Presentation of the analytical system


(which created the theory of the eternal existence)

Janusz Mazur

When scientists start analyzing any issues, they first create a research model. They use intuition and experience gained while examining unfamiliar situations. Therefore, they describe such a model with appropriate functions and mathematical equations, creating a specific mathematical or physical model. Working in this way, they must first of all define the principles of the research they conduct and the research instruments that they adapt to the chosen project.

I did that too

For example, NASA proposed a model of the universe based on the Big Bang .

1. Universe model

I created the essenceism system based on knowledge

about the universe and the latest discoveries of quantum mechanics trying to answer for these three fundamental questions:

= who is God?,

= what is He like?,

= and where is He?

the Original Being

Essenceism, for the sake of clarity of its claims, introduced the concept of the Original Being to define God. This happened because the commonly used word God can be understood differently depending on religious denomination and even cultural traditions in particular geographical regions in the world.


So what is essenceism?

is a scientific-research system that first of all determines the First Cause of all things, i.e. the Original Being. My system also determines the consequences of His existence. Thus, the system of essenceism is the theory of the Original Being and the effects of its existence. Essenceism prepared:

The  theory of eternal existence.


For many years we have been listening to the statements of scientists that science cannot deal with the study of the existence of God, because there are no proper tools for it.

Therefore, Essenceism is an attempt to present such tools, i.e. research methods designed to understand the state beyond time and space and its impact on the state of the universe's space-time.

It will be described later in this presentation. There will also be mentioned principles that essenceism is guided by when studying phenomena that are beyond the possibilities of classical science.


Explanation of the assumed attributes of the tested God:

That God is absolute, it means that He is The First Cause independent of anything and anyone.

That He is perfect means the final and ultimate dimension of what He does. His works do not require improvement or modification to make them even more perfect, because their condition is completed in every respect.

The fact that God is infinity means that He was, is and always will be.

These are the necessary qualities of God as The Original Being used as an assumption for the system of essenceism.   It open

the theory of the eternal existence

In the 20th century the greatest discovery in the history of mankind took place.

Scientists have announced that the universe was once formed about 13.8 billion years ago and is now a space-time that is constantly expanding and even accelerating. So, the universe as a space-time filled with energy and matter, by its very existence forces us to think about its beginning and cause of creation.

Understanding this fact suggests that once there was no universe, that is, there had to be something before it that aroused our curiosity and that could be called a state or sphere beyond time and space.

This is the starting point for essenceism

I chose these pictures of universe from several images presented by NASA on the Internet:

2. Images of universe

Here is a selected picture of the universe as space-time after the Big Bang

3a. big-bang_Beyond time and space

Against the background of this situation, it was possible to logically explain the existence of a state beyond time and space, that is, something like a hypothetical space unlimited neither by time nor by space.

This state could be a source realm to the present structure of the universe. From this sphere, in the form of a Big Bang,

    - the flow of time began,

    - and appeared in a three-dimensional space permeated with energy and matter (both ordinary and dark), the universe.

Both general relativity and quantum mechanics try to describe the phenomenon of the creation of the universe.

Essenceism sees this event as a causal action of The Original Being.

This was the sphere beyond time and space before the universe came into being:

4. Black

Comparing this picture with the first words of the Bible, one can notice an analogy with the biblical records that before the creation of the world there was darkness and nothingness, and God hovered over all this (Gen. 1, 2).

First, I present a general thesis:

5b. Black with te Original Being

This is how I imagine the universe after the Big Bang, and then its expansion to the present time.

Essenceism explains that before the creation of the universe, there was only the Creator (the Original Being) having a Personality (the Spiritual Side of the Original Being), from which the Laws and Principles shaping the universe arise, and there was also a "material" in Him, i.e. the Energy of the First Cause (Physical Side of the Original Being).

All this eludes any scientific research method for the time being.

Next, below I put the my thesis:

The Original Being created the universe from Himself

5a Big-bang_small universe

So, who is God?

