God and the present world


I try to understand the world from God's point of view

At the beginning, I can only say briefly that the attempt to understand the world from the point of view of God is very difficult, especially in the case of a man living in the current, fallen world. I've been trying to do it for many years, but I still think it's almost impossible. Almost... maybe someday I will succeed...?

To get closer to the "God" understanding of the sense of what surrounds us, one must realize the vision of the entire universe in the "Divine scale". For the Creator, creating anything in the universe, gave this sense to his basic purpose. This goal was and still is the great universe, the place of common life and activity of the great human family under its patronage.

Due to the magnitude of the universe, it is worth to leave our limited point of view. I have already written about it in one of the previous chapters of this study entitled "Future vision of the universe". On the basis of descriptions posted there, one can come to the conclusion that the Creator understands His work differently than we do. That is why I am trying to understand here the view of God who treats the universe as an unlimited home for His children.

This is the world that the Creator has prepared for the perfect people. According to this concept, His children, after going through physical life, obtain full freedom of being in each chosen point of the universe. For example, they can be found in any galaxy on any planet where life is possible. There, they will be able to get to know its inhabitants and nature, using either the "physicalization" or drawing knowledge from the physical senses of people living on these planets. Drawing conclusions from this, it can be graphically stated that our physical bodies are "grounded" on the planet on which we live, while our spiritual persons are free as birds.  Therefore, our future in the spiritual world will concern the entire cosmos.

For us, closed on a tiny planet lost in the endless cosmos, such a vision is completely abstract. It exceeds the limits of our imagination, but it is consistent with the sense of the origin of the universe. It must be said that the divine concept of the universe exists independently of our will and imagination. It is absolute and unchangeable, fixed before we even appeared on Earth. It is worth to make an effort to get to know it better.

From time immemorial, many basic attributes have been attributed to God: absolute, eternal, perfect, good, omnipotent and omniscient.

Therefore, since the Creator is eternal, perfect and good, the universe created by him should also be eternal, perfect and good.  His Will, expressed in the words "let it be so", leads to the creation of an ideal world inhabited by His children.  Additionally, it is worth paying attention to the Creator's words written in the Bible that express His joy after the expiration of each "creative day". I will also remind you of other words written there: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him" (1 Cor 2: 9).

Now, unfortunately, we do not have an ideal world, but one day it must appear as a true reality. This must happen if we take the Creator's perfection seriously. If He has decided something, it should be so, otherwise He would not be perfect God. So when will our planet become perfect? Surely this will happen sooner or later.  Of course, it's better that this happens as soon as possible. We can, however, be sure that it will happen sometime. Both God and those suffering under the rule of Satan would like to live in perfect reality. It seems that only Satan and his addicted beings want this evil reality to last as long as possible. For him, every day of the fallen world is an extension of his unlawful rule over people. However, because the fallen world had its beginning against the Will of God, it will have its end, that It will remain immutable.

Let us assume that the salvation and return of humanity under God's sovereignty will take place in a thousand years. Because the history of mankind has been going on for many thousands of years, this period of time can be significant for countless generations that have come over each other for millennia. However, from the perspective of the eternal history of mankind, it will be only a short episode. In fact, although human history covers only tens of thousands of years of the fallen world, for us it is the only reality known to us. However, if we look at this time from the perspective of billions of epochs of the future good human civilization, our present history is a small episode, full of suffering and tragedy, but only an episode that will disappear in the infinitude of the history of the universe.

Can God intervene and shorten our suffering under the dominion of Satan?

Apparently he cannot, because if he could, he would surely do as Almighty Creator and our Father. The same answer must be given to the question: could He intervene in the fall of the first people? The answer is clear: He could not.

And here immediately arise a number of questions: is it possible that the Almighty Creator cannot do something? What does God's omnipotence mean?  Can He do whatever He wants?

Let me begin with a known perverse question: if God is almighty, can he create a stone that he cannot bear himself? This question resulted in the creation of many philosophical treatises, but my opinion is: no. God cannot create such a stone! Of course, this is not about this "stone" but about the fact that there is something that He could not do.

For a better understanding of God's Omnipotence, I must extend my analysis to understand the operation of His Freedom. Both of these concepts are within the realm of God's Laws and Principles, and together with His Will, Omniscience and Love are the core of His Personality.

In the human world, omnipotence, just as freedom, can exist only in terms of known principles of physics and within the framework of established law. Let's illustrate this with the following example. The most free citizen in the world is said to be a US citizen. That's where most people call themselves free and think they can do whatever they want. However, their freedom of action and unlimited possibilities are described by the Constitution of the United States and only within its framework nationals of this country can legally function. Freedom outside the law is anarchy. This also applies to "omnipotence", which in the "human" edition consists in doing everything that is not prohibited by law. Similarly, God's Omnipotence can be said that cannot be contrary to the Laws that are the content of His Personality.

It is true that the sphere of life, apart from the laws and principles derived from the Creator, can function for a short time. As we know from our own experience, it functions in the present world around us, although God has nothing to do with it.  It was created by a destructive event in which the first people and their educator - the Archangel - participated. From the beginning, it was contrary to the original order prepared by the Creator and therefore must pass like a bad dream, and all this fallen world should dissolve into nothingness like a broken soap bubble.

