God as the Center of All Creation

God's position in from of all things


I try to describe God: step 2

In this chapter I will use the next diagram to practically understand the coexistence of God - the Original Being and the human being - being existing eternally.

Once, people, looking at the sky, believed that the sun moving over their heads is identical with God. They sensed that it is the source of life and that it is the ubiquitous and all-seeing center of the world. That was in antiquity. In the Middle Ages, a strong impulse was given to Christians by Nicolaus Copernicus, pointing to the central position of the Sun towards the Earth. In this indirect way, people realized that there was a "more important center" outside Earth, and the center of the surrounding universe is the Omnipresent Creator.

It is good to understand God as the Center from which we come and which is a permanent source of existence. We are in a sense an element coming from this Center and at the same time still connected with Him.


In this picture of God as the Center one can see that each of us is like a ray coming out of Him and that everyone is one of a kind. This also leads to the important conclusion that the individual has a unique impression of the Center. Every person "sees" God in a "different angle". No wonder that many people rightly treat themselves as the only unique being in the universe.  That is also why one should not create a single, unique and standard image of our Creator. You can even say that there should be as much "vision of God" as there are people.

From the fact that each person is different (regardless of whether we take into account 10,000, 10 million or 10 billion people) and biblical verses reminding that everyone is created "in the image and likeness of God," a certain basic conclusion arises. Well, God should be the source of the "image" of all people, and more precisely, He has in Himself a "picture" of every man who lived, lives and will live. It can therefore be said that the "Original Image" inherent in God is the source of all human "images."

Mathematicians know the concept of integral as a kind of changing sum.  Meanwhile, my definition of the "Original Image", thanks to which we get to know God, has something indefinable in it.  He is as if surrounded by the integral of all people, when their number reaches infinity. Such a definition will be useful to some readers who think that everything must be described mathematically. I write it down below.


GOD (Original Image) 0f(x)dx - this is integral indefinitely from zero to infinity, connecting all people, where "f(x)" is a function of the development of humanity (dependent variable), and "dx" is the source element of the human "original image" established by the Creator (independent variable).

Of course, I do not want that somebody to draw from this mathematical formula the conclusion that God is the sum of all people who lived, live and will live.  That's not what I mean. I am just saying that God had and still has within him an infinite number of individual and unique "images" of people that enable for Him to give the infinite birth of still new, equally exceptional and unique people. It is also about realizing the meaning of infinity, which is the basic attribute of God.

I have presented the above reasoning to emphasize the fact that all people have their own personality and because God as the Spirit of God is also a separate Personality. This separate Divine Independence does not mean that He exists somewhere in the unknown beyond us, beyond the universe around us. The Creator should be actively united with the whole state of all-creation. If it were otherwise, it would not be worth bothering yourself with his existence at all. Only the position of God as the living Center of the Universe makes sense.

I am not saying that after the end of physical life, every person in a spiritual form should in a specific way return to God and be "absorbed" by him, becoming part of him.  Rather, each of us, achieving personal perfection and going to the spiritual world, will be like a satellite of the God-Center and will live forever, "circling" around Him in its unique "orbit". This means that man will keep his independent personality forever, and God with His Separate Personality will always be the Center for All-Beings.

I write about the Personality of God in the next chapter:

Personality of God












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