In essenceism, the term God is understood to be The Original Being. I am introducing this term, as far as possible, make a scientific and objective examination of the possibility of existence of the First Cause or Creator of All Things. I will not refer to the various "gods" formed by theology of numerous denominations that have arisen over the centuries. The Original Being analyzed here is not Zeus, Demiurge, Osiris, Ormuzd, Great Manitou, Yahweh, Allah or God the Father.

If God is to be The Original Being, He cannot resemble a person known from ancient paintings, having the form of an elderly man with the appearance of Zeus. Gone are the times of placing God on a golden throne above the clouds, reigning among angels playing Him on trumpets.

As a result of the discoveries of the last century, we are asking ourselves again about the existence of The Original Being.

6. Big-bang_universe in Original Being

In the understanding of essenceism, the Original Being is everything that includes a state beyond time and space, which can be called His sphere.

At the same time, the universe or possible universes constitute a transformed "inner and outer" "content" of the Original Being, that is, His "inner" Personality and "outer" Energy. From the moment of "emerging" from the Original Being, the Universe has become an independent structure. Thus, as space-time occupied by the cosmos, it does not have the direct presence of the Original Being in it. There is only His creative concept for the universe, the laws of nature and the principle of life for man. It is worth emphasizing that the essenceism system tries to resolve the dispute as to whether God created the world from nothing, or whether this structure arose by itself. It proposes the fact that the Original Being created the universe from Himself.

Thus, my system proposes to understand the situation in which the universe emerged as an "infinitely small newborn" (singularity) from a sphere beyond time and space, that is, from the "womb" of the Original Being.

Due to the power of His Laws and Energy, the universe has grown to its present state. Additionally, it is worth realizing that such complicated structures in the universe must have an intelligent source of origin. This is evidenced by exemplary structures created by intelligent creators - people who make up our civilization.

Where is God?

So, I go back to the previous pattern to answer this question.

7. Big-bang_Where is God

Thus, the Original Being fills Himself with the whole sphere beyond time and space, which means His direct presence in this sphere. Meanwhile, in the space-time of the universe, that is, in His "product", The Original Being is present only indirectly. This means His existence as a form of laws and principles arising from His Intellect. This existence is also realized in the form of a state of goodness, i.e. the action of His Will to introduce the concept of a world compatible with His Personality and in the form of love and beauty that result from His Emotionality. Especially His last attribute can be identified with the concept of the Heart. In general, these three states of the indirect presence of The Original Being can be described as a religious concept of the Spirit of God.

Therefore, the presence of The Original Being in our world is not a direct presence. God does not float above us, does not observe our behavior and does not participate directly in our life at all. He, as a Perfect Being, waits for us to reach perfection according to His concept. That is why the material world was created. It is in this world that we have time and opportunity to reach perfection.



Once upon a time, one of the world's greatest scientists, a physicist, ate a small slice of bread in a hurry for breakfast. Then throughout the day he was so busy that he didn't find time for any meal. In the evening he realized that he had traveled all day with this little slice of bread. As a physicist, he realized that he had used a huge amount of energy because the day was very intense. This means that a small amount of matter has generated a large amount of energy. Then he built his theory based on this event. The successor to this physicist, also the great scholar, Nobel Prize winner in physics, decided to teach children at school for one year. He told them this story to explain the relationship between energy and matter. He added his own commentary to the story of his predecessor, in which he stated that this ages physicist was at the end of the day in the toilet, in which he expelled the digested sandwich residue. In this way, he made children even more aware of the huge amount of energy that is created from the scarcity of matter. He supported this with an example of an atomic bomb explosion in which a handful of split matter is turned into a gigantic amount of destructive energy. The formula explaining this situation looks like this: E = mc˛. So we know who we are talking about.

Physicists noted that everything was made of energy. Our houses, our cars and ourselves were made of energy.

We convert matter into energy every day, but never the other way around. We can change one form of energy into another, but we cannot change energy into matter.

