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I'm trying to define a man


If the existence of God is not acknowledged and, for example, an atheist, then there is no automatic belief in the existence of any spiritual beings. Of course, the presence of an eternal spiritual person in a man is also not accepted, because it is connected with the existence of eternal God. It follows that people who do not believe in God must recognize man as an animal; admittedly very developed, but an animal. In the meantime, although our physical body is similar to the animal one, we are not animals because of the achievements of human civilization.  Besides, all the other arguments in this study serve to assert that man is a spiritual person living eternally and having only a physical body in the first phase of his life.

Christians consider man to be a soul-possessive and do not really understand a concept like a unity of physical and spiritual person. That's why I will try to define more precisely who we are.

Often God is called Heavenly Father. The word father means that which gives life.  In this case, our Creator should be treated simultaneously as a father and mother.  Is it fitting to address Him, saying, "Heavenly Mother"? Well, there is no such habit and it is difficult now to persuade people to such a revolutionary change in naming.

I argue that a man's spiritual person emerges from the Original Being just as a newborn child emerges from the mother's womb. Its birth, however, is not the result of fertilization, as is the case with physical conception.

Every spiritual person has its origin in the heart of God, when the law of the proper penetration of the male sperm into the woman's egg will materialize in the woman body. The decision to fertilize comes from man, but consequently entails the participation of God in initiating the creation of a new human life, because that was the concept of the Creator from the very beginning. The formation of a spiritual person is not related to any process of passing time or a specific place, because the spiritual world functions beyond time and space. This is always a unique divine creative act that is independent of us. It is shaped from the beginning with the Divine Energy. Thus a new, eternal being is formed, into which a personality emerged from the Divine Personality. He gives it a part of Himself in the form of His Intelligence, Will and Love, and a "piece" of His Heart.  It will therefore be the child of both parents and His. Personal attributes of God for a particular person are realized at a time when the Creator makes the decision to breathe life into a nascent physical person. This happens when the period of its development in the mother's womb ends. This embodiment of attributes from the Creator can be taken as the proper beginning of divine fatherhood for a particular individual.

I have such a scene in front of my eyes: a human being is born from the mother's womb - a new physical person. At the same time, another picture is imposed on this image: God's calling to life a new spiritual person emerging from Him, but invisible to our eyes and connecting with that already visible to our senses. This is the beginning of each of us, being eternally existing from the moment of birth.  We go further through life, we reach a state when our physical body is old and unnecessary. Then, we throw away the carnal shell, the so-called corpse, and we continue to live as a proper spiritual man. From this moment on we are an invisible being, inaccessible to the physical senses, but living eternally in the spiritual world.

Our eternity is a basic matter, but it is difficult to comprehend in the course of earthly life. In the meantime, it is enough to realize the simple truth: we are eternal!  Of course, we are eternal as spiritual persons who spend the first few decades of life in physical bodies.

It was once explained to people that after the death of the physical body, their soul or spirit goes to the "other world". According to the generally accepted religious knowledge, man could go either to heaven, or to hell or to purgatory. The significance of these three places will require a special explanation in the further parts of this study. Now, however, I will deal with the concepts: soul, spirit and spiritual person.

First, we must point out that all these concepts are examined because after physical death, eternal life awaits us in a different dimension and in an eternal environment, without insight into whether it will take place in the form of a spirit, soul or spiritual person.  So what do these three terms mean in my study?

There are well-known sayings: "there is no living spirit in this house" or "there is no living soul" to emphasize the fact that there is no one there (no human). This helps us to understand that in principle the right person is his spiritual person, colloquially known as the spirit, and in many religions a soul.

