“Reality from this and not from this world” - Essenceizm 8

Introduction -

The real state of our world

The book before you was preceded by seven others presenting the analytical system of essenceism step by step. Through them, I present innovative knowledge, elements of which I have explained over the following years. My books constitute a kind of textbook or guide to understanding both the reality that surrounds us and the reality that can be described as true, i.e. that originally belonging to humanity. My books form a logical sequence of works covering a wide range of topics that have contributed to the published theory of eternal existence. Here are the titles of books describing my system:

Essenceism 1 – God is not from this world

Essenceism 2 – We are from this world

Essenceism 3 – Evil is from this world

Essenceism 4 – A vision not from this world

Essenceism 5 – Eternity is not from this world

Essenceism 6 – The unreal gods from this world

Essenceism 7 – Love from this and not from this world

In order to introduce my vision to the public space, I first presented a thesis about God as the Original Being, based on scientific knowledge. This is how the first book on essenceism was created, with the subtitle: "God is not of this world". It was there that I presented all the necessary definitions and rules that were used in the analytical system of essenceism. Of course, I listed the goals I had set for myself and also defined the principles that would guide me in all analyzes concerning God, the universe and people. To be transparent in my analyses, I have listed all essenceism research tools and ways of using them.

Then, with philosophers and theologians in mind, a second book was written with the subtitle: "We are from this world". It presents the ideas of essenceism that can support the efforts of philosophers and theologians leading to a better understanding of the reality around us. In this study, I expressed my dream that the knowledge I created would replace faith, that is, that the level of unambiguity and certainty in the sphere of spiritual laws would equal the level of certainty that we have within the laws of mathematics, physics or biology. I was especially interested in using rational thinking and sound logic in theology.

However, I presented the process of creating evil and its actions in the third study of essenceism, subtitled "Evil is from this world". There I also explained that the purpose of the idea of essenceism is to encourage scientists, philosophers, theologians, people of faith and even atheists to be more active in activities that could significantly reduce the phenomenon of evil that burdens humanity. I also analyzed the knowledge regarding the existence of Satan and the evil nature in man in a way free from religious burdens. Thanks to these findings, I was able to demonstrate the existence of a mechanism of evil inherent in every form of power. I was originally supposed to finish the series of analyzes conducted using the essenceism system with this third book. I wanted to transfer the content of my studies to the Internet in the form of several pages in Polish, English and French. When I did this, there was an influx of new questions and suggestions that indicated the need to expand the scope of research both our reality and the one prepared for humanity by the Original Being

Therefore, as a continuation of the analyzes of essenceism, I compared the ideal concept of the world attributed to the Creator with the current state of reality. This purpose is served by the fourth study of essenceism, subtitled: "A vision out of this world". It contains a suggestion to move away from stagnant and ineffective religious and philosophical views in order to open up to new challenges brought by the 21st century.

The fifth development of my analytical system, subtitled "Eternity is not of this world", aims to better understand the reality of the spiritual world. In its original state it is a form of existence of eternal life in a state beyond time and space. Additionally, I described the fact of the parallel existence of the physical and spiritual worlds, which affects the sense of the presence of two states of existence in people. It is created by the unity of the physical and spiritual person.

Innovative and, at the same time, the most critical statements regarding the state of our world are contained in the next, sixth study of essenceism, subtitled: "Untrue gods of this world". In it, I presented the mechanism of the evil force of power that comes from the active "god of this world". This is what Jesus Christ called the creator of evil. This is, of course, about Satan. The power of power was created when this creator of evil reversed the direction of the Original force of love to the opposite direction. This situation caused him to take the place of God, which gave him dominion over humanity from the very beginning of history. I keep reminding you that according to the idea of essenceism, the Force of Love originating from the Heart of the Original Being is the only force that should create the right reality for people. Therefore, the use of love should be the core of the mission of every religion. Religious denominations should therefore completely give up any power over people, especially avoid participating in the "altar-throne alliance", i.e. supporting political power.

The penultimate study of essenceism, subtitled: "Love from this world and beyond", was created to present the concept of the Original Power of Love coming from the Creator. Understanding it leads to freedom from ancient theories and barriers. This would create a situation in which every person would, of their own free will, experience true love, which they would feel as coming from the Creator. The concept of the Creator as the Original Being presented in my studies shows that we inherit from Him the power of love based on our pure original nature that knows only good. Therefore, the entire organization of life in the world created by the Original Being should be shaped thanks to the directed action of the force of love coming from its source, i.e. the Original Force of Love. It is intended by the Creator for the development of reality that is to exist in accordance with His concept. According to scientists' findings, it can be treated as a creative superpower. The effective functioning of the Primal Force of Love associated with our free will completely excludes the power of power. The main claim of essenceism is therefore to define the power of power as an evil phenomenon that destroys our free will. Just as the Original Power of Love is associated with good, the power of power is associated with evil. These two opposing forces stand at two different poles. The Original Power of Love is the power of the Creator, the Creator of good, and the power of power is the power of Satan, the creator of evil.