Meanwhile, the universe was created in this way, that is, from the transformation of a huge amount of energy into matter. This transformation was born from a point called singularity.

It is not worth believing that it did the same.


Essenceism The principles of the system

Willing to appear in the scientific community and in the face of a wider group of recipients of essenceism

- presents the general principles that guide him when analyzing the existence of the Original Being,

- creates the necessary research instruments concerning the sphere beyond time and space,

- and indicates conditionality eternal spirituality inherent in man.


1. The principle of timelessness or eternity (timeless uncertainty)

(this is the first of two fundamental attributes of the sphere beyond time and space).


2. The principle of unstructured  (spatial uncertainty),

in which there is nothing occupying any space or volume

(this is the second fundamental attribute of this sphere).


3. The principle of the existence of the Absolute First Cause that fills by Himself the sphere beyond time and space and is the source of space-time.

Essenceism defined this First Cause as the Original Being characterized by the lack of the beginning of the uprising, the absence of anything that could have been before Him, that is, existing from infinity.


4. The principle of the universal existence of primary energy

- this is the uncertainty of the state of energy filling the sphere beyond time and space,

- and at the same time the definiteness of this energy in various forms, when it fills the space-time of the universe.


5. The principle of the existence of beings in the sphere beyond time and space.

This kind of existence is a concentration of primary energy formed around a personality center with intelligence, will and emotionality. This should be understood as the definition of each of the entities residing in this sphere. They are separate beings that derive from the Original Being, created on his model.


6. The principle of perfection

Every being pursues perfection based on the laws and principles of the Creator, and every spiritual being based on his intelligence, will and emotionality. Everything in which the Original Being is directly present becomes perfect.


7. The principle of the necessary sense of the existence of space-time.

This means that space-time is a necessary place of development for full perfection for spiritual beings destined for eternal presence in the sphere beyond time and space.

First of all, it creates the environment and time for a human being (or rather a spiritual person) based on a physical person to achieve perfection.


8. The principle of omnipresence of the spiritual beings (the uncertainty of the location of these beings in their being in a state beyond time and space).

All spiritual beings residing in the sphere beyond time and space after achieving perfection are omnipresent and eternal in it.


9. The principle of communication in the sphere beyond time and space (intuition and vision system).

Any communication between beings existing there takes place

- through the intuitive transmission of the content of feelings or thoughts,

- although it can also in some cases take the form of visions taken from the material structures of the universe.


10. All laws and principles of functioning of the sphere beyond time and space originating from the First Cause are defined as:

- all-available,

- necessary,

- absolute,

- eternal

- and good,

that is, in accordance with the original assumption of the Creator – the Original Being.



Tools of essenceism,

or test instruments of this system

Science still declares that there are no tools to investigate both:

- the possibility of the existence of the Original Being

- the existence of a state beyond time and space

- as well as the existence of a spiritual person in man.

In fact, classical science cannot prove that God exists, nor can it deny His existence. Therefore, it would be necessary to somehow get out of this situation.

Therefore, the task of essenceism is to create the appropriate research instruments to meet this task.


1. The unquestionable and obligatory tool in the analysis of all phenomena must be the implementation of logical thinking in the analysis of all phenomena,

and not only in relation to material phenomena, but also to immaterial ones, such as metaphysical ones.

You can't stop a person from thinking and asking questions. It is about total freedom in thinking, examining and reflecting on the nature of what surrounds us.

In practice, this means liberation from all prohibitions and dogmas of faith.

Therefore, it is out of the question to treat the hitherto established views as irrefutable.


2. Intuition should be a supporting tool for logical thinking.

It is needed especially in the initial stage of reasoning, when creating assumptions and theses of each system. This also applies to the creation of a research model illustrating the concept under study.


3. Logical lines of thought are the important tool of essenceism.

They work according to the "thread to the ball" principle.

The next steps are based on the previous step and after checking its compliance with the initial assumptions. In the end, it comes to the final conclusion.