In my study, I use the term physical person and spiritual person. They are together a unified human individual. Christian theology uses the terms body and soul in this case. I also demarcate these two basic concepts in a similar way. The human body is a physical organism, it means a physical person. For me, these two terms are almost unambiguous. Meanwhile, the use of the term spiritual person, rather than the term spirit or soul, can be difficult for many to understand. I use this name because the spiritual person is the right human being. It is a much more precise name than the spirit. It is precisely in relation to man that I avoid the term spirit, because in the ordinary sense it means a very wide range of spiritual beings such as angels, ghosts of the dead, demons, devils, nixies etc. At the same time, in my deliberations I reserve the concept of soul to describe the inner character of a given being. In the remainder of this chapter, I explain exactly what I mean by the concept of the human soul. Generally, it is not an independent entity, but rather an inherent and intrinsic nature that directs man. The formula for its definition are the attributes of the Spirit of God, that is, His Intelligence, Will and Affection, which form as if His Inner Character. It permeates the omnipresent Energy of the First Cause, which can be called the Spiritual Body of God for our imagination.

So these three terms: spiritual person, spirit and soul have separate meanings in my text.

In summary, man was not created like everything else in the universe. He was born from the Original Being, which for that reason is called the Heavenly Father.

Every birth of a new man is a kind of development of God Himself, an act of expanding His presence in the universe. This statement is easier to understand when we imagine a situation in which our world would develop from the beginning according to the concept of the Creator. It is as if, thanks to our birth, the Heavenly Father himself developed, even though he is already a perfect being.  In this way, through our mediation, the Creator can realize His inner desire for development, which is the basic mechanism for the existence of all of the universe.  It is in our personality as well as in the Personality of God Himself. As I explained in previous chapters, each of us was created to become an extension of the Creator, or rather a collective fulfillment of God.  Of course, the realization of this concept will be possible when a man reaches the maturity provided for by the Creator, which is the goal of physical life on Earth. This was clearly emphasized by the one and only perfect man who walked the earth, Jesus Christ, with the words: "Be perfect, just your Heavenly Father is perfect" (Mt 5:48). This Jesus request, unfortunately, is still unfulfilled.

The perfect man is one that reflects, as a single being, all the basic attributes of God, that is, His Heart, Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. This reflection actually means inheriting a personality from God on the scale of a particular human being. The attributes taken over from God create a human personality that can be described as an original nature. It should guide the life of each of us. It consists of functions of intelligence, perceived as rational actions, emotional functions, perceived as an action from heart and functions of the will, perceived as intentional or intuitive. In our original nature, all these attributes are harmoniously balanced and mature, although they reveal themselves fully only after the human individual has reached perfection. The action of emotionality, resulting from the heart, is the main driving force that always remains in harmony with the action of intelligence and will. The perfect man is not primarily guided by reason or desire to fulfill his desires, but works out of the need for love inspired from the heart.  Here you can see the similarity of a perfect man to Heavenly Father. Man's perfection is of course accomplished in his spiritual person developing on the basis of a physical person.

A physical person is our physical body endowed with the instinct of life, which is something like the instinct of animals. In the case of man, however, this is not a typical instinct, although there are conditional and unconditional reflexes. In the case of animals, this inner sense can be called an animal soul. Meanwhile, the human physical body is governed by the internal directing nature, which is called the physical soul. In this case, a physical person is a physical being similar to an animal being, but representing the highest stage of development. As in the case of animals, this person is closely related to the surrounding nature and is subject to all laws in force therein. Like all physical beings, it must die within a certain time. The difference between a physical person and even the most developed representative of the animal world consists in a different sense of their existence. This can be described with a simple statement. The meaning of an animal's life is to serve a physical person, and the sense of the existence of a physical person is to serve a spiritual person.

Perhaps a human body, similar to the body of animals, could theoretically live without a spiritual person, but its functioning is completely connected with it. Therefore, along with her “departure”, also from a physical person lives biological life. This is caused by the interruption of the spiritual energy flow connecting both these entities. Without the spiritual person, the physical body loses the sense of its further existence. Here a colossal difference is revealed between the sense of life of an animal and a human being.

A spiritual person, besides other attributes, is the basis for one of the most important aspects of the human personality, distinguishing it from an animals, that is freedom. It is within this framework that we can manifest our free will. To what extent does freedom concern a human spiritual person, and to what extent a physical person?

