then it is about marital love, which leads to equality and unity of all people who want to understand the Heart of the Creator. The third form of love, i.e. parental love, leads to full acceptance of responsibility for the development of the world in accordance with the idea given to it by the Original Being. Behind this idea comes every person's understanding of eternity and the achievement of personal perfection. The last form of love, i.e. friendly love, will play a key role in the renewal of the world because it will combine the activity of all spheres of social life.


Responsibility of politicians to replace the force of power

 with force of love, i.e. service

The practical implementation of the effects of the activity of people of faith and those who will feel responsible for the renewal of the world will only be possible with the active cooperation of all representatives of society, especially those active in politics. For them, the era of power should end and the era of love begin.

The essenceism system in previous studies indicated that the reality of the world in the concept of the Original Being did not provide for power at all, i.e. top-down enforcement of laws and principles of social order. This means enforcing specific behavior among wishing people in organized societies. Even though humanity cannot currently imagine the functioning of social structures without the functioning of power, my system suggests such a possibility. Of course, this requires recognition of the leadership of the Son of God, not in the "religious" sense, but in the sense of spiritual guidance supported by the presence of friendly love. Therefore, there will no longer be room for an "altar-throne alliance", but for friendly help from people of faith, science, culture and economy towards people of politics in the service of managing goods intended for all humanity. It will be people's contribution to the development of friendly love, as well as support for children's, marital and parental love. This is what a world without power, where there is only love, means.

To sum up, it must be said that this is quite a difficult task to accomplish. That's why I've been trying to explain all this to people through the essenceism system for a long time. The analysis of good reality can be found in many of my studies, including the one you read. Additionally, to maintain hope that such a solution makes sense, I presented the theory of eternal existence. That's all I can do.











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