Chapter 10

Analysis of the rise of Satan and evil

All analyzes of the essenceism system show that the Original Being, by creating beings that are His Image, transferred the Original Power of Love to people, even if they were still imperfect. This happened so that His children could learn its full scope: childlike, marital, parental and then friendly love. Without experiencing these forms of love, humans could not achieve perfection. This is how imperfect people, who were just developing based on the power of life, inherited Power of Love from the Personality of the Original Being in order to include it in their development. But beware! The power of love, misdirected, could destroy the force of life and lead to the death of imperfect people. Therefore, on the part of the Father of humanity, it was necessary to add a block to change the direction of this force to prevent its improper use. This blockade was to remain in force until the Creator's children were mature enough to control it. Therefore, people had to be properly educated to properly direct the power of love. The Original Being is perfect and cannot operate at a level lower than His perfection. If he did this, he would give perfection to imperfect beings. So He used His children's educators, i.e. angels. That's why he created them, because he knew they would be needed by humans as they developed. Then the wisest of them, Archangel Lucifer, began his mission to raise the first humans. He and the first men who were taught knew well how to protect the right direction of the force of love, because this was the only danger that threatened them. And what happened next? And what happened, unfortunately, was that the power of love was used in the wrong direction. This was the beginning of evil.

The essenceism system, after analyzing the events from the beginning of the creation of humanity and after reviewing many religious suggestions, adopted the theory of the origin of evil suggested above. According to my system, the first people who were endowed with spiritual persons by the Original Being must have had a direct educator and other guardians, that is, the Archangel and his angels. This vision was adopted by me, because science has no evidence of what could have happened at the beginning of human history and what the process was that destroyed the good reality and introduced the state of evil.

As part of its analysis, the essenceism system also explains that the above events took place completely outside the Creator. My system shows that the Creator brought all beings to life, including Archangel Lucifer. Since only good beings come from the Personality of the Original Being, Archangel Lucifer was also good and, moreover, perfect in his mission. Moreover, all angels and archangels are like this, because they are beings separated directly from the Personality of the perfect Creator. Unlike humans, from the moment of creation they are fully formed beings, also perfect as part of their mission: to serve people completely. However, if such a perfect being found itself in a position other than a servant, it could lose its state of perfection and therefore cease to be related to its Creator. In other words, once these perfect beings "find themselves" in the space-time state, they may become imperfect if they are not subordinated to serving people unconditionally. This means that if they take over a human's position in any situation, they immediately become imperfect and can dominate a human, which is against the law of their personality. This is what happened to Archangel Lucifer and the angels who witnessed these events. I base my reasoning on models known to us from life. For example, a small scale for determining a person's weight should be perfect in its performance. However, it ceases to be perfect when we want to weigh an entire bus or a grain of sand on it.    

The final analysis of the essenceism system shows that the educator of the first people, Archangel Lucifer, also changed his personality as a result of changing his position. Namely, contrary to his mission, he took the position of Adam, i.e. he changed the position of a servant into the position of a master. This could only happen by changing the direction of the Original Power of Love towards himself, which he was to transmit to people as part of the mission assigned to him by the Creator. From that moment on, Archangel Lucifer ceased to belong to the Reality of the Original Being. So a "cancer" personality called Satan was created. Therefore, Lucifer and Satan are the names of the same spiritual being having two completely separate personalities, as if they were two completely different spiritual persons. One, called Archangel Lucifer, as if frozen in life activities, still having a pure, original nature, while the other, called Satan, has only a fallen nature. In other words, Satan has a new, evil side to the originally created Archangel. The same situation applies to those angels who fell with him. For the Creator, there is only one reality and this His Reality includes Archangel Lucifer and all other archangels and angels. This shows that apart from the reality of the Original Being, another reality was created, i.e. anti-reality, to which Satan and his demons belong. This happened as a result of his fall, which also resulted in the fall of the first people and the angels subordinated to him. From then on, Satan rules over people, and with him the angels subordinated to him, called evil spirits or demons. To sum up, it can be said that Satan is evil incarnate that has entered the human world. He created our current "cancer" reality, called hell.

According to essenceism, both Satan and all people stopped at the spiritual level they had at the time of the fall. Unfortunately, in the case of Satan, this level is higher than the human level, although lower than that of a perfect man. That is why Satan has such a great advantage over us. His demons, i.e. fallen angels, also have an advantage over us. Of course, when humans reach perfection, they will have a greater level of perfection than archangels and angels. In addition, archangels and angels are not intended to develop like humans. Their level of knowledge, as civilization develops, will depend on the knowledge passed on to them by people. However, the level of intellect, will and emotionality in people will always be higher than in the fallen Archangel and angels.