Freedom is deeply written into the character of a spiritual person, but a physical person has very little to do with the true freedom assigned to a human being.  Physical life is actually a whole string of necessities, coercion and duties, that is, everything that is not a free existing.  Of course, this is not about whether a given person was imprisoned or leading a free life. The point is that a physical person must eat, drink, breathe, sleep and perform hundreds of other physiological activities without which he cannot live. It must also exist in society, live, work, turn money and use various other means of cooperation and social communication, otherwise it will be a social outcast. At the same time, each of us is obliged to observe a huge number of laws, laws and orders and prohibitions, because if it does not, it will go to a place that is a symbol of the lack of freedom, or prison.  Is this a real freedom?

It follows that a physical person has very little scope of freedom and cannot act against existing laws, i.e. it is not free.

Of course, only a spiritual person, after leaving the physical body, can be free.  Also it concerns the remark that freedom is not anarchy, because it is determined by the highest law, that is the natural law of God, which I describe in this study in various places. A certain definition of the proper state of man was presented by Pope John Paul II stating that there is no freedom without God. This is in line with my statements in the first two sentences of this paragraph. The world shaped by the perfect Creator is free because the principles by which he was created reflect his absolutely autonomous and independent Personality. Eternity and infinity, derived from the Creator, are most often equated with a state without any limitations.  Therefore, God's Laws cannot be seen as a restriction of freedom. In a natural way, in the spiritual world, under His authority, you feel total freedom combined with a sense of omnipotence. It gives a great joy and a full understanding of the proper position of God and the person staying with Him in the form of a spiritual person. Man was created "in the image and likeness" of Heavenly Father, that after going through physical life, become in the non-material world a being that is similar to Him, that is completely free. Everyone wants this freedom subconsciously, but it is not yet available.

As I explained before, a human spiritual person is actually a man himself. It was she who was created in "image and likeness" because her pattern, or the Spirit of God, is God's Spiritual Person. Therefore, a spiritual person is a spiritual being with a spiritual body and a central spiritual attribute that will be called a spiritual soul. The spiritual body, sometimes called the astral body, is the base of life energy for our eternal existence. It has been shaped from the Divine Energy and is directed by the spiritual soul mentioned, constituting the center of existence and the quintessence of the human personality. The spiritual soul is best called the inner inherent directing nature, whose functioning manifests itself in the form of the original nature of man. It emerged from the Personality of God, our Father.  In connection with the Energy from Him, contained in our immaterial body, makes us eternal personalities and His children. Just as the physical soul in the body of each of us directs its five senses and is the instinct that sustains life, so the spiritual soul performs similar functions to the spiritual person of the human being, directing his spiritual senses and constituting the center of his intelligence, will and emotionality.

Looking at a human being, we only see a physical person, and we do not see the spiritual person in it. Why is it like that?

We cannot see energy.  We try to locate it, but most often we are doomed only to accept the effects of its operation. Relying on the First Cause Energy, it accompanies us first in life as the "visible" one, it means, transformed into matter.  It is also in us as the "invisible" that fills the spiritual world, also from the same source. So it applies to both our physical and spiritual person. Certainly a physical person is a greater "consumer" of primary energy from God than spiritual because he is material. The creator involved a huge amount of primary energy in the physical world.  This is clearly shown by the equation given by Einstein (E = mc˛), in which the speed of light raised to the second power is a quantitative factor showing how much energy is needed to create matter. It must be said openly that only God can do it.

A physical person uses energy transformed into matter during the entire lifetime from the fertilization in the womb until the components return to nature after decomposing the corpse. As I emphasized previously, it is a huge "user" of primary energy, though only for a limited time. Thanks to this it is visible and can fulfill her short mission of bringing a spiritual person to maturity. This one is also a "user" of primary energy, though much less intense, but in a much longer time, that is, for all eternity. Both are therefore a place of concentration of primary energy from the Creator, but on a different scale.

The concentration of primary energy, which has been shaped by the Creator in the form of our spiritual person, is destined to live beyond time and space. There is no need for it to be visible in the physical world, because it is in the visible physical person for the time of its growth to full maturity. Then he loses his physical body and is still invisible to our eyes. Its concentrated energy, from which it is formed, has not been transformed into matter, as it was in the case of the physical body of man.

