Chapter 5

The greatest work of the Creator

First, I present the conclusion that emerged as a result of research conducted by the essencism system. He says that the main work of the Creator is a spiritual person who is the eternal personality of each of us. He also explains that the idea of eternal human existence in the form of a spiritual person must have always been in the Creator's creative plan, i.e. before the creation of the universe. Namely, the perfect Original Being must have always had the purpose of His activity encoded in Himself. It follows that when creating the universe, He saw that the existence of this structure only makes sense if it will be a place for the development of spiritual people. Therefore, we were to live our physical lives on a planet fully prepared for this task, that is, occupying an ideal place for life in the star system. We certainly have optimal conditions for our spiritual person to become perfect, just as He Himself is perfect. In this work, the Original Being involved to the highest degree all the features and attributes of His Personality, which means that every person is a "part" of the Creator.

Therefore, the existential judgment of essenceism is that in every person, without exception, there is permanently a spiritual person with an original good nature given to him by the Creator. According to His concept, its character is a state intended for His "personal" presence in each of us. Therefore, the beginning of the life of an eternal spiritual person emerging from the Creator's Personality refers figuratively to His "breath" that we receive at our birth. From this moment our eternal bond with the Original Being begins, which takes the form of Personality traits inherited from Him. The original nature of a spiritual person remains within us forever, no matter how we act. We most often experience it as an action of our conscience. This is our reaction to the fact of the constant existence of His laws and principles, which are God's Providence. These laws, called spiritual laws in this system, actively exist and influence the constant will to exist eternally in His Reality. Many people sense God's Providence as a force of love that causes them to have constant faith and hope that one day they will be together with their Heavenly Father forever. This continues regardless of the evil reality we have on Earth. For example, Muslim denominations, as well as most Protestant churches, treat the action of Providence as man's unchangeable destiny in the face of God's Will. This is the doctrine of predestination. Essenceism points out that in these doctrines there is no concept of human personality as a being who lives eternally in the form of a spiritual person. Using an imprecise concept of soul obscures the image of a person's true state, which is his spiritual person. By defining a person living on Earth as a unity of a physical and spiritual person, essenceism could demonstrate that although a physical person is subject to predestination, our spiritual person is not unconditionally related to him.

The statement that our eternal spiritual person is the main goal of the work of the Original Being clearly means that he or she should be the only being in the universe that has received the dignity of a child of the Creator. This is illustrated, for example, by the entire mission of Jesus Christ, ending with the appearance of His spiritual person after undergoing physical death. He meant that by appearing in the form of a spiritual person, looking like a resurrection, humanity would never again lose the main message of the meaning of His mission. This means that he brought us the knowledge that each of us is eternal and that the goal of earthly life is human personal perfection. Therefore, the result of Jesus' teachings is to give us knowledge about the most important work in the history of creation, that is, knowledge about the existence of a spiritual person in each of us. We receive it at birth along with its eternity from our Eternal Father with the participation of the Original Power of Love. So I repeat that this act of His gives us forever eternal life, which we are to experience together with Him in a state beyond time and space.

It follows from the above that in the search for proper knowledge, essenceism tries, among other things, to recover the knowledge left two thousand years ago by Jesus Christ. This is necessary because scientific research has shown that only fragmentary information about His life and teachings has reached us. Recovering the full knowledge left by the Son of God allows each person to properly understand the meaning of our lives. I will write about this in the third part of this study.

Essenceism explains that we live to acquire the right knowledge and experience to enable us to live forever. This is the meaning of bringing our spiritual person to perfection. What awaits her is a never-ending stay in a state beyond time and space, that is, in the spiritual sphere where neither time flows nor physical reality exists. Thanks to our spiritual person reaching perfection, we will be able to freely influence the course of time in this sphere and shape, in our own way, the reality we have created, similar to the one in which we would like to live on Earth. In addition, love will be the state of our lives there.

The aim of the essenceism analytical system is to present the Original Being as the inexhaustible Source of Eternity. The awareness of the existence of the Original Being with His qualities, features and attributes is necessary to understand the meaning of the creation of the universe, which is the result of the first phase of the implementation of His work. The second phase was the adaptation of the cosmos to create appropriate conditions for the appearance of humans on planet Earth. The main point of this work was to create a physical being in the physical environment of the planet capable of taking over the form of eternity emerging from the Personality of the Original Being, i.e. joining the human spiritual person to the biological structure. It is this act that is the center of creation. Thanks to this, we understand the meaning of the creation of time and the physical conditions for life on our planet. They should serve all of us in achieving perfection during our short lives.

Unfortunately, we know that we are not currently implementing the concept of creation prepared by the Original Being described above. For this reason, the essenceism system had to deal not only with understanding the state of eternity in the sphere beyond time and space, but also to understand how eternity should be shaped in an imperfect man living in an evil world. My system therefore had to explain why the Creator's greatest work had not yet been completed and what had stopped its implementation. This will be the topic of the second part of this study.









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