Chapter 28

Encoding existence in creation

Scientists have found that the arrow of time always moves in one direction. This state has not changed since the beginning of the universe. The analysis carried out by the essenceism system showed that the creation of time was a platform for the Original Being to encode information about His work in the "creative material". The point is to encode information in His First Cause Energy for each element of creation that was created from it. This information contains the meaning of the existence of this element and its ultimate perfect form. This is because the Original Being is perfect, and the attributes and features of His Personality program every, even the smallest, element of the space-time of the universe with the code of the Architect-Creator. This encoding is similar to the content of a computer program entered by its programmer, which in turn leads to the execution of the task set by him. In the case of the Original Being, He is not only the Architect, but also the Programmer. This definition of the Original Being allows us to understand that He introduced information into the content of the universe consistent with the concept of reality planned by Himself. The information encoded by the Creator describes the future course of development of each element that is created in the space-time of the universe. This coding therefore determines the original purpose of a given object. Its introduction also gives it a time algorithm. According to my system, however, this type of full predestination does not concern the development of people's spiritual persons during their physical life. They themselves decide on the time of their achievement of perfection. People can also change the destiny of certain entities originally encoded by the Creator.

It is worth knowing that the act of creative coding was already explained two thousand years ago by the greatest teacher of knowledge about the Father of humanity, i.e. Jesus Christ. He illustrated this in the form of a parable and a mustard seed, which was recorded in the text of one of the gospels. (Mt 13:31-35): “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it grows it is larger than other vegetables and becomes a tree, so that birds come from the air and nest in its branches. By showing a mustard seed, Jesus explained in a simple way, understandable to people in His times, that the information encoded in each such seed will inevitably lead to the achievement of the Creator’s goal.

Only beings in the "Image and likeness of the Creator" are able to change the information encoded in matter. This is confirmed by another parable, which is a continuation of the previous Gospel quotation Mt 13:31-35: "The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and put into three measures of flour until it was all leavened." Based on this quote, the essenceism system shows that people, after achieving perfection, can sometimes "replace" the Original Being in acting for the development of the cosmos, its individual elements, and even when changing the original code. The vastness of the world and the perspective of eternity are waiting for us so that we can replace the Architect and Programmer of all things. This is how I understand being in the "Image and likeness of the Creator".






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