4. The tool in essenceism is the logical argument that the universe could not arise out of nothing, especially since its creation took place according to precise laws.

This is also supported by the empirical argument that so far no case has been found in the cosmos whereby something could arise out of nothing.

The process of creating the universe had to be based on an energetic transformation from a sphere in which neither time nor space existed to the sphere defined as space-time.

This process had to be carried out with the concurrent involvement of specific laws that led to a specific result. Therefore, they must have existed before, and it is according to them that the transformation of primary energy into matter took place. This fact is evidence pointing to the possibility of transforming something unknown into a knowable form. Logic and scientific experience show that this could not have happened in the form of a miracle or by itself.


5. Energy

or rather, its primary form, called primary energy, is an important quantity that suddenly appeared in the formation of the space-time of the universe.

It had to come from a sphere beyond time and space, although it cannot be proven scientifically. So energy without an adjective defining it is a quantity or state that does not quite fit within the laws of physics we know. It is about primordial energy, not yet converted into any other form. We are not sure how the original form of energy gave rise to the universe, but we are sure that all the energy in the universe was created in one moment. Since then, it can only be transformed from one form to another. You cannot add anything to it to increase its quantity in the universe, and especially it cannot be destroyed, because it would require transporting it outside the universe.

Scientists are forced to conclude that  the Energy came out of nowhere because they don't want to relate its existence to the First Cause. They also use its name: a primary concept.

Some doubt as to the law of conservation of energy

is brought about by the phenomenon of the existence

of so-called dark energy. Thus, the conservation of

energy is not only a peculiar research instrument, but

also a clue leading to the conclusion that:

  • - there may be a source state outside of state the space-time of the universe
  • - for the time being it cannot be accessed by known methods research.


6. The space-time of the universe by itself, that is, by its existence, leads to the conclusion that it has a beginning and a cause.

I would like to remind you that in the 20th century the greatest discovery in the history of mankind about the origin of the universe took place. Scientists announced that the universe once did not exist at all. According to their research, it suddenly appeared 13.8 billion years ago in the form of singularity and became space-time. This situation suggests that "spatially" something must have existed before the universe came into being, something that could be called a state beyond time and space.

The space-time limitation of the universe is therefore a tool for indirectly demonstrating the possibility of the existence of something outside of it, i.e. the mentioned sphere beyond time and space.


7. A specific tool is the process of moving back in time.

Going in the opposite direction to the passage of time, we create a cause and effect sequence out of the history of the universe. At its end, for the last reason, we are forced to leave the spacetime of the universe and find ourselves in a sphere beyond time and space. Thus we come to the First Cause (or First Cause) which should be infinite, unlimited, and eternal, just like the realm itself beyond time and space.

If the First Cause is in the sphere beyond time, then it cannot have "its" another cause, because time and its consequences do not function there. It is by itself the First Cause.


8. To understand the phenomena existing in the sphere beyond time and space, there is a need to find an observer who can recognize it.

There are, for example, phenomena in quantum physics that the observer himself decides and is indispensable for. His point of view is one of the tools to study the phenomena taking place there.

I would like to remind you that by the concept of a sphere beyond time and space, I understand a state in which laws other than those in physical space-time can operate, and then an observer who understands them can assess the processes taking place there.


9. The Universe demonstrates the precise coherence of the laws and principles that govern it.

This phenomenon may suggest that the First Cause you are looking for has Source Intelligence, Will, and Emotionality.

From the transformations of the universe over the billions, we can see the development from the most primitive to the most complex forms, that is, finally, the emergence of beings reproducing the qualities of the First Cause, that is, people.

This can lead to the surprising conclusion that the universe was made for people.

The coherence of the laws and principles governing the universe and their omnipresence prove that we are dealing with only one possible Source of the creation of the universe. This Source must also include everything that existed before the formation of the universe. This in turn leads to the conclusion that the possible Creator (the Original Being). He was all that existed before the beginning of the space-time universe and that it was He who initiated time and space.


