The love letter to Heavenly Father

How to express our love and compassion towards God?


Just as people write love letters from the heart's needs, for the same reason I write this book "The Touch of Eternity" and run my website. This is my love letter to Heavenly Father. Sometimes I also feel that I am writing this letter to my closest friends and to my family members, and sometimes even to all people.

I do not have to persuade anyone to be guided by love in everyday life. For many people it's just a truism. You can accept it or not, as in our reality everything is relative. Meanwhile, this relativity does not function in relation to God. I checked it myself. Either we turn to Heavenly Father with absolute sincerity and "heart on hand", or it is not worth trying to do it at all. It's a pity our time. No half-measures, false humility or concealing the truth about themselves do not work. You can stamp your feet, threaten your fists, bash your head against the wall, and you will not have contact with the Creator without absolute openness and true feelings of love. This is a minimum condition.

We often declare our love for God, although we do not really know if it is true. So, how do you know if we really love Him?

You have to remember how we love a loved one. If we feel the undying need for her (him) closeness, if we want to stay with her (him) constantly, hold on to her (him) and talk to her (him) all the time, all this shows your love for her (him).  Being with a loved one is endless joy. Most often, we would like this common abiding and love to last forever.

Let us, then, transfer this reasoning to our relationship with God. Do we want to stay with Him constantly, talk to Him and feel Him with all our personality? We can answer this question only ourselves.

A beautiful love letter to Him will certainly give him great joy. It does not matter if this letter will be written on paper, on a computer or on a blackboard. Because you can really create it on hidden "paper" in our mind or directly "enter" into virtual memory encoded in our brain.

There is one simpler tip. It is best to send the sequences of the letter to God alone and with the words flowing straight from the heart, even shouting them out loud and avoiding the learned formulas. A letter to God is an intimate contact "face to face" and no crowd around us is needed.

I strongly urge those who want to develop their relationship with God and come closer to Him so that they do not give in to the psychosis of the crowd and the pressures of the surrounding environment, to follow the usual customs and traditions. Do not listen to comments about the possible notpicality of your addressing God. That is why you have a heart that has been given to communicate with Him, to give you answers on how to get to His Heart. For creating a close contact with God, it is not important to take part in solemn processions, mass pilgrimages or other spectacular events, because it does not bring significant progress on the way to Him. For thousands of years, we have more so drowned out our personal contact with God than we gain a closer relationship with God. I do not deport anyone from active participation in religious life, especially from pilgrimages. However, try to go only alone, in your own company, for example on a pilgrimage to a remote, quiet village cemetery and spend at least a full hour there, sitting on a small bench. This is a deep spiritual experience and, who knows, maybe a chance to contact the Heavenly Father's Heart!

It is known that there are various important commandments, dogmas and religious regulations. Of course, we know them and they should remind us of our weaknesses. However, where there is compulsion, imposed discipline and fear, there is no love. It is impossible to build proper contact with God from such a limited life attitude.

Around us, the world is developing rapidly and everything changes.  We have more and more honest democracy and civil liberties.  Therefore, one should not stand in a place with the development of his faith.

When writing a letter to God, one may ask the question whether our life may have something to do with the work of the Providence of God, leading to the salvation of humanity. We never know that. Maybe no one else has this knowledge. It remains therefore to focus on a personal relationship with God through continuous mental contact with Him. Put your thoughts in this letter. Put in it words that represent your whole heart, your whole being, and how to tell a child how much you love Him!

At the same time, one should know that it is not such a joyful and carefree love that we often experience in our youth. It is love for the Father who lost His children in the Garden of Eden and is still waiting for their return. It is also love for Him who heard from His Son the words: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken Me?". Whoever has experienced such a touch of God's Heart and wept for Him knows that. There are no such words or any meaningful comparison to express it.

On the pages of this study I am talking about God as a lonely Father waiting for His Children. Although I feel that He can have a suffering Heart, I am not convinced that this is how it can be described. However, I know one thing that this fact should eliminate unnecessary differences in the religious beliefs of all people. His Heart is waiting for us. Religious differences have caused huge social injustices, inquisition or religious wars in the past. The feeling of hurts and stressing the discrepancies between religions continues to this day. This situation continues to prolong God's expectation and loneliness.

It is worth emphasizing that the bond between the Heart of God and the hearts of people is the only effective contact between Him and us. For God can not directly contact imperfect people. The angels were always mediators, and later also Jesus Christ.

Therefore, in my study I propose to build a kind of universal ground for reconciling different religious views, especially those taking place among Christians. I try to use ordinary human logic to reach everyone, both believer and nonbeliever. It also means that I believe in the power of human reason, in the operation of our conscience and in the original wisdom encoded in every human being. It gives me hope that one day we will cheer God's Heart. So, write about it in your love letter to Our Father.
















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