Chapter 11

The false god of this world

The essenceism system, due to the presentation of the Original Being as the True God, had to deal with the recognition of various imaginary gods created and worshiped by various religions. Such a "religious god" worshiped for centuries is a god who sees everything, is involved in the affairs of this world, judges our actions and punishes us for sins. In contrast to this vision, my system suggests that the Original Being is completely different from the one worshiped in synagogues, churches, congregations and many other temples. In the case of a "religious god", the essenceism system explains that behind his appearance there may be a non-delusive, active "god of this world". It's about Satan taking the place of the True God. Satan really exists and is not an illusion. It was him who the Son of God spoke about many times, calling him the lord of the religious leaders of that time, the father of lies, the killer of human souls, the ruler, and even "the god of this world." In this way he spoke about the fallen Archangel Lucifer, who at the beginning of the history of the world turned into Satan. In essenceism, in which I use analytical thinking, its presence in the world results logically from the existence of two contradictory realities. Therefore, it is not the entry in the religious book that proves its existence, but the action of the "cancer" reality annihilating the original reality coming from the Creator. Of course, due to the lack of scientific evidence, I must, apart from logic, also be guided by intuition and imagination, including religious books.

Additionally, I will explain why I speak so strongly about Satan as the creator of hell on Earth. As I noted at the beginning of this chapter, in my findings I always refer to the Personal First Cause of all things, i.e. to the existence of the Original Being. He is the Absolute Personality from whom His reality derives. This suggests that there is a person behind every reality. This is the case both in the case of the Person of the Original Being and in the case of every person in a dominant position. This can be seen from the course of history, when the most important events were initiated by specific people. Then their actions stimulated other people. For centuries we have had and still have kings, chiefs and various leaders who impose their will on us and take control over us. This suggests that, like the concept coming from the Creator, the current state of reality also comes from an "individual" who has assumed control over humanity. My analyzes show that the "individual" representing the Original Being changed the good state of reality coming from Him into a bad reality that is contrary to the reality that belongs to people. Since she came from the Creator, she apparently had a mission from Him to raise the first people. This means that this "entity", or more precisely Archangel Lucifer, changed into Satan, took the place of the True God and took control, i.e. power over people.

It follows that evil, like good, has its personal source. Good lies in our original nature inherited from the Creator, i.e. it is the good nature that guides our spiritual person. Unfortunately, at the beginning of history it was contaminated with the "cancer" of nature inherited from Satan. Therefore, instead of a Personal Source of Good producing the Force of Love, we have a Personal Source of evil, i.e. Satan, who produces the Force of Power. The effects of the event from the beginning of history still affect the world today, because we still experience the force of power as a lack of love. As a result of this situation, the entire spiritual development of humanity was stopped. Therefore, the former Archangel, now as Satan, is the active ruler of our world. This also means that Satan is like the spiritual father of people, separating us from the Creator. We live in a "cancer reality" that he created and which we call hell.

I will draw your attention to one more very unfavorable phenomenon related to the untrue god of our world. Namely, Satan has led to a kind of "concreting" of our world. He has permanently cut us off from our True Father, thus taking control over unknowing people. The tragedy is that it also misled religious leaders who teach us that one day God Himself will announce the end of the world, carrying out the final judgment with the participation of the Son of God. This is supposed to be the end of the reign of evil. Unfortunately this won't happen. Delusional "religious" gods have existed for centuries and nothing changes.

It is worth recalling that Jesus, in addition to referring to Satan as "the god of this world", often called him "ruler". On yet another occasion he called Satan the lord of this world. He taught this because he knew the power of the fallen Archangel and his long-lasting influence on people. In this way, he probably wanted to emphasize that the fallen Archangel Lucifer still rules us. The Son of God knew well what Satan was doing to humanity by using the force of power. He wanted to change this, that is, to start the work of depriving Satan of power. Therefore, he first went to the desert to prove, after a forty-day fast, that the Son of God is the master of the world of angels, and therefore each of them, including Lucifer, is only a servant of God and people. Unfortunately, the teachings of the Son of God were not accepted by his contemporaries, especially political and religious leaders. It was they who, using the force of power inherited from Satan and based on their fallen nature, brought about the death of Jesus Christ, prepared to save humanity. Therefore, the world was not fully saved and Satan was eliminated. Only by being aware of this situation did Jesus save part of His mission at the cost of His life, becoming the Redeemer of humanity. This means that he took away Satan's power over the spiritual world.

So, we currently have on Earth the power over us introduced by Satan, combined with the fallen nature inherited from him, which has become "rooted" in us. Thus, behind the scenes of human history stands the unlawful ruler of this world. Of course, in practice, other people rule over us, although most often they do not realize that they are constantly carrying out Satan's will. Essenceism holds that only humans, led by the Son of God, are called to remove Satan from our world. Perhaps this process has already begun, driven by the sacrifice of people who are aware that we need a man without any dependence on Satan, i.e. the Son of God. If we do not understand this situation, the evil "concreted" reality will continue, in which, with our inaction, we have the rule of Satan, the untrue god of this world.







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