How to be open to spiritual knowledge


What you need to express your opinion on religious topics?

I often ask myself, how did my knowledge, which I presented in this study, arose? Certainly, it was not a result of revelation or knowledge obtained suddenly as a result of the supernatural forces. I do not admit to any revelations and miracles. Sometimes during the writing I had different ideas and insights, so I suspect that some spiritual forces might have helped me. Because I am writing about God and about the spiritual world, it is difficult to rule out the influence of God and the spiritual world on my texts.

So, how was my knowledge created?

First of all, I gained this knowledge because I wanted to, because I could not accept the fact that I know so little about the most important matters of this world. That's why I came across various lectures in the Catholic Church, to various academic chaplains, and finally I established a long-lasting friendship with a famous priest-poet. But theoretical knowledge did not satisfy me and for many years I became involved as a missionary in one of the Christian religious movements. It gave me the opportunity to test my faith in the most difficult life situations. I have met people with different views of the world, with people who are different than my religious views, including people with no views on these subjects. Especially my knowledge deepened conversations with Buddhists, with Muslims, with a Jewish rabbi, and also with a Marxist fighting for the introduction of communism in the world, it means, a kind of social religion without God. Sometimes there were also difficult conversations with hardened atheists.

Secondly, I have noticed that even among closest friends touching on important religious topics is treated as a violation of some taboo. Sometimes I had the feeling that it is not appropriate to talk about such topics in the so-called company. On religious topics, people spoke on the one hand shamefully, and on the other hand, somehow nervous, and sometimes even fanatical. That is why I wanted to make a calm and ordinary conversation about the problems and questions hidden in each of us.

Thirdly, I noticed the limited influence of religious institutions and churches on everyday private and social life, especially on young people. That's why I wanted to add something from myself.

Fourthly, as I emphasize in my study, I felt the need for progress in the field of knowledge about God, man and the universe in the religious aspect.

In my texts, it is not about faith, but about the knowledge that religion should deal with nowadays. It has a great opportunity to build faith in parallel to the latest scientific discoveries, using logical analysis of facts and intellectual forms of explaining religious phenomena. One can already try to explain who God is, how He directed His work and what eternity is in man.

I believe that every new generation has the right and even obligation to take a new look at all areas of life. Therefore, religion must respond to the needs of modern man, speak its language and match its level of development in areas such as philosophy or sociology, let alone match the gigantic progress of science and technology. This led me to an intense search for the truth about God, about man and the entire universe, taking into account the latest scientific discoveries.

I will add one more reason, parallel to those, of this study. This is the reaction of my heart. I felt and still feel pain because of the suffering of people around me. I feel this suffering when I walk the streets of cities, when I watch TV, when I read various documents. I feel them often, but I also often feel in people a huge longing for personal happiness or at least a desire for a better life. Sometimes human thoughts wander around me, which I receive with my whole being. Most often they are painful experiences and then tears come to my eyes. I would like to help these people so much! I hope that by writing these texts I will help them at least a bit.













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