I will supplement the above analysis with additional explanations intended for people guided more by faith than by knowledge. Of all the books describing the origin of evil, I put the Bible first. It symbolically describes many events. The authors of the Bible, when creating its texts, already knew evil, so they had to somehow explain its existence. For this purpose, they used two trees which, according to essenceism, could represent two inhabitants of the biblical paradise. There is no tree of knowledge of good and evil in nature, so it is a symbol of some entity. It may therefore symbolize the state of developing life, for example Eve, who, like any woman, could bear human "fruits", although she was still imperfect. Similarly, the tree of life could symbolize Adam as the giver of life. The existence of these two symbolic trees could also suggest that the Creator gave the people knowledge about the responsibility for their lives awaiting them. Knowing that people "ripening in the Garden of Eden" can make decisions independent of Him, He supports them with knowledge about the importance of life and the possibility of death, doing so in the form of a symbolic ban on eating the "fruit". So, "Serpent" - Lucifer had a more effective influence on human decisions. It was under his influence that after "eating the fruit", people disappeared somewhere to God, and it is not without reason that He asks the question: "Where are you, Adam?".

The final conclusion of the essenceism system resulting from the analysis of the above situation is the claim that evil was created in the Adam-Eve-Lucifer triangle as a result of the change in the direction of love between them. A situation occurred that was inconsistent with God's laws, that is, untruth, or to put it more bluntly, a lie. This lie, which meant a change in the position of Archangel Lucifer towards people, built the basis for the destruction of the state of good established by the Creator and the emergence of evil. It was like this. The truth from the Creator was that eating the "fruit" would result in death: "...of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you must not eat, for when you eat of it you will surely die" (Genesis 2:16-17). And that's exactly what happened. As a result of being "eaten", Adam and Eve died, of course not physically, but spiritually. Unfortunately for God, this was tantamount to the complete death of man. Lucifer contrasted his words with the truth from God: “You will definitely not die! But God knows that when you eat of this tree, your eyes will be opened, and you will know good and evil as God does” (Genesis 3:5-6). There are actually two lies in this statement by Lucifer: the first, that they will not die, and the second, that God knows both good and evil. This second lie was so told that few realize its enormity and consequences. Almost all of Christianity believed that Archangel Lucifer, turned into Satan, was telling the truth when he claimed that God knows evil. Meanwhile, Jesus had a clear opinion about Satan's statement: “He was a murderer from the beginning, and did not abide in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks on his own account, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). That is why in many of my studies I show that God does not know evil, what is more, He cannot even know it. Of course, Satan would love for people to claim that God knows evil and for his lie to become the common truth. To prevent this from happening, it is worth trusting the opinion of Jesus himself, instead of "accusing" God of being involved in evil and its consequences.

The effects of an event from the beginning of our history still affect the entire history today. Therefore, in our reality, almost always, its competitor, i.e. the force of power, has been operating simultaneously with the force of love. For this reason, evil destroys good, having an advantage already obtained at the beginning of humanity. Additionally, as a result of this situation, the entire spiritual development of people was stopped. Therefore, the former Archangel Lucifer, now as Satan, is the ruler of our world. Satan became the spiritual father of people, separating us from Heavenly Father. Inheriting the good fatherhood of the Creator and the evil fatherhood of Satan, we have two natures in us: the original, good one and the fallen, evil one. Unfortunately, the evil one has the upper hand, just as the evil force of power has the upper hand over the good force of love. This is the state of our world.

Of course, there is a bond between the Creator and people resulting from the existence of the original nature in us, which we receive from Him at birth. Its condition is maintained thanks to the fact that people are still cared for by God's angels, because this is the Creator's concept of educating people. He does not abandon His children, even when they have abandoned Him. After all, at birth, He still gives each of us a spiritual person emerged from Himself. Its character is our good nature inherent in the human personality, i.e. the place of the presence of the Creator's attributes. They reside in His "breath" which we receive at birth. From this moment begins the eternal bond with our Creator, which helps us achieve perfection. Unfortunately, this original bond is now only a thin thread of communication, because after the fall of the first humans it was not allowed to develop properly. Even though it is hardly noticeable now, it is in us once and for all, regardless of whether we realize it or not. So, Satan is currently ruling over us because humanity is still in a state of spiritual death. According to essenceism analyzes only after physical death can one be free from this death and dependence on Satan in the spiritual world.











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