Chapter 9

Unified knowledge about reality

Essenceism presented in this book is an analytical system prepared primarily to promote basic, coherent and uniform knowledge about the original reality related to the state beyond time and space. This knowledge also allowed us to understand the reality that originally belongs to our world, because it comes from the original one. Ultimately, it allowed for a unified understanding of the reality that humanity has been experiencing for many thousands of years.

My analytical system is based on organized thinking and logical argumentation. Therefore, in a sense, it can be said to be of a scientific nature. Of course, the study of phenomena such as the existence of the Original Being, the spiritual world or eternity in man has not been the task of science so far. However, thanks to her methods you can understand many things, because she applies rational thinking, uses methods proven by science, and then draws logical conclusions from them. Essenceism uses these methods even for "unscientific" tasks, such as analyzing the existence of an Intelligent First Cause, that is, as an Original Being who is both the Creator of the universe, biological life and ourselves. Thanks to such behavior, I could assume that I had enough arguments to determine who our Creator is, what He is like, and to demonstrate that the only sphere of His direct existence is a state beyond time and space.

This is how my system tries to introduce coherent and uniform knowledge into our civilization, referring to the phenomena that religion has so far dealt with. It is primarily about intangible phenomena. This concerns the perception of something that cannot be defined by the laws of physics or biology. In parallel to scientific research, the essenceism system philosophically and theologically analyzed the Creator's actions in order to create the universe in order to assess the sense of the appearance on Earth of beings who want to act like Him, i.e. us, humans. So, based on this research, I introduced thoughtful knowledge that could be considered a reliable description of reality, both physical and spiritual.

Knowledge about the Creator should be like the main field of science, i.e. physics. If, thanks to it, you discover something important or understand something new, this situation not only expands your previous knowledge, but also stimulates you to take further action. Then the previous level of knowledge should only be the basis for further expansion of our awareness. This means that research progress should not stop at momentary findings. Therefore, in the case of the Original Being, it is about constantly increasing the level of awareness of His existence. It is also worth using your imagination stimulated by the latest scientific achievements. This is to give greater certainty that He exists as the Intelligent Cause of all phenomena that surround us. The greater the certainty that this is the case, the greater the joy in understanding the facts being studied and the easier it is, as in the case of science, to open up to the progress of knowledge about the Source of Existence. At the same time, you can feel freedom from outdated dogmas. Therefore, we acquire new knowledge that is missing in the case of belief in arrangements that have been imposed on us for centuries.

In order to create true knowledge about reality, I defined the principles of conduct and research instruments adopted by the essenceism system. They constitute a kind of state-building mechanism that is necessary to build views regarding the realities mentioned at the beginning. To confirm this method, in one of my previous studies I compared the ideas of my system to the main branches of philosophy and religion. Below I explain, using simple examples, model attitudes of various people dealing with specific problems as part of their professional activity.

For example, a scientist speaking up in defense of his theory should have a solid foundation developed by all scientific achievements, i.e. a kind of base on the basis of which he will be able to research and evaluate the problems he encounters. It is a proven knowledge base describing the appropriate state assigned to a given reality. Such an ideal base may be the knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology that has been tested for centuries, accepted by all scientists and which is the content of teaching in schools and universities around the world. Thanks to this, every student, student and ordinary citizen gains proper knowledge about the reality around us. Thanks to this, conflicts resulting from the religious point of view on the world can also be eliminated.

In another example, when a car mechanic repairs a broken vehicle, he must have considerable knowledge, i.e. knowledge of the laws of mechanics and understanding of the structure and functioning of the mechanisms of a given car. There is also some experience in the ongoing repair of typical car damage. This mechanic, knowing the factory condition of the car, can restore it to its original condition anywhere in the world.

Similar rules apply to a doctor who starts treating a sick patient. Before making a diagnosis that determines specific treatment, such a doctor should have the necessary basic medical knowledge, i.e. good knowledge of the ideal, i.e. proper functioning of the human body. Thanks to this basic knowledge and practice in the treatment of various types of diseases, he can, like another educated doctor, treat patients anywhere in the world, i.e. restore their bodies to a state close to ideal.

Therefore, if you want to have stable and universal knowledge regarding the existence of the First Cause, the meaning of human life or the actual reality, it is worth following the example of the scientist, car mechanic or doctor mentioned here. Therefore, I explain that when shaping and promoting knowledge about the Original Being, about His achievements as the Creator and about the true value of man within the analytical system of essenceism, I took the example of the path that a scientist, an experienced doctor and a good car mechanic had to follow. Hence, after such preparation, I was able to present the results of my work, which not only resulted in the creation of the essenceism system, but also the theory of eternal existence.

To sum up, as part of learning uniform and stable knowledge about the original reality, it is worth devoting some attention to realizing the True God as the Absolute, Eternity and Perfection, as well as the Supreme Good. This assumption should result from all of humanity's achievements, not only in the field of religion, but also in science. This Initial Being must therefore have the attributes of Intelligence, Will and Emotionality developed to the maximum extent, yet unimaginable to us. This means that he should not be in our image and likeness. Therefore, it is worth realizing that His Intellect means omniscience, Eternity identifies infinity, Will gives meaning to the universe, and Love leads to the emergence of life. All this resulted in a state of good intended for people. Therefore, the Creator's Love, having its source in His Heart, gave meaning to the existence of humanity. His Heart, according to essenceism, is the essence of love, beauty and goodness. Hence we have knowledge of what the ideal world for humanity should look like. Thanks to this knowledge, we can assess the current situation on Earth. It becomes clear that what prevents us from achieving the right state of the world is the most terrible disease of our civilization, that is, evil.

My system tries to create a proper science about God, which has hitherto been called theology. Unfortunately, this term used by most religious denominations has little to do with science. Therefore, I had to create a system presenting analytical methods of examining the possibility of the existence of the Original Being. This is how essenceism and all its claims were created. It was a preparation for the creation of the theory of eternal existence that analytically explains the future eternal existence of humanity together with our Creator.








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