Chapter 33

All hope in the process of salvation

I have devoted quite a lot of space to discussing the existence of evil and the need to save humanity. The logical result of the analyzes regarding the origin of evil was not only a description of its operation, but also finding an effective way to remove it from our civilization, i.e. to save humanity from the source and effects of evil. For centuries, the creator of evil and its source, Satan, has spiritually ruled people through rulers combining the power of the "throne" with the power of the "altar". Modern times also began with an alliance of power in the form of "throne and altar", to which Jesus Christ fell victim. His story confirms the fact that Satan rules the world, influencing politicians and the religious hierarchs who support them. Therefore, I showed the lack of people's help for the efforts of the Son of God, who wanted to save the world from Satan's power. Therefore, it is worth considering now whether humanity would be ready to help the Son of God in the mission of salvation?

In response, my system analyzes whether, after two thousand years, humanity has already developed the possibility of the birth and activity of a person who, after achieving perfection, will take over the inheritance of Jesus. This person, as the new Son of God, can take over Christ's mission. He should also revive the mission of the Daughter of God, so that together with her, in the place of Adam and Eve, as the perfect first people, they could begin the salvation of the world from evil and from the power of Satan. They will do this together with all people, repairing what Adam and Eve did not do and what people did not allow Jesus Christ to do.






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