The Ideal world


Will we finally get it?

People have always wanted a perfect world in the hope that they will be able to live in an absolutely good, stable and perfect environment. It was connected with the pursuit of the existence of eternal goodness, happiness and true love in society. People just dreamed of something that was meant to be their destiny. Most of them have sensed that God should be the guarantor of all these dreams.

The ideal world is defined by some religions as the Kingdom of Heaven. If everything developed in accordance with the plan of the Creator, today, after millennia of such a human civilization, we would live in a world that most elements are difficult to imagine now. To stimulate our imagination, it is worth to start by thinking about how to "technically" lead to the creation of such a perfect world

For sure at the beginning of the restoration of the ideal world, there would be a fundamental difference between this new, saved one, and the one that would evolve from the very beginning without the presence of evil and under the patronage of the Creator. Of course, certain elements of this newly-formed Kingdom of Heaven would be noticeable immediately, because God's supremacy would take place in it. However, due to the multiplicity of aspects of this change, it would only take hundreds of years to see such an image of the ideal world as it was in the original assumption of the Creator. Everything should actually depend on the efforts of people who will work on making up for losses. There will be a huge task for humanity and it is not enough for us to say that the ideal reality is one in which everyone loves and behaves like brothers and sisters. That is why it is worth trying to find out what is hidden by the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world.

The most important feature of the ideal world is the constant presence of God in him.  We will notice it above all in the form of His omnipresent Parenthood.  It will give everyone the assurance that he is loved and that he is embraced by perfect divine protection.  The practical realization of this care will be accomplished through people and beings from the spiritual world, providing people with security in all areas of life.  All surprises will only have the character of discovering man's greater possibilities for nature and the entire cosmos.  The invisible presence of Divine Energy, which harmoniously harmonizes with existing forms of energy and matter, will be a kind of guarantee of this security.  Divine Energy is needed because the inhabitants of the Earth will change the natural environment for their needs.  Our environment in a "raw" state was stable, but a man, bringing his creative abilities, develops it and adds other, new structures, which can affect the balance of nature.  Therefore, there is a need for a constant force stabilizing it to the level of a harmoniously functioning whole.  God, however, does not have to manage God's energy.  This role will be taken over by fully mature individuals who, after reaching the level of maturity, or personal perfection, will be able to represent the Creator.  Angels and people from the spiritual world will be able to help, with whom they should have easy mental communication.  God will remain in the physical world as if in the background, because he can only be fully present in the perfect spiritual world.

In turn, the physical world will become like a kindergarten, school and university of life.  Of course, both people and angels, bringing up the children of Heavenly Father on Earth, should depend on His presence, because as omniscient and omnipotent, he can foresee all possible events.  He will remain the guardian of all His children, for such a good father should be.  I do not want to speak now broadly on economic, social and political topics concerning the organization of the Kingdom of Heaven.  I know that people will determine what can be good for them.  I will only emphasize that in an ideal world the legal system should act in accordance with a constitution based on God's laws, and the government should play the role of an orderly and protective organization.  Of course, there will be no army, police or prisons, but all sorts of security services, for example directors of land, sea and air traffic, should act.  Probably there will be no separate countries on the globe, but rather some communities or cultural zones.  There will be a huge development of science and technology.  Probably the major part of the physical work will be taken over by specialized robots.  Our surroundings will remain in their original state.  The earth's atmosphere should be clean and healthy in this environment, as well as food.  Humanity will certainly organize a rich cultural life to develop the talents and abilities of every human being.  Thousands of other matters will be effectively subordinated to the development of a particular human individual, so that it will reach perfection as soon as possible, preparing it for eternal life.  All this indicates a completely different level of existence on our planet.  Such life is colloquially called "life as in heaven", because the sky in this saying means the Kingdom of Heaven both on Earth and in the spiritual world.  A characteristic feature of such a Kingdom is constant contact between the immaterial world and the physical world, and possibly even contact with other areas of existence in some remote part of the universe.  In addition, a very important social value in the everyday functions of the ideal world will be the spiritual presence of those who have already completed their stay on Earth.  Thanks to the openness to the environment beyond time and space, it will be possible to interact with current inhabitants of other places in space, which will result in the emergence of one great universe human family .

The conclusion from this is simple. The civilization that surrounds us has little to do with God. From the point of view of the Creator's concept, humanity has been thrown out of the proper reality prepared by him. In place of a life script set up for a man to prepare us for a happy eternal presence in a spiritual candle, an illusion has been created which has little in common with the ideal world.















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