Man towards the All Things

Place of man to God and the universe


In previous chapters, I tried to show that man does not belong to the animal world.  He is able to create in his mind practically everything, like a virtual world in which each thing operates according to his will and according to the laws he sets.  In such a created "reality" he can move freely, realize his dreams, have real experiences in them and achieve happiness thanks to them.  Such virtual reality can also be shaped by computer games or fantasy films, creating whole unreal worlds. Then, for them, such a man becomes an almighty god.

We can all this because we are not animals. We are not actually part of nature, although our physical body is related to it.

The position of man towards the universe can be better understood on the basis of two schemes of creating the universe. The first one concerns all of the universe, to which I count everything in the universe, including animals, and from which I exclude people for now. This pattern of creation shows a simple direct transition from the Divine Law to its incarnation in the form of a concrete being which I simply called "being". The second scheme, which in the religious description can be determined by the sentence: "The Word becomes flesh", concerns only man. It constitutes a several-step transition from the Heart of God, then through His Law, and then through the Word which is an expression of His Desires and Will. It ends with the embodiment of His Word in the form of a "body", or the creation of a new person every time. Such is the fundamental and at the same time colossal difference between people and all other universe. Because of this, I call a man a child of God.

I want to add my digression about the Word written by the big W. I do not mean the popular meaning of the spoken word. Here, the Word means thought, willingness and desire going into the will that forms the basis for a decision that can change into action. In God, the Word comes out of His Heart.  Man should also try to do this.  In God, the Word is in accordance with His Law, and so in a perfect man it should be analogous. We do not have perfect people at the moment, but if we want to be better people, it is worth making sure that our decisions come from our hearts and are in accordance with God's Laws. It are recognized by people in the form of the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and all other rules concerning the entire cosmos. It is worse with the knowledge of living conditions and the laws of the spiritual world, because in this respect humanity is very ignorant. I will write about these last issues in the next chapters, meanwhile I want to explain the position of man towards all of the universe.

So who is man in relation to nature?

For sure he is its manager.  He is someone who shapes the world around him and rules it, regardless of whether he does it right or wrong. It can be concluded that he aspires to be the "collective god" of our Earth. He would also like to extend his power to further zones in the cosmos that surrounds us. In time, this should lead to the achievement of the position of master of all things ascribed to man.

Almost all scientific, popular science, literary and even religious studies recognize man as part of nature. This statement is treated not so much as obviousness, but almost as absolute truth. Meanwhile, I would like to present a controversial view that it is not humanity that is part of the universe, but the universe is part of humanity. More specifically, it is part of the human environment, this physical one, because the child of God has a second, infinitively large "environment" called the spiritual world.

From all my work it appears that the physical universe and the spiritual world have emerged from the Original Being, that is, from Creator. Therefore, it can be described descriptively that the universe is a part of God.

At the same time, I repeat constantly that in the face of omnipotence, man is a separate being existing in connection with the Original Being. Of course, our physical body is part of nature. However, both it and the entire physical universe have only a temporary and servile role in bringing the spiritual person, or the proper human, to take the position of master of all-things with the side of Heavenly Father. The above statement is one of the main ideas of this whole study.

I know that a man who ought to occupy the position of a world governor often suffers from failures due to unexpected anomalies of nature, and even pays his life for various natural disasters. On the one hand, we subjugate nature, on the other hand, natural phenomena often get out of control.

Scientists often confirm human helplessness towards nature and they are amazed at the enormity of power and knowledge that it have at their disposal.  Other, often simple people, use the term "mother nature", describing some unmanageable natural phenomena. Sometimes these words also serve to name human traits. It is said for example that the so-called "mother nature" gave someone exceptional abilities or showed her power. These words stress the existence of some force majeure, specifically the existence of energy from the Creator. However, scientists still avoid referring to the so-called  force majeure, though at the same time they emphasize their admiration for the possibilities of nature.

It is the fact that we have discovered different laws that have always existed in nature. We admire the complex structures functioning in the universe, we discover   the secrets of elementary particles and the transformation of various forms of energy. All this time is accompanied by respect for the inscrutable unimaginable universe. Simultaneously, we feel even greater respect for the mysterious laws of the spiritual world.

Comparing the achievements of humanity in the field of science and technology with the structures existing on our planet and in the entire cosmos, we must come to the conclusion, how small is our knowledge and how many mysteries are still ahead. We found an extremely rich nature and a complicated universe, which we certainly did not create ourselves, and which, by the level of knowledge contained in them, many times exceeded all the achievements of our civilization in the last thousand years.

What exactly is behind this?  What is behind the power of the so-called "mother nature"?  What, or rather who, overtakes our knowledge in such a colossal way?

We can, of course, avoid further naming things by name, use substitute terms such as "force majeure" or "mother nature", but it is better to use the concept of the Force of First Cause (in the case of scientists) or simply point to God the Creator.

It's best to start with plain admiration for the enormity of His omnipotence. I am calling here a quote from the some poem of a famous Catholic priest titled "Learn to be surprised", saying that you can believe in Him by surprise.

When will the civilization development process end? Probably never, because I claim that the Creator is constantly expanding His Creation, overtaking us for a time that is difficult to determine with human senses. The Good Heavenly Father opens us with new paths of development, tested by Himself in His creative plan for the universe. We only discover what exists and develop it further. This process should therefore last forever. We are surrounded by the universe, for which we are not about a booby point in interplanetary space. It is just the opposite. As a result of giving man a dominant position in the universe, he became responsible for his eternal existence. This was to be in the original plans of the Creator, and so it will be once when the world called the Kingdom of Heaven arises.