The study you have in front of you is subtitled "Reality from this world and beyond". It explains that we should live in a reality that has emerged from the state in which our Creator exists. His Original Reality fills the state beyond time and space. My theory comes from this state. It shows that the Creator established space and time so that the spiritual persons emerging from Him would have ideal conditions to achieve a state of maturity. This state can be described as a state "in the image and likeness" of the Original Being. Human personalities, called spiritual persons in my system, are therefore the peak achievement of the Original Being. It is in them that He encoded the most important features of His Personality. Thanks to the information introduced into our personality in this way, His features and attributes existing outside of time and space, as the only ones in the universe, passed into the personality of people to give us knowledge of who we are in relation to the cosmos. Therefore, the creation of the universe is programmatically related to the appearance of people on Earth and perhaps also on other planets. Simultaneously with the transfer of His features and attributes to spiritual persons of people born from Himself, the Original Being encoded the information coming from His attributes into every pixel of energy, into every elementary particle, into every atom of the universe, i.e. into every element of its space-time. This is how a good legal reality was created, prepared for the development of people to the level of perfection established by the Creator. From the beginning, my system was intended to detect and describe its laws. They operate according to strict rules, just like laws in physics, biology, chemistry or economics.

The above vision results from the paradigm and axioms adopted in the essenceism system to create a theory aspiring to supplement the scientific theory of everything with certain spiritual elements. Therefore, assuming the existence of a state beyond time and space and determining the features, attributes and qualities of the Original Being, I could present specific conclusions. So, I had to define a physical paradigm for my theory, just as when creating a scientific theory. It was the scientific fact that the universe was created at a specific moment and the fact of man's ability to think analytically. Due to the topics discussed, I also had to define paradigms of a spiritual nature, i.e. the existence of good as a phenomenon that should exist and the existence of the phenomenon of evil that should not exist.

This is how my "Theory of Eternal Existence" was created. Therefore, from the beginning, the analytical system of essenceism operated in such a way that the theory of eternal existence could establish a relatively independent platform for assessing the eternity inherent in man. Essenceism also showed that we do not know the proper reality that originally belonged to humanity. Moreover, we have never experienced such a state, because humanity was stopped at a very low level of spiritual development at the very beginning of its existence. This resulted not only in a lack of understanding of the fact that we are eternal, but also of the fact that love is a force that is designed to shape human eternity.

The claim resulting from essenceism that we do not live in the world prepared by the Original Being leads to the conclusion that we are outside His Reality and do not understand that we are eternal. Instead, we have a current reality that my analytical system judges to be hell. This is what we should call the world under the control of the "lord of this world", i.e. Satan. Its existence is the only reasonable explanation for the state of our world. Practice shows that, as a result of his actions, people accepted the need for power in societies, without realizing that it came from him.

According to essenceism, Satan has arranged the world for us, and we still do not understand that it is so. Satan, having gained power, shaped the world in the form of a conflict structure of states. People driven by the fallen nature coming from Satan still maintain state systems of power that were never foreseen in the Creator's concept. To make matters worse, Satan's constant method of maintaining power, apart from politics, financial, economic and property structure, is religious power. It was also created by people guided by the fallen nature coming from Satan. According to essenceism, the only man who did not have a fallen nature, Jesus Christ, did not create any religion. Based on His knowledge of Satan, Jesus made it clear that all human organizations, from the very beginning of their creation, are burdened with the virus of power coming from Satan. This is especially visible in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. When the clergy of these religions talk about God, it only seems to them that they are talking about the true Creator of humanity. In fact, without realizing it, they shape the cult of the "god of this world", because this is what Jesus called Satan.

It is also depressing that despite the passage of tens of thousands of years, our civilization is still in a state of evil and spiritual development almost stands still. It seems that Satan continues to renew his power, introducing his "evil messiahs" in each generation. In many countries, new leaders appear who introduce confusion, divisions, injustice, bloody dictatorships and even wars. Although destruction remains in their wake, subsequent generations make them heroes. This happened with various types of leaders, kings and emperors. Without going too far back, a significant example is the last century where we had Hitler, Lenin, Mao-tse-tung, Stalin Kim-Ir-Sen and many dictators like them. The world was and still is plagued by lawlessness, crimes, wars and other suffering. Each generation has tried for thousands of years to create a peaceful life, but evil has consistently destroyed human good. It is also depressing that "religious messiahs", instead of uniting human efforts to repair the world, continue to create new cults and make themselves "divine figures".

Essenceism seeks to make people understand the world they live in. He also explains that people have the task of correcting this situation, while the Creator has nothing to do with the state of our world. According to my system, the source of every person's responsibility lies in his or her spiritual person. This responsibility is created based on the power of love. Therefore, the main hope for the world is to find a way to promote love between people so that everyone understands that this is our only chance, and that only such action will bring good and happiness to all humanity. This is also my dream, so I invite you to read the conclusions of the essenceism system and the theses of the theory of eternal existence.











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