The meaning of human life


Eternal questions of man

You are sitting and thinking: why am I alive?  I have to live somewhere, dress somehow and eat something. So, I need money for that. And so, do I live to make money for my life? Is this the right purpose of my existence or just a necessity? Let's say that for some people earning money is the basic goal of life, because in addition to satisfying basic life needs, it gives us access to many important and interesting things in this world. However, such a state remains only a comfortable platform of life and the question: why I live, returns very quickly.

Parents will also answer this fundamental question just as easily: they live to bring up children well and give them happiness in life. Probably the same thing has always been repeated by all parents. We are also here because our parents thought so. Only, why did our parents' parents live? And here again we feel that this important question requires a better answer. All the above answers make us look a bit like animals, but we are not animals.

Why does humanity live and what does particular people live for? We have several thousand years of civilization behind us, many fantastic technological achievements, a polluted environment, devastated animal species, thousands of monstrous wars and crimes, and a piece of the cosmos acquired. During the last several tens of thousands of years, animals have contributed nothing to the development of civilization. Meanwhile, humanity is rushing forward with its development. We are not animals, of course.  So who are we?  Certainly a special being in the universe. We are still thinking about the future, we are creating a modern civilization around us. We do it not only for ourselves, but also for our children and even for future generations. This is because we have an eternity in us that we do not fully feel. Meanwhile, the thought of infinity keeps pushing us forward, because it is the eternity that is waiting for us. This is important information that partly answers the question of why we live.

We have two moments in our lives: moment A - our birth and moment B - our death. Together, they define a certain episode of our life. Within this AB segment, our physical life is made. Similarly, it takes place in other beings, for example in animals. The difference lies in the fact that man asks what was before point A and what will happen after point B. He asks where I came from, who brought me to life and who God's Creator is. He also asks what will happen next. Will I live forever? In what place will it be and will I really be eternal? Therefore, focusing only on the AB segment is synonymous with people's liking to animals. This leads to the loss of the dignity of the child of God, and then - the dignity of the master of all creation, that is, the figure of the central physical and spiritual world.

Seeking the answer to the question about the meaning of life, it is worth using the advice of the greatest authority in the history of mankind, or Jesus Christ. On all inclined to continuous research to find the right knowledge of God, invisible to racing in the door, to open the way to the secrets of knowing about eternal life and asking to receive an understanding of the Will of God, often difficult to understand. Probably in this way He suggested to replace faith with a rational understanding, that is, to realize the proper reality about the existence of God and the true sense of life associated with Him.

At the same time, as part of realizing the true meaning of life, one must still take into account the fact that the world is under the dominion of Satan. For a man who is to be the master of all creation, it means the necessity of breaking free from his control in the future. Meanwhile, Satan maintains his power unconditionally and we are unable to change it individually. And what do we have a real impact on? Of course, for themselves and for our behavior, not to accept this state and not get used to it. It is always worth remembering that every man should occupy the position of a child of God, while every angel was, is and always will be only in the position of a servant of God, and thus also of man. Unfortunately, this state was changed and the fallen angel, or more precisely the Archangel Lucifer, became the master of man, making him his servant. It is comforting, however, that such a situation should not last forever.

Trying to understand the right meaning of life, let us take into account the ordinary human desire to be rich.  Consider the meaning of Jesus' words that "( ... ) it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God." (Mt 19, 24). Of course, this is not about a real needle and a camel, but about wealth. According to Jesus, the rich man is more controlled by Satan. It is much harder for such a man to understand God than a man who is unencumbered by material goods. Does it mean that we should not get rich? I do not know, but it is a waste of time if our short life is just a preparation for proper existence in the spiritual world. In practice, every day, the desire for wealth wins. People are still fighting for various benefits, referring only to the time of victory and in most cases to failure. In the final analysis, they waste only time and lose the chance to achieve the real goal of life. Unfortunately, they usually do not realize it. Meanwhile, the concept of our civilization subordinated to Satan is still winning, and we are unwittingly participating in prolonging this specific hell on Earth.

If our physical life lasts for example 70 or 100 years, and continued in the spiritual world lasts for an eternity, then surely this second, eternal part of life is a hundred times more important. Therefore, based on this fact, it is easy to give a simple definition of the meaning and purpose of human life. It is the best way to prepare for eternal life in the spiritual world. It is simply the period of being in our world that is the study of life for to know the life in eternity. It's like going to a well-deserved retirement after finishing work. I could finish this topic here, but I must add a few important reflections, because I am still looking for a more extended definition of the meaning and purpose of life, which would result from combining two points of view: human and divine .

I will therefore return to the statement that the purpose of human life is to achieve perfection, that is, a state which, at our human level, would reflect the perfection of God. The biblical teaching to be in the image and likeness of God or to be perfect like the Heavenly Father is precisely what they concern. It is about the perfection attributed to the position of the child of God, because that was the purpose of the creation of man.

It must be added, however, that the path to this perfection also depends on the personal participation of human beings in developing spheres of life directly related to the three aspects of human personality. I mean the development of our intelligence, affection and will. They form the basis for the proper shaping of our future.