Great rulers, kings and emperors used to say that they are responsible only to God and history. In my opinion, these words apply to all of us. It is an important truth that every person is responsible to God and history. It's supposed to be in a perfect world, but it's good to realize this fact now.

Because of this responsibility, people should keep in mind the process of creating history so that future generations can rely on it. Creating successive phases of civilization progress, one must simultaneously recall important achievements from the past. It seems that this was the original concept of the Creator, who also gave the next events when shaping the world "good" to be remembered forever.  Therefore, memorizing and reflecting on events is an important element in shaping human civilization.

How to save the whole work of creating history?

We have been able to record the most important events on photographic film, film tape and magnetic tape for over 100 years. For before we had only written texts.  Meanwhile, an avalanche of electronic records has now occurred, so that every minute information can be passed on to people living today, and also be preserved for future generations. I will add that this record will also be needed in the spiritual world, but I will write about it in subsequent chapters.

Now I will only deal with the process of preservation of information about the past, because the problem is rather the knowledge of times more ancient than that recorded by carriers on celluloid, magnetic tape or data in digital memory.

Are images of our civilization from many thousands of years now irretrievably lost?  I do not think so!

There is an age-old medium of information on which individual events are recorded, starting from the first moments of human existence on Earth. The carrier is the man himself. The information in question, however, does not remain in the brain. In our lifetime it works like a microprocessor in a computer that processes data from external sources, such as a keyboard, camera, scanner or sensors in various devices. It then forwards them to mass storage, which may exist outside the computer. The "mass memory" to which the brain transmits information is the spiritual person of a human being who is equipped with a mechanism to record everything that has received human "sensors": eyes, ears, nose, touch or taste buds. It records a full multimedia record combining the image, sound and even the atmosphere of the past. These "recordings" remain forever in an inexhaustible and lasting memory built into the spiritual person of man. They are not in the brain tissues or elsewhere in the human body. If that were the case, we could do sections of deceased people to recreate accurate data on the past from their brains.

Of course, this memory in the spiritual person was prepared to record events in the ideal world originally planned by the Creator. At present, it registers both events in accordance with God's law, that is, good and bad, which should not take place.  Therefore, such registered content should undergo a process of purification from evil, which religions define as a judgment over every human being and sometimes as the Last Judgment. Besides, people in a natural reflex do not want to remember evil, because in the original human nature there is no place for him. I will address this problem in the chapter on the beginnings of evil, and also in the chapter on the Last Judgment.

By definition, we are all heirs of Our Creator - Heavenly Father who has always developed the universe. He constantly created new forms, leading them to perfection, to build new, more complex structures and concepts on their basis. As he did before, he does it now and so he will continue, without interruption. At the same time, however, starting from the creation of the first people, there was parallel active creativity on our part. According to the Bible, the Creator after the creation of man "rested", that is, as if he limited his active participation in the creation of the universe. Everything was pre-prepared for the next phase - human activity. After many years, in the 21st century, we observe around us the development of civilization carried out only by human beings, which we perceive at every step. This is our legacy, it is our "daily bread" inherited from the Creator. We will do this forever, imitating and developing His work, for this is the role of Heavenly Father's successors.

Most of the followers of monotheistic religions claim that God is everywhere, without explaining how it is possible.  They consider this to be a fact that does not require explanation. According to them, God, like Him, can be everywhere. In my texts I have explained the omnipresence of the Creator through the fact of the creation of the universe from Energy of the First Cause and by the fact that all of the universe is penetrated by the principles, laws, goodness and feelings that come from the Spirit of God. This creates the omnipresence of God, and also creates the possibility of omnipresence of the mature spiritual person of man. Unfortunately, these religions place a human, the child of Heavenly Father, as a tiny speck lost in the vastness of the cosmos on the tiny planet Earth. Does it make sense?

Of course, the ubiquity of man in the universe has a different character than the analogous omnipresence in the case of the Creator. I refer to it as the "acquired" ubiquity. Our misconception about the existence of man in the universe results from the current, transient situation, which is not what it was supposed to be. Therefore, first in this chapter, I describe the real, timeless and correct position of man as the master of all things, noting that we have not yet come to this position.

The Lord of omnipotence cannot be hidden somewhere in the recesses of the cosmos, although his physical person must mature in some place. As an eternally existing being, man cannot be limited to a small scrap of the universe in his life. In the form of a spiritual person, he should freely and unrestricted move around the universe. In a physical form, he does it on a small scale and in a technically limited way. Much more fully able to do this as an intangible entity. His spiritual person could, with the support of the Creator, be "materialized" at any time and place in the universe. It would be the proper omnipresence of man, as it is in the case of God. Such a statement sounds like something unbelievable at the present state of science and technology, but it follows logically from the Creator's concept and purpose of creation.

A man, the master of omnipotence, should be everywhere, just like God.  And so it will be in a perfect world. If humanity is to dream about something, it is the dream that should be in the first place among all our dreams.  In addition, the fulfillment of this dream is not as unlikely as many people currently think.  It will be fulfilled after the restoration of the world to the state of the Kingdom of Heaven, that is under the supremacy of Heavenly Father.

















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