Chapter 8

The Creator's Love dedicated to humanity

The essenceism system, within the science of love, proposes that the creation of the universe was a consequence of the desire for love that has always existed in the Personality of our Creator. Therefore, it makes sense to conclude that He created the universe from Himself. The Spiritual Side of the Creator, i.e. His Personality, is the source of the laws and principles governing the universe, and His Physical Side is the source of Primary Energy. Among the main attributes of the Creator's Personality, i.e. His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality, special attention is worth paying attention to Emotionality, because it is it that causes the concentration of these attributes in His Heart. It is the decision-making center of the Original Being. It is the source of His main driving force, called the Original Power of Love. From this finding comes the thesis of essenceism, that the Original Being created the universe from Himself. He did this guided by His Power of Love. It was she who caused life to arise, and then humanity. This thesis of essenceism made it possible to negate the claims of some scientists that the universe could have created itself. My system thus replaces the "scientific" singularity and the causative superforce operating at the beginning of the emerging universe.

Based on their hypotheses, both science and the theory of the Original Being further develop all their research on the formation of the cosmos. After all, they differ only in their assessment of the source of life and the appearance of humans on planet Earth. In the system of essenceism, the above argument is intended to demonstrate that the reality shaped for people was intended to initiate a state of good on Earth due to the action of the Primordial Force of Love. Its basic assumption was to lead to the creation of an ideal world, i.e. one in which love and its action would be the only form of development of Earth's civilization. Unfortunately, as we know, nothing like this was ever created. So, the Creator did not fail in his intentions, because He entrusted the completion of his work to people, so that they too could feel they were the creators of an ideal world and thus equal their Creator. Unfortunately, due to bad events at the beginning of its creation, humanity is currently stuck in a reality that is beyond the concept of the Creator.

In the current situation, the essenceism suggests constantly remembering the Creator's love for people. My system shows that this is the only certain true love we can experience on Earth. Its effect is manifested in the fact that we can feel the inner power working towards our development to perfection and remembering the eternity that awaits us. Given the serious damage to the true love that the Creator poured into people, the essenceism system suggests that humanity must learn this love again. My system explained that at the beginning of human history we were deprived of the opportunity to know the full value of marital, parental and childhood love. Moreover, the lack of development had the most destructive impact on friendly love. It was this last type of love that Jesus Christ wanted to regain during His life. Among other things, he gave his life to regain it, which is what Christians should remember most of all. It is on them that the historical mission of regaining true love as the basic work of Jesus rests. The world is subconsciously waiting for this love.






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