10. Analysis of the creative act made by the theoretical Creator.

may be a research tool, even if this process is only hypothetical for the time being:

- only to the Original Being we can attribute the researched works, which are completely beyond human imagination.

This is evidenced by the existence of the universe itself.

Its beginning is located on the border between the state beyond time and space and the sphere of space-time that arose from it.

Thus, this beginning can be considered:

- as a peculiarity, that is, something we do not understand


- as a creative act.

From this border, time began to flow and the concept of space emerged. It is similar with every work of human creation. The creator's intuition, imagination and intelligence lead to the creation of a specific work.

Thus, the result of the operation of an intelligent cause is a gate and at the same time a tool for understanding the Creator, His attributes and ways of acting.


11. A tool for exploring the sphere beyond time and space is the possibility of its symmetry relative to space-time, which may result from the existence of one single source of the origin of all things.

Some analogy can be made with the known physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

They can have their counterparts in the spiritual personality of a person in the form of listening to the voice of the heart, perceiving with the eyes of the soul, feeling from the bottom of the heart, experiencing the taste of victory or defeat, as well as a touch of happiness or goodness.

(These are, of course, "unscientific" terms, but the point here is to indicate the method of symmetry of phenomena in both realities).

Thanks to this, i.e. due to symmetry with physical phenomena, we can apply comparative methods to identify phenomena that may occur beyond time and space.


12. Some kind of tools are the default laws of the spiritual world.

They are only understood when we accidentally find ourselves in extreme situations. Then we get to know them not only intuitively, but also in reality. When we are in mortal danger, when we become unconscious, or when we are intoxicated by some psychotropic drugs, then our aroused perception can extend to a realm beyond time and space.


13. Revelations, visions or similar phenomena can be a sure sign of the existence of a state beyond time and space.

Even if 90% of these testimonies were false, these 10% prove something.

Especially the words and deeds of Jesus Christ cannot be ignored.

The testimonies of "unscientific" revelations are abundant, and many of them have been researched and then verified. So far, they have been used most often by religious denominations. I have included only the most reliable among them in this analysis.

The goals of the essenceism

The main goal of essenceism is to convey knowledge about the existence of the Original Being, about eternity in man, about the existence of a sphere beyond time and space, and about the present reality in which humanity finds itself. Due to such a comprehensive analysis of the presented reality, the theory of essenceism pretends to be defined as the theory of the eternal existance.


Unfortunately, it must be said that the knowledge of God as the Creator of all things is on a similar level to that of the cosmos, i.e. it is very limited.

Also, knowledge about the world beyond time and space, i.e. about the spiritual world, is still residual.

A little greater, although unfortunately too little, is the knowledge of the spirituality of the person himself, i.e. his spiritual person.

The same applies to the proper sense of human existence.

The emergence of essenceism is based on two fundamental pillars.

The first is a clear understanding of who God is, what He is, where He is, and how this relates to our possible existence in the future spiritual life.

The second pillar is understanding that each of us has an eternal spiritual person.

- Such a state of understanding should not result from faith, but from concrete knowledge combined with the certainty that it really is.

- It is about the same level of certainty in the field of spiritual rights as we have under the laws of mathematics, physics or biology.



What is not the essenceism?

Essenceism is not generally a religion.

- It's not a cult.

- Doesn't make any creed

- There is a way to understand the actual reality behind using analysis modeled on scientific methods.

Rather, essenceism is the opposite of the classical concept of religion

- presents a logical, rational and analytical approach to the

existence of God and other phenomena of a religious nature,

- creates a theoretical model of the studied issue,

- clearly specifies the assumption and thesis in the case under examination,

- sets out specific rules for the analysis to be performed,- when conducting evidence, lists the tools he uses.

This means based on scientific methods.


Essenceism is not deism,

for the Creator maintains an all-time bond with the developing universe through His laws.

They function not only in matter and in various forms of energy, but also in the form of His Providence.

