Chapter 31

Little dreams of an ordinary person

First, I will briefly define the meaning of the dreams of someone who suffers from the current reality and only wants to live in a better world forever. Such a person's dream is to live in an ideal reality, even if it remains beyond his imagination. However, my theory of eternal existence shows that such a reality actually exists because it comes from an actually existing Creator. It contains eternity and it is there that man should place his desire for eternal happiness and love. My theory was created to explain that our dreams about eternal reality can come true because they concern the actual state coming from our Creator, the Original Being.

Therefore, the theory of eternal existence proposes that human dreams should be assessed in the perspective of the existence of the eternal Original Being - the Source of eternity. This means that our limited physical lives have proper meaning only when we take into account the purpose of the universe, life and humanity in the aspect of eternity coming from the Creator. It was He who gave meaning to our existence, creating the universe to be an eternal home for all of us, that is, for His children endowed with eternity from birth.

Thanks to a proper understanding of the meaning of our lives, the time will come when, instead of dreaming, we will be able to prepare during our lives for eternal existence, while fulfilling the creative goals of the Original Being. This means that we are to prepare to govern the universe. Waiting for us is space-time containing, according to the latest calculations, over two trillion galaxies. In our galaxy alone, we have about two hundred billion stars, accompanied by a gigantic, although uncountable, number of planets. If, according to a certain legendary prophecy, that after the end of life on Earth, each person would have a "dream star" for eternity, i.e., in practice, a specific star in the universe, then only our galaxy, the Milky Way, would fulfill these dreams. I explain why this would be possible. Currently, the population of our planet has exceeded eight billion. At the same time, as scientists have calculated, the number of all people who have lived their lives on Earth since the distant past can be estimated at one hundred billion, including those living today. This means that our galaxy has a "resource" of stars that exceeds twice the "demand" of humans for having "their own" stars. Such a vision in the form of our "cosmic" future shows the possibility of fulfilling even the "legendary" dreams of people who would like to live forever in the infinitely large cosmos. We can therefore assume that the Creator has prepared a specific future for us as hosts of the universe. We will have something to do for eternity as part of our eternal lives.

For now, we need to get things in order because we cannot properly manage one small planet in space. "Putting our planet in order", i.e. fulfilling our dreams of an ideal world, will allow us to finally take over the inheritance from our Creator. That is why the theory of eternal existence explains so intensively the existence of the Original Being and the existence of an eternal spiritual person within us.






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