“Reality from this and not from this world” - Essenceizm 8


My spiritual testament

With all sincerity, I share my feeling that the state of the world causes me great pain. I have wondered why there is so much evil in the world, and especially what its source is. However, in all my analyses, I separated suffering humanity from the rulers who ruled it. It was difficult for me to watch without pain the use of power by political, religious and financial leaders when they caused a lot of harm through their actions. Even when my close friend, a priest-poet, explained to me that all evil comes from Satan, I was unable to forgive the evil of all the rulers who committed crimes against people. It was also difficult for me to ignore the actions of people who, even on a smaller scale, spread evil in the reality around us. I was much more able to forgive the wrongs caused by those who shared my life. Of course, I assumed that Satan was the constant source of evil, although in the case of the actions of individual people I set myself the task of understanding more precisely how to blame Satan for their evil actions. Moreover, the saying that Satan is to blame for everything does not always convince me, and what is more, it does not solve the problem of the suffering of wronged people.

I will also add that before books about essenceism and the theory of eternal existence were written, I devoted a lot of time from my seventy-year-old life to researching who God is. This means that when I devoted myself to work in business and science, I spent a lot of time participating in activities of various religious denominations. During this period, I read or reviewed many philosophical and religious texts from various parts of the world. Only after these practical experiences, both "earthly" and "spiritual", could I begin to create an analytical system modeled on science, which I called essenceism.

In turn, the direct impulse that stimulated me to develop the theory of eternal existence was a quite accurate determination of the personality of each person based on the analysis of the features, qualities and attributes of the Personality of the Original Being. It was also important to determine the beginning of the universe, that is, the fact that it had a starting point on a time scale. This confirmed my belief, which I had had for many years, that the Original Being analyzed by me is located outside the universe. Therefore, since it existed infinitely earlier and regardless of the gigantic structure of the cosmos, it has always been so and will continue to be so. Since the creation of the universe is logically connected with the beginning of time and space, there must have been a premise that the universe is the "work" of the First Cause, which remains beyond time and space. This reasoning gave me the certainty of the existence of a state beyond time and space. Only this state could always be permeated by the Personality of the Original Being. Therefore, He could live up to the statement that He is the One who, as the Creator, formed everything from Himself, being indeed infinitely greater than the universe.

Essenceism was therefore created to establish a reasonably scientific platform for assessing both the state beyond time and space and the state of our world. This is important if, on the one hand, one wants to understand what reality we currently live in, and, on the other hand, for comparison, what reality has been prepared by the Creator. Therefore, essenceism, using scientific research methods, tries to increase knowledge about the existence of a state beyond time and space and about the proper reality belonging to the world in which we all live.

To help people understand the reality of our world, I explained in my studies that evil in their everyday lives most often appears as a result of the forces of power. It is also accompanied by an "internal" source of evil in the form of fallen nature inherent in every person. The combination of these two sources always produces bad and sometimes even tragic consequences for societies and individual people. This is how our reality has been shaped for centuries by the combination of the evil power of power and our fallen nature.

Today I admit that it is still not easy for me to understand many cases of evil. However, I believe that my dreams of a completely new explanation of who, what is and where is the True God, the Creator of all things, have come true. My dreams of understanding human personality in the form of our eternal spiritual person have also come true. At the same time, I was able to explain how evil was created, who its creator Satan is, and why our Heavenly Father does not know evil or our hell. My ultimate dream is that all the knowledge I have imparted will become the basis for love education.

Unfortunately, after writing ten books on the analytical system of essenceism and after developing the theory of eternal existence, I realize that my voice is to a large extent a "voice crying in the wilderness".

I noticed that only a small group of people are interested in the topics I discuss. And yet I am talking about the most important issues for people, i.e. knowledge replacing religious faith. It is primarily about the certainty of the existence of the Creator of the universe and the fact that we are eternal in the form of a spiritual person.

Looking at similar efforts of predecessors unknown to me, it is hardly surprising that the correct knowledge about the existence of the True Creator, about the meaning of the creation of the cosmos, about the beginning of life or about the eternal personality in every person cannot still penetrate the universal consciousness of humanity. This is so because not only politicians, businessmen and scientists, but even the clergy of world religions do not make any effective effort to restore the proper state of reality prepared by the Creator of the cosmos, life and people. It's a sad conclusion, but true.

After years of searching for the meaning of our lives and true love, I would like to add one more value: friendship. If we take seriously the words of Jesus recorded in the Bible that "...there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends" (Jn 15:13), then one should also recognize friendship as a value almost equally important in life, like her "older sister" - love. I wrote about friendly love in many places in this study, treating it as one of the forces that can return the world to the concept prepared by the Original Being. It seems that Jesus put friendship on the same level as love in the process of salvation. We have always considered giving our lives for love the highest sacrifice. Meanwhile, Jesus extended this sacrifice of life to include friendship. He probably did it on purpose so that people would treat Him not only as a brother, but also as a friend.

One of my dreams is to "open" people so that they become not only inhabitants of their own country, but also to consider their lives in a much broader sense. The most important thing is that they become eternal inhabitants of a state beyond time and space, the size and boundlessness of which exceeds our imagination. It is equally important that each of us becomes an active citizen of the universe, this gigantic structure intended by the Creator for humanity. Ultimately, I would like everyone to feel responsible for spreading the "love virus" around themselves.

I myself have undertaken to spread the "love virus" around the world as the best method to bring the world to the original concept of the Creator. I do this through several websites in three different languages and in my books. That's all I can do for now. I know that it is important for every person that adopting an innovative view brings measurable benefits. I also want it to benefit all people in the world. Therefore, at the end of this book, I would like to ask those who have become familiar with my analytical system of essenceism or the theory of eternal existence, whether the knowledge contained therein brought them what they were waiting for and whether it is suitable for healing the world from evil?

That's all I can say and do now…


The most important message of essenceism

regarding two realities

1. According to the analysis of the essenceism system, the Original Being is the Intelligent First Cause, i.e. the eternal, perfect and absolute Creator. It was He who created from Himself an ideal reality intended for people. This makes Him the Father of Good Reality.

2. This Good Reality coming from the activity of the Original Being contains encoded information coming from the attributes, qualities and features of His Personality.

3. The opposite of the concept coming from the Personality of the Original Being is the antireality coming from Satan. It is hell that has permeated our civilization since the beginning of human history.

4. The antireality originating from Satan's personality contains a coded "evil virus". It creates a fallen nature in man and stimulates the evil power of power. If we do not remedy this situation, this evil may continue forever.









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