Additionally, through the attributes of His Personality exhibited by essenceism in this study, the Original Being maintains a direct bond with the center of the human personality, i.e. with the state that can be called the original nature of a human being in his spiritual person. Essenceism tries to show that God, called Heavenly Father in Christianity, participates in the birth of every human being.

For now, this can be considered as his only direct participation in the phenomena of our world.


Essenceism is not theism,

because theism does not take into account the faith that interacts with the achievements of science and human intellect in general.

In the matter of God's activity, essenceism, contrary to theism, shows that:

- The Creator - Original Being - knows no evil

- does not participate directly in the life of the present world.

Thus, it follows from essenceism that

- God does not know our fallen world,

- is not watching it,

- does not analyze events on Earth,

because He is not the creator of the present civilization.

The active presence of God among people - the domain of theism, in the light of the views expressed here is impossible until the world is fully saved. This means that God's Providence is limited to the operation of the originally established laws and principles that can now be used to identify evil and to oppose it. Thus, by its very principle, it stimulates human activity to act for salvation. Since God's providence exists from the very beginning and is changeless, it constantly guides human life towards the goal of creation.

According to essenceism, God is as if waiting at the "end station" for the result of His providence.

The Original Being is perfect.

Theism undermines this perfection by implying indirectly that God has failed to perfect His work, which then makes Him imperfect. This is evidenced by the theistic concept of Divine Providence and Mercy.


Essenceism is not atheism, but its opposite.

Atheists also, like essenceism, use logical arguments. However, unlike essenceism, they aggressively try to deny the sense of belief in the existence of God.

Atheists treat science instrumentally, i.e. as a tool to demonstrate the unscientific nature of religion.

For example, they revert to the outdated allegations against the followers of major religions who once believed that the Earth was flat and that the sun orbited around it. This means that the errors of religion and clergy are to authenticate the fact that God does not exist, that the creators of religion are frauds, and religion is opium for the people.

At the same time, they are very eager to oppose the science of religion, which completely contradicts the intentions of essenceism.


Essenceism has little to do with Buddhism, because it considers the Original Being as the source of all things.

Essenceism clearly emphasizes the existence of substantial and personal evil. Meanwhile, Buddhism treats evil as suffering that can be freed by reaching the state of nirvana and gaining self-enlightenment. Unlike Buddhism, essenceism points to the concept of a Personal Creator leading all mankind to the state of perfection originally envisaged by Him. Essenceism does not accept the Buddhist concept of reincarnation or any variation of it.

On the other hand, it describes the phenomenon of the reappearance of spiritual persons in cooperation with people currently living on Earth, i.e. their passive or active cooperation with physical persons of people on an equal footing with their original spiritual persons.


Essenceism is not gnosis, because its knowledge derives from science and from researching all reality with scientific methods, not on the basis of secret spiritual knowledge.

Contrary to gnosis, essenceism treats man as a conscious subject of the universe, being in the presence of God the Creator a being in His image and likeness.

According to essenceism, human civilization comes from the Good First Cause called the Original Being, and the current state of evil is the result of a fall, i.e. a departure from the original concept of the Creator.

The concept of the physical world in the analysis of human civilization refers to our Earth, which is the place where evil exists.

Contrary to gnosis and many other concepts of God's existence, essenceism holds that the Creator has nothing to do with evil and is not responsible for it.

Opposing gnosis, essenceism claims that the struggle between good and evil is an area of human life unintended by the Creator that affects our physical life.

In response to gnosis, essenceism explains that salvation consists in the return of humanity to the state originally envisaged by the Creator.


Essenceism is not pantheism, because it presents The Personal God remaining in the sphere beyond time and space.

Essenceism describes the Original Being as the First Cause with specific and fundamental attributes such as:

- Intelligence

- Will

- and Emotionality,

which together with other qualities make up His Personality

Due to the creative concept and the continuous development processes of space-time, the Original Being cannot be identical with it. It is directly related to the sphere beyond time and space.

