Chapter 32

Hope to be born again

The essenceism system brings the knowledge that the Creator has prepared for us the only way to achieve perfection. This path to achieving perfection begins at the moment a human being is born in biological reality on Earth. There, each of us gains knowledge about the Creator's work. Thanks to this knowledge, the desire arises to be like Him, that is, good, eternal and, of course, perfect...

This shows that the Original Being created us in such a way that he breathed life into a physical person in the form of an eternal spiritual person. He also created the universe for humanity, into which he introduced biological life to be passed on from generation to generation. In such conditions, each of us was born on Earth, unfortunately currently without knowledge of the eternity given to us.

The lack of this knowledge from the beginning of the world prevents us from understanding the most important value that we receive from the Creator, i.e. love. It is about true love flowing from the Heart of the Personality of the Original Being. We experience it only partially, experiencing childhood love, marital love, parental love, as well as friendly love connecting all people. The latter, so important for the world, has unfortunately been underestimated throughout human history. Jesus Christ recalled it two thousand years ago as a condition for the creation of the future ideal world. His effort was not appreciated and certainly not implemented. For now, this love remains underestimated as a force that can start people being born again, which is what Jesus wanted to do. Now I remind you of the enormous importance of friendly love, because it was the Son of God who gave it the value of human life.

Presenting my method of rebirth of humanity, the theory of eternal existence is based on the analyzes of the essenceism system. It introduces the knowledge that the Creator gave us the time of our stay on Earth as a way to perfection and eternity, which is based on His Laws. As part of creation, we have inherited from Him the power of love. He also used the Original Power of Love in all his creative achievements. Therefore, we should do the same. This is supposed to be our way of life. This is a model of action for us for every day of our life on Earth, effective enough to lead us to perfection modeled on the Creator. Therefore, love, especially in the form of friendly love, should be an everyday form of interpersonal connection.

To sum up, if we are to be born again from the spiritual garbage in which we are still stuck, or in other words, if we want to restore everything to "normality", we must first use friendly love for this purpose. This "recipe" first became known because this was the knowledge Jesus left behind.

Essenceism and the theory of eternal existence appeared because all my life I was looking for true friendship with people. Since I couldn't find it, I decided to recreate in a modern form what Jesus Christ would have wanted to convey to us two thousand years ago. After all, he gave his life for "his friends", that is, for all humanity. His work of redemption is a “friendly favor” for us so that we can be born again.






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