God as the Source and Beginning of All Things

The amazing bipolarity of all creation


I am trying to describe God: step 7

In previous themes, I showed that the God-Creator is the absolute source of everything in the universe, and in all of the universe He impresses His unique mark. It takes the form of duality, or actually its two types. The first one concerns the spirituality and physicality most often manifested as the coexistence of the invisible and visible side of reality. The second relates to the common phenomenon of bipolarity or bisexuality in the entire world.

We see the first duality when we analyze the existence of every being. As an example, you can use an ordinary chair. It combines the invisible side, which contains the creative idea, technical thought and chair designer calculations, with the visible side, which is material and tools. The same applies to every building and every other creation of human civilization. In living beings there is an intangible dimension in the form of life itself or an inner character, and in the case of a human being, an eternal spiritual personality. In turn, the physical side is a biological structure, for example the physical body of animals and humans.

The greatest sign indicating this duality coming from God is the existence of two worlds: spiritual and physical.

The spiritual world is the real and ultimate destiny of man. Just as the spiritual person of man is actually man himself, so the spiritual world is the proper and the final environment prepared by the Creator for each of us. It is a place of eternal life for both God's children and other spiritual beings. This sphere from the beginning was planned to eternally experience happiness, joy and love together with Heavenly Father. Monotheistic religions called it Heaven.

Of course, the physical world in which human beings are briefly present is also eternal, but not in the sense in which this is the case with the spiritual world.  First of all, it should not cease to exist because it is part of God's plan for the infinite duration of the universe. For it exists so that the children of Heavenly Father can be born and raised in it. For him, everything takes place on the scale of eternity - the duration of the physical universe, endless life in the spiritual world and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven for all times.

In addition to the existence of two worlds, resulting directly from the Creator's personality, it is worthwhile to understand the biblical definition of God's mode of action regarding the creation of "in the image and likeness". This feature of the Heavenly Father finds its reflection in the universal bipolar nature of the universe.

From the observation of reality, it follows that universe inheritance inherited this important feature from its Creator.  Everything that comes from the Original Being has two versions. The proof of this is the balance of positive and negative charges, in particular of protons and electrons at the lowest level of material development. At its higher levels, we see the harmony between cations and anions, the indissolubility of magnetic and electric poles, the balance of centripetal and centripetal forces in orbital motion, as well as the simultaneous action of action and reaction. We see even higher the harmony of male and female elements in plants and animals. This bipolarity or bisexuality in nature is the basic developmental mechanism. It is a fact that this bipolar source of life does not re-form in the bosom of every particular creature, but it has been passed down from generation to generation. Of course, at the end, it is necessary to emphasize the parallel existence of two sexes among people.

This source duality of God, creating in him a harmonious unity, is divided during the creative act into two separate poles or into two separate entities.  However, since it is derived from one complex Source, it tends to be in perfect balance or natural unity at the same time. This phenomenon is always driven by an endless process of reproduction, as well as by development in the universe.

In the case of man, the first sign of this balance is the fact that more or less the same number of women and men in the world is born. This happens without artificial human interference. Of course, this stabilization is disrupted by negative civilizational events, such as wars, but this principle, that is, the fact of gender balance, remains unchanged. Hence a simple application, which I develop further in the topic titled "The greatest moral problem of humanity", that one woman is associated with one man. This fact symbolically presents the Bible, which at the beginning describes God's creation of one man, Adam and one woman, Eve.

This is how the horizontal plane of cooperation with the Creator was created, that is, the act of taking over the heritage of love from Him, needed for the transmission of life from generation to generation and for the spread of humanity throughout the world. Her visible sign is the love between a man and a woman turning into a conjugal love. It follows that love is not only a feeling, but above all, God's Power, which has its source in His Heart. It manifests itself to us as a force that gives life and has a direction consistent in the Will of God, that is, all universe leading to perfection.

However, in the case of a man, there are still other spaces of this most important feeling. In contrast to all living beings in man, there is a "top-down" heritage of this feeling coming from the Creator, which manifests itself in the child and parental love. All these kinds of love lead to the creation of true eternal love, needed for an endless stay with God in the spiritual world called Heaven. That is why we call God the Heavenly Father, and the phenomenon of entering His children after physical death into the spiritual world is called going to Heaven.

It follows that the creation of a man and a woman was not an end in itself for the Creator. He wanted to enable His most perfect creation to reach the level of His love, so that on a proper scale man would be able to equate with Him. Thus, the episode of "earthly" life is a course of childish, marital and parental love, constituting the main element of the human path to perfection. Therefore, the individual stages of the development of this feeling are actually growing in us a powerful force that guarantees us life in eternal partnership alongside our Creator. At the same time, the course of knowledge related to the development of science and the course of will, aspirations and desires that drive the development and progress of civilization are the remaining parts of the human path to perfection.

It can be seen from this that all of humanity, in addition to man, reflects the perfection of God's creative plan, because it automatically reaches the state established by the Creator. All forms of matter and living nature have predictable and definite stability and a coded path to perfection. That is why we can precisely define the laws existing in the physical world and predict the behavior of matter. With this knowledge, we can also influence the changes taking place in nature. This confirms the proper divine purpose of creation, that is, the appearance of a perfect man - a partner for Heavenly Father.

I will write about the proper position of man towards God and all of the universe in the following chapters. I will also explain why man as the only created being has not yet reached perfection.

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