Unlike pantheism, essenceism proclaims that God can be determined by specific concepts and by human imagination.

The main attributes of the Original Being, that is:

- independence from nothing (absolute),

- excellence,

- eternity

can be described in a way that appeals to our imagination, despite the fact that they are related to the sphere beyond time and space.

Additionally, God is not directly related to the present state of life on Earth, because he does not know evil, that is, he does not know the state of our civilization, which he did not create.


Below, I present in a graphic form the act of creating the universe described in essenceism as the action of the Original Force of Love derived from the Creator's Heart.

8. Diagram of the Force of love


Ontological understanding of God and man

9. Picture line of beings

I first used a one-dimensional scheme to define the existence of three states of beings: The Original Being - God - (existing eternally from the retrograde infinity to the future infinity), the eternally existing being - for example, a man - (from the starting point to infinity concerning the future) and a temporal being - being - (lasting from a specified beginning to its end).

Such a graphic model of infinity well reflects the human image of God that I want to use here. In this way, I would like to somehow "embed" the Original Being in relation to other beings. Comparing the Original Being to a straight line going from minus infinity to plus infinity, while remaining on one dimension. Such a geometric structure thus illustrates the image of the Original Being that has always existed, passes through our time and further tends to infinity.

The following slides are intended to support the activity of theologians who would like to apply the knowledge of essenceism to explain phenomena such as the existence of good and evil in the human environment.

These are the conclusions resulting from the analysis made by the essenceism research tools. They come in addition to my system.


Understanding a man

Essenceism in its translation tries to define exactly who we are and where we live today.

If somebody do not recognize the existence of God and are, for example, he is an atheist, he is not automatically believed in the existence of any spiritual entities. Of course, the presence of an eternal spiritual person in man is also not accepted by him, because it is associated with the existence of an eternal God. It follows that people who do not believe in God must recognize man as an animal; admittedly very developed, but an animal. Meanwhile, although our physical body is similar to an animal body, even if only because of the achievements of human civilization, we are not animals. Anyway, all other arguments in essenceism serve to claim that man is a spiritual person living forever and possessing a physical person (body) only in the first period of his life.

In order to understand the meaning of human life, essenceism wants to make people aware of two important facts:

The first of them results from the statement that a man is a being having a physical person existing primarily in order to lead his eternal spiritual person to perfection during his physical life.

The second fact is to make us aware that the eternity of man is closely related to the eternal Original Being. Essenceism tries to provide new arguments so that this message can be better presented, first of all, by the religions of the world.

10. Diagram Man-God

Christians consider a human being to have a soul and do not quite understand such concepts as a physical or spiritual person.

That is why essenceism in its translation tries to precisely define who we are and where we currently live.


The very important observation of essenceism is that the Original Being does not know evil.

Below are the basic terms of good and evil:

a) in the sense of activities - good is an action and result of action in accordance with the Will of God, and evil is an action and result of action inconsistent with the Will of God.

b) in the source sense - good is a state created by the Original Power of Love, and evil is a state created by the power of power created by reversing the direction of the power of love.

c) in the sense of a state - good means the Kingdom of Heaven, or the world under God's sovereignty, and evil means hell, or the world under Satan's rule.

d) in the sense of personalization - good is embodied in the Personality of Godhead, and evil in the form of Satan.

e) in the sense of the present reality - good is what should always be, and evil what should not be.

f) in the sense of existence - good is an eternal condition, and evil is transient and will be eliminated one day.

This is an extremely important statement that entails a non-religious understanding of God's existence.

So, using the principles and tools of essenceism, a new concept of God as the Original Being was created, modeled on scientific reasoning. He is separated from humanity by the evil that exists on Earth. From the very beginning of human history, this evil has its source in the actions of the fallen Archangel Lucifer, or Satan. In essenceism, this term of the personal source of evil was adopted to support and strengthen the original message of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


According to the essenceism thesis, I introduce a "structural" vision of the center of the Original Being. It is made up of the Creator's Heart, which is the unity of His Intelligence, Will and Affection. This Heart is the source of His main driving force, that is, the power of love. The thesis of essenceism is that the Original Being created the universe, life and ourselves. He did this with the help of His Praenergy and His Laws guided by the power of love flowing from His Heart. The power of love was supposed to lead to the creation of an ideal world in which only good would exist.