It is worth recalling the biblical version of the Creator's command regarding the growth, reproduction and domination of man over the Earth (Genesis 1:28). This is how the Creator saw the meaning and purpose of man's earthly life in his creation. Translating it more clearly, we can say that the purpose of our physical existence is to gain as much knowledge about the universe (intelligence function), experience child's, marital and parental love (function of affection) and strive for perfection in every activity to develop the world (function of will).

How to put it all in one sentence, but "less religiously"? Well, the purpose and meaning of human life is to seek the truth combined with experiencing all kinds of love and with maximum effort and heart in everything we do.

Over the meaning of life, people often wonder in difficult moments when they cannot cope with the current life problems. Sometimes we ask ourselves why there is some misfortune or a great change. It helps to analyze what decisions led us to the present state of our lives. I will not, of course, consider goals like making a million dollars or losing weight by ten kilograms. The basic question is to compare these goals with the fact that we are destined for eternal life together with the Creator of the universe. Hence, an important question may arise whether we are not too focused on ourselves.

Is there any other definition of a personal or otherwise everyday sense of life that would be beneficial to everyone? I think that the purpose may be service. It is about service in the sense of practical implementation of love for other people. You can talk a lot about love, praise it to heaven, but its practical test is just service. Too often this action takes the form of serving yourself, because it is the easiest. Meanwhile, it should concern other people. Some people still serve God there, but in reality it means acting for all people. After all, we serve God precisely so that the goal of creating all mankind is achieved. For this reason, I often imagine the ideal world as the existence of a community of people connected by service to each of its members.

We are currently living in a completely unreal world, and the service of its inhabitants is not good. In the meantime, serving others in everyday life is, in my opinion, the best medicine for life's problems in our world. Beginning with thinking, how not to hurt someone with your decisions, through reflection, how to make you happy with your behavior, to devote all your time and all your strength to others. Thus, we can see how many different tasks we can do as part of our lives. It is worth starting from small matters to gradually learn selfless service resulting from the inheritance of God's love.

In the Old Testament period (temporally coinciding with the concept of "before Christ"), people were supposed to shape their future in the promised spiritual world by performing their duties on a daily basis. In the case of the "chosen nation", this meant strict adherence to the Mosaic Law. The revolution of Jesus was that He increased the requirements for daily work on the future eternal life.  For He added the condition of bestowing his neighbor and God with unlimited love.

Nowadays the fact of the existence of a huge number of people on Earth raises the importance of service as a form of survival in our world. There were new threats to humanity resulting from the uncontrolled development of the fallen world. We often hear that the predictions of possible disasters, various forms of end of the world and the potential of a new era in the history of mankind. In this situation, concrete service to other people exceeds in its effectiveness law and love, although it is fully based on them. Such devotion to other people is like a money box in which our "initial capital" is collected for a happy life in the spiritual world. This is because, that good deeds done to others in everyday life affect our future in the spiritual world. That is where we can feel the gratitude of those whom we have helped in their earthly lives with our behavior, which is priceless in that world.

I mentioned before that love has to be learned. Now I will add that the services must also be learned, because it is a practical realization of love in the physical world.

Everything indicates that in the future ideal world service will become the most important practice, because life on Earth will be treated by all as a preparation for eternal staying in the spiritual world. Nowadays, such a model of life is not very popular. If it already operates, it refers rather to the way of conduct presented, for example, by open Christian and Buddhist monasteries. In cloisters closed, clergymen unfortunately cut themselves off from mundane life, thinking that this is the best way to prepare for eternal life. Apart from this separation from society, the life of religious has a real meaning. That is why in today's times the activity of open monasteries is more in line with the sense of human life than closed monasteries. An especially valuable thing in their functioning is selfless service in various areas of social life.

At the end, I will present a summary of the analysis regarding the meaning of human life. It does not result only from this chapter, but also from my entire study. A man with developed knowledge of all creation, happily experiencing various forms of love and striving for perfection in his actions, is the one who can happily live in the spiritual world under the authority of God. For there is a whole infinite universe waiting for him, which by his being is to remind that the ultimate goal of human life is to manage it. It expands at a tremendous pace, and so there will be the possibility of unlimited creative work for endless eternity. Therefore, the overriding meaning of human life is the joint development of the universe with its Creator. You just need to realize that all this is waiting for us.

I would not like this topic to be mere talk. I realize that the definitions of meaning in life given to me do not go to convince too many people. For thousands of years of civilization, people have been aware of the fact that another, probably eternal life is waiting for them after death. However, this did not change the style of their lives and everyday habits. I must admit with some sadness that this is because we live in a world without the presence of God, still deserving of the name hell. In our world, one of the main effects of Satan's influence, that is, the one who "arranged" us on Earth, is to block all knowledge of our true sense of life. It prevents us from properly preparing ourselves for eternal staying in the spiritual world. We spend our lives doing things that have nothing to do with human destiny for eternity. There is still hope on my part that constant reminding about the right sense of life can bring good results over time. That's why I write these thoughts.





















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