Secrets of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ

Who are the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ?


The mysterious figure of the Holy Spirit is the object of many questions, as well as many theories. This is particularly true of researchers who question the Christian vision of His personality. Numerous questions also concern details of the life of Jesus Christ.

For Christians, identification of the Holy Spirit is not subject to ordinary human reasoning. For in the case of introducing dogmas into their doctrine of faith, they give up logic. One of these dogmas states that the Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, or the Personality of God. Hence, for this religion he is actually God Himself, as if His third "face". The activity of this Third Person is only described in detail in Christian studies. They are talking about a mysterious personality, but these are only general terms, but not really answering the basic question - who is He?  With some intuitive understanding of the concept of God the Father and a rather detailed description of the activities of Jesus Christ, the knowledge of the Holy Spirit is rather scarce.

It happens that people treat the Holy Spirit like some impersonal power or spiritual energy. It happens that he is perceived as a symbol of a mysterious, omnipresent force, the effects of which we know only in the form of inexplicable phenomena. In addition, there were many sayings in the style of "I am not the Holy Spirit to know this...", which indicates the image of the Holy Spirit. That is why it is worth devoting some time to His Person.

At the beginning I would like to give you some important remarks to help you understand who the Holy Spirit is. From the previous chapters, it follows that God is the Creator of the universe and that this universe emerged from Him. It also follows from them that His Spirit, in the form of the original laws and principles, permeates everything and everyone. This concept of the Spirit of God means God Himself, or rather His Personality, but it does not refer to the form of the Holy Spirit, although many people, especially Christians, consider these two concepts as identical. In my opinion, however, it is not. In short, the Holy Spirit should be an independent personality, of course spiritual, connected "partner" with the person of Jesus Christ. In the next paragraphs I explain what I mean by that.

First, I will remind my reasoning presented in the chapter on Jesus Christ, because it also concerns the Holy Spirit. Its basis I made the biblical story of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. In the original plan of God, they were the future parents of all humanity. They were to create with God a kind of trinity, called by me the Original Trinity, but unfortunately this did not happen. Therefore, the Second Adam and Second Eve should appear in the process of salvation. This leads to the conclusion that Jesus of Nazareth, as the Second Adam, should have received from the Jewish nation a bride, or the Second Eve.  In a sense, this is suggested by the Bible itself. Unfortunately, before Jesus could restore the situation from the Garden of Eden, he was rejected by His people and killed. After the resurrection He returned only in spirit and that's why his "partner" could also appear only spiritually. This could be the Holy Spirit, which is the female equivalent of the daughter of God accompanying in the process of salvation to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. They form the Holy Trinity together with God, but they are three different Persons. I remind you that in the chapter on Jesus Christ I have described the Holy Trinity as a form of God's action, because He Himself is the One and the Absolute.

However, I will focus now on two stories closely related to the mission of Jesus Christ, which still remain unexplained. The first is the fate of a woman who could stand beside him as Second Eve. The second is events related to the birth of Jesus. Now these are just my assumptions, but maybe someday we will know the full truth about these facts.

Because the Second Eve never appeared physically at the side of the Second Adam, therefore we know only the spiritual action of Her Equivalent. Let's start with the fact that in a proper time in Israel at that time a young woman, called a bride, whom angels specially prepared for the mission of Jesus' wife, should be born and raised. I do not know how it was in reality and when that person died and went to the spiritual world. Because it was prepared by both angels and by many people from the spiritual world, it can be assumed that the Holy Spirit's mission is now being fulfilled by angels and spiritual persons of such women as those known in the Old Testament: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Tamar and many others. The existence of the Holy Spirit can therefore be understood as a collective personality. That is why He is so omnipresent and so active in the spiritual world, and therefore he supports Jesus immeasurably. I suppose that some of the miracles attributed by Catholics to the Virgin Mary result from the activities of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus went through his life in public and openly. His disciples, apostles and thousands of followers and enemies knew his daily life. That is why Jesus is now so "publicly visible" in Christian civilization. Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit has no public activity behind Him and there is no physical image of Him. I should use the word "about Her" instead of "about Him", but the generally accepted "masculine" designation of the spiritual Second Eve as the Holy Spirit does not allow it. It is therefore necessary to accept the linguistic habit and move on to the agenda of grammatical forms. The Holy Spirit acts as if in secret, in the second line behind Jesus, and does not fall into the eye as He did. No one has seen any physical portrayals of the Holy Spirit, no sculptures or paintings, although sometimes the artists present His image in the form of a dove (I pay attention to the female deal). This bird with rays is the only commonly known image of the figure of the Holy Spirit.

