Chapter 13

We have a false vision of the world

According to the analysis of the essenceism system, an incorrect vision of the world was formed in us at the very beginning of humanity's existence. This state began when the first pair of beings appeared and received the "breath of life" from the Creator. This "breath" means that they received eternal spiritual persons emerged from His Personality. Essenceism explains that together with this "breath" they received the true vision of the world from their Father, the Original Being. This was the beginning of eternal civilization under the patronage of the Creator.

The correct vision of the world, derived from the concept that the Creator had within Himself, was to bring about a state of our reality in which people could bring their personalities to personal perfection throughout their entire earthly life, becoming similar to the Personality of their Creator. However, this did not happen. Essenceism showed that already at the beginning of the introduction of the original concept of the world, i.e. the one creating the correct vision of reality, another one appeared, contradictory to it. It was created by reversing the direction of the Original Force of Love to the opposite direction, i.e. the force of power. It was an equally causative force, because it created an evil reality, "malignantly cancerous" in relation to the one intended by the Creator. This is how our evil world was created, which I described in many publications as the result of the process of destroying the concept of reality prepared by the Creator. The first people and their guardian participated in it. As a result of this destructive event, the anti-god, Satan, appeared, and people under his power began to create a vision of the world subordinate to him. Since then, humanity has had the power of the anti-God, unknowingly worshiping him instead of the true Creator of the universe, i.e. the Heavenly Father. There is also a fallen nature at work in us, which has its source in the anti-God personality, i.e. in the personality of Satan. What hurts the most is the fact that this state has been unconsciously supported by the inhabitants of Earth for thousands of years. It's a pity that nothing changes over time. As Jesus demonstrated long ago, Satan is still "the god of this world" today.

Therefore, the research on essenceism shows that we have had an incorrect vision of the world from the beginning of history until today. This means that we inherit it from the "gods of this world", i.e. from various invented gods, under which the actual "god of this world", i.e. Satan, is hidden. This vision is unconsciously supported not only by clergy, but also by politicians, because they are the ones who use the power created by him. This vision is partially supported by other areas of human activity, such as economy, banking, culture and science.

We seem to be suffering the consequences of a biblical life-threatening warning that early humans ignored. Now we are spiritually dead, living in hell. Research on essenceism shows that Jesus' goal was to restore humanity to a state of life. Unfortunately, all that remains of Him is the work of redemption at the individual level, which gives hope for eternal life. This has resulted in little progress in understanding the correct vision of reality; however, it is a pity that it is too small to turn back from the "wrong path".







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