In exceptional situations, a spiritual person can be felt in our physical world and even become visible to our eyes. There are several forms of such "materialization".  Let me begin with the slightest spiritual interference into our physical reality.  If someone remains in strong spiritual arousal, they can sense in their environment the concentration of energy resulting from the presence of such a person, and even recognize it without its visualization. This happens while using the imagination and spiritual senses of both sides involved in this phenomenon. Then, using your imagination, you can even communicate with such an invisible person, that is, find out what she wants from us. She can also understand what we want to convey to her. With a little more energy concentration, it "physically" forms it, or "clothes" it into a visible form, because the concentration of its spiritual energy is already enough to keep out the light. Such a spiritual person looks like a shadow or mist, but he cannot do any physical activities in our world. This is what the so-called ghosts that some people saw. They look like an airy figure. I am based here on certain testimonies and memories of people who have experienced such a thing, but I have no way of verifying it. The big concentration of spiritual energy looks a little different. Then the spiritual person looks like a physical figure and can perform various activities. For example, angels took on a physical form, spoke and did various jobs. We know from the Bible that an angel fought with Jakub, the archangel Gabriel talked to Maria, and another he broke the bars in prison, where St. Peter stayed. However, this was not a mere embodiment or visualization.  This phenomenon is best described by the word "materialization", it means, “it will come to life”, which describes the act of appearing briefly in the spiritual form in the physical world. It is not a perfect term, but it captures the sense of the phenomenon described.  Sometimes another person called a medium is needed.  It adds energy and will to this energetic transformation, because even a small “materialization" consumes a huge amount of it.  Its maximum use was shown by Jesus Christ. After his resurrection he was fully visible, he spoke, he moved like an ordinary man. Many times, whenever he wanted to, he appeared among His disciples, taking advantage of the fact that they too were "energetically" prepared and engaged in His presence. This all confirms the subjectivity and eternity of the spiritual person, as Heavenly Father himself planned.

God did not create a man to die.  The death of the physical body from the beginning was foreseen by the Creator. It cannot be a tragedy or a cause for suffering for the immediate environment of a given person. God eagerly waits for each of His children, because each of us can bring Heavenly Father a unique joy and happiness. In the Heavenly Kingdom, in a perfect world, physical death ends human growth to perfection and is an opportunity for great joy. It is as if he passed his "graduation certificate" and everything stood open to him. Our physical life can also be compared to the duration of pregnancy or the incubation period in the egg. After leaving the earth's shell, or the rejection of the material body, everyone will be able to live forever. Every person will enjoy freedom in the entire infinite universe, and above all, existence in symbiosis with Heavenly Father.

The relationship between a physical person and a spiritual person will be described even more precisely in the part concerning the spiritual world.

Nowadays, almost no one talks about a spiritual person. Often, one simply does not believe in such a being. It is a pity, because a clear understanding of its existence and role in our life would very much order the vision of the future of each of us. Faith, and perhaps the certainty that every person is eternal and continues to live in the spiritual world after physical death, is needed for each of us. It would transfer the burden of struggles in worldly life from matters irrelevant to the future in the spiritual world in the dimension of preparations for our eternal existence. At that time, many "mundane" matters would not burden us so much from the everyday “earth” march towards eternity.

A spiritual person is a unique being, a being who comes from God and carries His inherited attributes. From this point of view, people are absolutely equal, because they have in their spiritual person equal, but at the same time unique, configurations of attributes taken from God. In a perfect world, this equality will be the obvious rule, but in the present reality the value of a particular human being is evaluated most often falsely and completely contrary to the original concept of the Creator.

A man who has achieved personal perfection in a perfect world is the top work of the Creator, fully completed and stabilized for eternity. It reflects in a maximum way the attributes of God. There is no need to imagine someone even greater and more perfect. The Creator has put in His work all that was best. Hence the important conclusion that if somewhere in space, on any planet, God's children would be created in his "image and likeness", I suppose that they would be identical to us on Earth.

The next topic of this study, "Man toward All Things" will explain more details about the place of man in the universe.

























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