Logically, both Jesus and His would-be "bride," whose identity we do not know, must have been born of concrete earthly parents. The parents of this young woman who was to stand by Jesus' side will probably never know, but nobody asks for it. The inquisitive ask questions about Jesus' parents. Jesus' mother, Mary, is obviously a known person. But the very fact of the birth of the Son of God with his virginity had been and has been discussed for centuries. I think that in this discussion the very problem of Mary's virgin is a secondary problem, because it is rather about the problem of the fertilization of a future mother by a biological father. Recognition by the Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary's virginity for dogma results from the belief that conception took place as a result of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of God.  This, of course, cannot be reconciled with my previous claims that the Holy Spirit is the "spiritual partner" of Jesus, and the Spirit of God is the omnipresent spiritual Personality of God.

So we are entering another mystery, but this time I will try to explain it only on the basis of my thoughts. I note in advance that this is only my own logical reasoning, which I have gone through, because I consider it my duty. I do not want to impose it on myself, let alone anyone else. This reasoning is only partly certain, although I take my personal responsibility for it. In the same way I do not evade responsibility for all other claims in this study.

Every physical person originates from the penetration of a male sperm into the womb of a woman. Thus, a man, or some seed donor, must have caused the birth of Jesus. I believe that it must have been someone around Mary, but it was not Joseph himself, her husband, because the fertilization of Mary's womb occurred while she was a maiden. The fact that Jesus, in addition to the rebirth of Adam's position, should also revive the central position of the second generation from the Garden of Eden, or the murdered Abel, might be a trace. So Jesus should have an older brother in the role of Cain. The reversal of the former crime would be that someone in the Cain's position should love someone in the position of their younger brother, and then protect him from death. John the Baptist, the son of Elizabeth and Zecharias, was ideal for this role. He was older than Jesus because he was born before him. Therefore, according to my assumption, the seed donor for Jesus was Zecharias, the father of John the Baptist. Of course, the mother of John was Elizabeth and the mother of Jesus Mary.  John the Baptist and Jesus could be just half-brothers. This would give them the opportunity to correct the crime of Cain, who for many generations has stopped the process of humanity's salvation. The very moment of the conception of Jesus could take place somewhere in the temple, which was taken care of by the priest Zecharias.  It could have happened in secret to anyone in some quiet and secluded place, most likely at night. Mary's virginity could also be preserved, as well as her future virginity, because medicine knows such cases.  Both Zecharias and Mary, who often stayed in his house, could treat it as a kind of religious rite, which would additionally emphasize the extraordinary moment of conception. The Old Testament writings describe some unusual events related to the woman's fertilization, for example in the case of Sarah or Tamar. That is all that I accepted with the best of faith as an understanding of the history and significance of the conception of Jesus Christ.  I think that such reasoning can be taken into account by objective Bible scholars.

There are also a few explanations for the Holy Spirit, especially for Christians.  They claim that every sin can be forgiven, and I say so too. But there is one exception. It's about a sin against the Holy Spirit. This sin supposedly cannot be forgiven. I have asked many Christian clergy what the sin against the Holy Spirit is. Most often I received ambiguous answers resulting from various guesses and intricate theories. I also have my own, completely unambiguous theory on this subject, although unfortunately a bit intricate.

Earlier, however, I will explain another issue. According to my previous knowledge, the only sin that cannot be forgiven is original sin. No human efforts and ceremonies can erase it. He brought people spiritual death, and his remission can only be accomplished through the process of salvation of humanity by the Savior. It will give people the opportunity to repeat, spiritual birth, that is, to begin a new life under the authority of God. This fact will be explained in more detail in the chapter on the resurrection.

I will therefore return to sin against the Holy Spirit. It must be a sin that is in some connection with the original sin that closed the way to the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven. The proper author of this sin was Satan. In that case his action cannot be forgiven. The first stage of this sin was the taking over of Eve by Archangel Lucifer, that is, bringing her to unite with him in an act absolutely inconsistent with the whole concept of the creation of the world. It cannot be forgiven. Unlike the first phase, the second phase, in which only Adam and Eve participated, was already consistent with the concept of the Creator, although carried out against his Will. Such a situation may already gain forgiveness.  Because Jesus Christ was the Second Adam, sins against Him can be forgiven.  Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit represents the Second Eve. I believe that the sin against the Holy Spirit means doing something absolutely inconsistent with the original concept of God, and this act only occurred between the first woman and the biblical Serpent whose identity we have already known. The mission of the Holy Spirit was to revive Eve from the Garden of Eden, which took part in the first, unpardonable phase of the fall.  Meanwhile, Satan, using people from the chosen people, did not allow the first phase of the fall to be repaired, in which he took part directly with Eve. I am therefore saying that only Satan and his fallen angels cannot be forgiven for their sin. They must be eliminated together with their hell and the fallen nature of the people inoculated. Simply, the whole fallen system must stop literally existing. Therefore, the typical concept of forgiveness is not applied to him.

Jesus Christ, although he spoke of the impossibility of forgiveness for this sin, never accused anyone of him. He was especially unburdened by anyone living there alive at that time, although He had many enemies who were subject to present definitions of this sin presented by representatives of Christianity. For this He strongly pointed to Satan as the one who cannot be forgiven for the crimes committed on humanity.