Good is a state shaped by the power of love. Every strength should have its source. It is the Original Being. The operation of the power of love is the only mechanism that should exist in the world created according to the concept of the Original Being. There is no evil in his concept.


Essenceism shows that the phenomenon of evil appeared as a result of a reversal of the direction of the power of love. This is how another, opposite to it, arose: the power of authority.

The power of authority is the driving force behind evil and the driving force that sustains its existence. The power of authority took its power from the power of love. Like all strength, it has its source. It is about "the ruler of this world" (the statement of Jesus Christ).According to essenceism, the source of evil is the former "teacher" and "guardian" of mankind, the fallen Archangel Lucifer, now called Satan. Thus, the power of authority is its main driving force.


Evil is a state caused by the power of authority. Evil is therefore a state that excludes the presence of the Original Being.

This is how it is in our world.

Thus, according to essenceism, the current state of our world remains outside of God, that is, it is a reality that has nothing to do with God.

Therefore, humanity lives as if in a world other than God.

Hence, our world needs to be restored to its proper state, that is, salvation, which will allow us to reintroduce God into our reality.

So far, the efforts of the creators of great religions, especially Jesus Christ, have not led to the liberation of the world from the rule of evil and its consequences, as expected by mankind.

Additional suggestion for religious denominations:

It would be good for religions to explain to their believers that the meaning of their lives is to bring their spiritual person to perfection. This teaching should be one of the main missions of religion. It is just as important to take responsibility for the salvation of the world without waiting for God to do it for mankind. According to essenceism, God - the Original Being knows no evil and cannot save people in the place of people. We, not God, participated in creating evil, and we know it. According to essenceism, people carrying out salvation should be led by the Savior born on Earth and supported by angels.


My books

These are my books on the analysis of the existence of God as a Original Being, the existence of the spiritual world and the spiritual person of man. This analysis is performed using methods that are used in scientific research

1. The book "Essenceism - God is not of this world" is a science-based approach to the subject: who God is and an explanation of what the essenceism system is, its research tools and the purpose of its argument.

2. The book "Essenceizm 2 - We are from this world" presents ideas relating scientifically to the most theories that are branches of philosophy and theology.

3. The book „Essenceism 3 – Evil is from this world” is a broad analysis of the current state of our civilization based on essenceism research on the emergence of evil.

4. The book „Essenceism 4 – Vision not from this world” is an analysis of the possibilities of salvation of our civilization not only based on the efforts of inhabitants of our Earth.

5. The book "Essenceism 5 – Life after leave from this world" is an analysis of the eternal spiritual life which can be rational and acceptable to a logically thinking person.

6. The book "Essenceism 6 - Unreal gods from this World" - analyzes the influence of religion on the condition of humanity.

7. The book "Essenceism 7 - Love from this and not from this world" – analyzes the chances of ending the evil that affects humanity - (not yet published).

8. „Essenceism 8 – Reality from this and not from this world” – analyzes the existence of two realities, the original one from the Creator and the one present on Earth.

10. „Theory of eternal existence” is the realization of my work. It was created as the result of analyses conducted by the essenceism system.

11. „Outline of Theory of Eternal Existence” is a brief presentation of the theory's assumptions. I published it to collect opinions from my correspondents.

12. In a short dissertation "True God does not know evil" I have included knowledge about my approach to the fact that God does not know evil, referring to theodicy.

13. In the book "Touch of eternity" I have presented, using my essenceism system, an analysis of all phenomena that religion usually deals with.

14. The book "Touch of hope" is a fiction novel whose it heroes experience the extraordinary events resulting from the realization of their dreams.



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