Chapter 17

Satan's influence on people

Satan was, is and will continue to be the greatest enemy of people. Without a doubt, he is the most dangerous creature, exceeding in his evil everything that can be imagined. I wrote about it in all my studies. I will add one more claim that he was the main source of evil in the most tragic events in human history. According to the essenceism system, all evil created by people comes from it. We see it most often in the form of bad political power, because it is the most visible. This is also visible when conflicts break out, taking the form of wars, especially world wars. These greatest wrongs are accompanied by the so-called lesser evil, which is not always as small as we think. When we notice lies, pride and social injustice, we do not always realize that they can turn into even more evil phenomena.

Satan, as the transformed guardian of the first people, still uses his position to take over individual people. Once, at the beginning of history, he was supposed to teach how to use love, so that it could be a system organizing social life in the form of service. After the direction of the force of love has been reversed, resulting in the force of power, Satan continues to "look after" important individuals to teach them to use the force of power on his behalf. This gives him permanent dominion over humanity. In a veiled way, the leaders chosen and educated by him in various countries of the world gain power very easily. They are able to control the minds of many people who subordinate themselves to them and blindly follow their orders. Such individuals spread coercion, fear and even garbage with their satanic power. We know this phenomenon from the tyranny of many political leaders who continue to create tyrannies and totalitarianisms, as well as destroy democracy.

So how does Satan control our world?

According to the system, essenceism accomplishes this through political, financial and religious structures directed by the people it controls. This means that due to the existence of a fallen nature inherited from him, we are constantly susceptible to his influence. According to essenceism, since the beginning of our civilization, Satan has constantly found individuals who are completely obedient to him. It is difficult today to fully assess the enormity of the evil they caused, because time has largely erased the traces of the crimes of kings, emperors and other rulers. These people were able to gather around themselves a large group of supporters who, together with them, committed a lot of evil not only in their own nations, but also in a broader scope. We know such figures from recent years as Hitler, Mao-Tse-tung, Stalin, and Putin, who raised the level of crime to the highest form. By the power of their evil power, they subjugated a large number of people who, with them, created mechanisms of genocide leading to the death of millions of human beings. When describing these times, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Satan is primarily behind this mechanism of evil. This means that Satan and his demons have created a model power structure on which criminal individuals model themselves. Therefore, essenceism analyzes invariably show that Satan rules us through subordinated people of power, political, religious or financial.

Therefore, the influence of various world structures controlled by Satan and his demons constantly influence our will and, therefore, our fate. This mechanism can sometimes be very powerful. This applies primarily to the ability to control the leaders of political structures that influence millions of people. Both they and those who are directly influenced by them almost never change their views regarding the will to dominate people. For this reason, Satan has always had certain political leaders at his disposal, especially those who can exert a real influence on the fate of nations and even the entire humanity. They are most often under the control of the "lord of this world", often appearing in various nations as dangerous, criminal rulers. These people are often similar to each other. They usually have a degenerate but strong personality, are deaf to criticism and lack objective self-esteem. Such people were cruel, criminal rulers who had tormented entire nations for thousands of years. People like them also appear in our day, and we still suffer because of their activities.

The leaders described above, mainly political ones, often use populism and lies to come to power. This is because their hidden master is Satan himself, called by Jesus the father of lies. These leaders are therefore controlled by Satan without even realizing it. Due to his power of power, Satan can largely control their personality. Then the mechanism leading to the creation of a totalitarian system begins to operate. Such a political leader "haunted" by the "lord of this world" gathers supporters around him who adore him. He teaches them to lie and hate, so that they can then teach these lies and hatred to other citizens. They then formulate these lies to look like the truth. They also proclaim that their actions are love for people. An additional bad phenomenon is that people who follow such a leader "haunted" by Satan give up their moral inhibitions, creating evil with the belief that their actions are right. They defend accepted views with a persistent belief in their correctness or with cynicism resulting from the desire to stay in power and profit from their privileged position. Sometimes they even outdo their leader in their bad behavior, subconsciously feeling that he is responsible for everything they do anyway. Perhaps they follow the example of the fallen angels called demons or evil spirits, of whom Satan has many around him. Therefore, the followers of the Satan-controlled leader gradually succumb to the influence of the evil spiritual world. They create a very strong team, strengthening their power with an obedient army and police to control society. Next, they often use fear and terror. An extreme example of the use of such a mechanism was the not so long ago period of Adolf Hitler's reign. This criminal leader was able, within a few years, to turn a large part of his country's citizens into criminals who murdered millions of Europeans.

Essenceism, examining Satan's activity, also explains that few people can free themselves from his control. Hope is brought by people who, in various periods and at important moments in history, did not succumb to the influence of Satan. Even at the cost of their lives, they were able to oppose him and do a lot of good for all humanity. A special exception who never succumbed to the influence of Satan or any other evil being from the spiritual world is Jesus Christ. He inherited from the Father of humanity a pure personality endowed with an original nature. Thanks to this, he could and still can act against Satan and his evil demons. Meanwhile, all other people on Earth have two natures, i.e. original and fallen, of which, unfortunately, the latter is dominant. That is why they are so susceptible to Satan's influence.

To sum up, according to essenceism, only individual people led by the Son of God have a chance to restore us to a world consistent with the Creator's concept. Their method of defeating Satan could be to transmit the power of love from individual to individual. This method is a bit like the spread of a virus that, passing from person to person, could take over the entire world. This was demonstrated by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the spread of which nothing could stop. He did not benefit from any political, financial or religious power structure in passing from person to person. This way of defeating Satan, i.e. using the "virus of love", was proposed two thousand years ago by Jesus Christ, who took upon himself the mission of fully saving the world from evil. He wanted to teach individual people to prepare them for the role of traveling missionaries. He wanted people "infected" by Him with the "virus of love" to spread around the world, passing on knowledge about the Heavenly Father and His love. At the same time, they would stimulate other people like them to spread the "love virus" further.









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