I remind you that the Son of God, in the knowledge of all this, asked in the last words of His life for forgiveness of people for their crimes, "because they do not know what they are doing". Unfortunately, His crucifixion has extended the reign of Satan over people to the present day. It also destroyed the sense of the existence of a chosen people, whose central figures, including selected women, worked out with great devotion the coming of the Savior and prepared a bride for Him. In a sense, therefore, this crime indirectly influences the fate of the Holy Spirit. The later history of the Israelites shows that this sin burdens them until today. At the same time, it is known that the blame for him can only be erased by completing the process of salvation.  Perhaps that is why Jews are still waiting for the coming of the Messiah?

In another remark, especially intended for Christians, I want to emphasize that in my text I tried to shed light on some mysteries, the knowledge of which has so far prevented various orders, dogmas and suspicions of heresy. Meanwhile, I tried to explain logically my understanding of the so-called mysteries of faith, which are now very much the result of the work of theologians and religious leaders. They often contrast the human logic of God's logic, claiming that these are two completely different ways of thinking. Meanwhile, in their investigations they are not able to recognize the boundary between the point of view and logical reasoning. In my elaboration, I have repeatedly explained that indeed the point of view of God is in the vast majority of cases completely different from the point of view of a human being. The latter is unfortunately burdened with the fallen nature inherited from Satan and life in the world under his rule. These two points of view can be really opposed.

However, when people use their intellect, the case looks different. Living in a fallen world does not mean that our human reasoning and logical thinking are usually controlled by evil from Satan and that we cannot think and reason as God's children. After all, man has not only evil, fallen nature, but also the original one, inherited from the Creator. Although fallen nature tends to dominate over original nature, our thinking and reasoning is the most common combined function of these two natures. In addition, I argue that in certain situations our reasoning and logical thinking are released almost entirely from the influence of fallen nature. I refer to the words of Jesus himself: "Be ye therefore perfect, how perfect your heavenly Father is".  (Mt 5,48).

This happens when someone turns to God through prayer, by intensely focusing in a good spiritual atmosphere, and above all by following the impulses of a sincere heart and a pure conscience. Then the most often appears thinking and reasoning derived from its original nature. An example of this can be Old Testament prophets, many Christian saints, and sometimes monks and monks from various denominations. To a lesser extent, although there are exceptional cases, this applies to so-called ordinary people, such as people who spend hours and hours of prayer and meditation. Once again, I will refer to Jesus' words: "Ask and it will be given to you;  seek, and you will find;  knock it and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and he who searches, finds, and opens the knocker". (Mt 7: 7-8).

Analytical thinking and logical reasoning led to a huge development of human civilization, which has good and bad sides resulting from the existence of these two mentioned natures. We are still struggling to separate good from evil. To a large extent and in most cases, we can distinguish them from each other. So it is not so bad with us, although we live in hell. We have an indestructible bond with God, thanks to which positive thoughts, fair judgments and good deeds flow from our heart and conscience.

I have decided to make the above explanations in connection with the existence of numerous secrets related to religious life. These mysteries should not be, because they mean that we do not understand something and hide our ignorance for them. Including analytical thinking and logical reasoning from our original nature, we can decipher many puzzles and mysteries and lead to a true understanding of many obscure facts. There is of course no prescription how to do it, but you definitely have to want it and constantly ask for support for God, Jesus Christ and the angels, which we commonly call prayer.

The purpose of this study is, among other things, to recognize and explain the many secrets that most often, instead of approaching us to God, move away from Him. This is especially true of mysterious phenomena related to the Redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ. The mystery of His birth, the mystery of His miracles, the mystery of His death on the cross, the mystery of His resurrection or the mystery of the ascension - all these unexplained phenomena greatly make our Redeemer supernatural and inaccessible. In the meantime, He came to reveal all secrets and remove all barriers existing between Heavenly Father and His children. You can of course understand that He did not have enough time to give us a fuller knowledge of God, because the Jewish people limited His mission to three years and violently interrupted His great work of teaching people on Earth. It happened at the very beginning of His activity. No wonder there are many things left to explain. However, the situation from before 2000 years should not become the reason for the emergence of many further secrets regarding the activities of Jesus, and the more so make it impossible to recognize them by imposing on people dogma and prohibitions. It are contrary to the original nature of a man who is still looking for God and wants to know Him better. Our heart comes from the Heart of God and when it is pure, it naturally wants to return to its original relationship with Heavenly Father. I will therefore continue to use honest reasoning and logical thinking, because this is what my heart and my original nature are calling me to do with God. Of course, I honestly admit my limitations, which I have already expressed in the chapter on God as the Creator. I state openly that the mystery of infinity and eternity, and above all the mystery of the existence of God Himself, remain completely beyond my analytical reasoning and logical thinking. Meanwhile, in many other situations this does not absolve me from the obligation to seek answers to all questions regarding for example the origin of the universe, the origin of man or the process of salvation.

























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