I return to the question: can God intervene in evil? The answer is obvious. God can not interfere with something that he did not create, because otherwise he would take responsibility for the fall of man and for the present world that he never had in his plans. If the perfect Creator had joined the imperfect state of the situation, he would give it the status of perfection and this is contrary to His Principles. God has no other choice but to give man time to reach perfection. For such was the concept of the development of man and of the world from the beginning. Therefore, I repeat here a certain attempt to understand his point of view and ways of acting after the fall of the first people.

Once again in this study I refer to the described events that took place in the Garden of Eden.  In my opinion, this is the most important event in the history of humanity, allowing to understand the present situation from the point of view of God. First, I will focus on the analysis of the "triangle": Adam, Eve and the biblical Serpent – Archangel Lucifer, and then on the analysis of the conflict between Cain and Abel. From the point of view of God, the matter may look completely different than in a typical theological translation.

Logically, evil has introduced to the history of mankind a situation committed by Archangel Lucifer and the first people. It was created in two phases. In the first, Archangel Lucifer caused that Eve "consumed the fruit", and thus created together a bond absolutely incompatible with the Will of God, which is the introduction of evil into their lives. In the second phase, Eve tried to get involved with Adam, having understood the error she made. In the meantime, she transferred her sin to him, knowing that Adam should be her rightful husband in the future. This second phase, dictated by the sincere desire to return to the legitimate partner, was something of a lesser evil. Unfortunately, evil, even smaller ones, still remains evil, and the proverb of good intentions, which is paved with hell, illustrates this well.

It was precisely as a result of this process that God was eliminated from human life, and the people together with their "new god", or the Archangel Lucifer transformed into Satan, created a completely new situation. Reversal of this situation is necessary so that the Will of God will remain unchanged and that the world will return to its original state.

Due to this necessity, a further part of this biblical story concerns events related to the sons Adam and Eve. The older of them, Cain, represents the first phase of his parents' fall, which is full of evil. The younger, Abel, represents the second phase of this fall, i.e. the mentioned lower evil based on good intentions. There was the first murder in the history of mankind between the brothers, because the older brother killed the younger one. For us living in a fallen world, fratricide is a phenomenon known and put on a par with other countless crimes that still appear around us. We can say that we are used to this and do not create any special theories on this subject. Meanwhile, this particular fratricide carries in itself a deep, providential meaning.

Because in the Garden of Eden evil has won good, in the process of renewal good should win evil. In the first step of the renewal process, good represented Abel (God accepted his sacrifice), and evil represented Cain (God did not accept his sacrifice and warned him of a lurking sin). Therefore, a younger brother should have distracted Cain from the influence of evil and led him back to Heavenly Father. This emphasizes the otherness of the point of view of God and the fallen man. So Cain should have made his sacrifice through Abel. This circumstance created a kind of model of conduct, which I decided to call the "situation of Cain - Abel". It is a mechanism that aims to build a fundamental base of good for the elimination of evil. Unfortunately, in the first case of its use, the older brother, led by the fallen nature, killed the younger one. Thus, the initial attempt to renew the world ended in failure.

The next attempt to introduce the "Cain-Abel situation" took place between the sons of Noah, but also it ended in failure. It was not until the sons of Isaac, that is, between Esau and Jacob, that success was achieved. It is Jakub who is the victorious "younger brother" who finally won the heart of the "elder" and began the process of renewal as the founder of the Israeli nation - the chosen nation.  Later, this mechanism appeared many times, for example in the story of Joseph and his brothers, in which the obvious "Abel" was Joseph himself, and his brothers were "collective Cain".  Finally, at the level of the nation, Jesus appeared as the "national Abel".  Unfortunately, the Jews, as a "collective Cain", led to the death of Jesus, repeating the tragedy that took place between the sons Adam and Eve.

It seems that the struggle between good and evil has now reached the global level in which "the collective elder brother - Cain" or humanity, should recognize the superiority of the world's "younger brother Abel", that is, the returning Savior.  Such are the ways of renewing the world, and this is the logical conclusion from the analysis of the mechanism of the "situation of Cain - Abel" mechanism. This may initiate the final stage of the salvation of mankind, which many religious denominations call the Last Days. The result of this phase will be the emergence of the good itself and the complete elimination of evil. Then such a world without evil can be called the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, and this means fulfillment of the Will of God.

From the above it follows that the people of our time must repair what was destroyed by the first men and the fallen archangel. Surely Satan will not help us.  We, in cooperation with a good spiritual world, must lead to a situation in which it will be subordinated to people. On this path, we are supported by the laws and principles of Divine Providence.  For now, God cannot help us in the form of His direct participation, but His providential laws will allow us to recognize the returning "Abel", that is, the Son of God, necessary for salvation.

For most believers of different religions, God who is unfit and waiting for our victory is unacceptable. Most often, they imagine him acting directly for the restoration of His Kingdom. At the same time, these confessions urge us to fulfill various conditions supposedly coming from God Himself that guarantee His help. Numerous rituals, fancy sacrifices, including the sacrifice of life, dozens of orders and prohibitions are supposedly to have a source in the Will of Heavenly Father. However, this is not the case, because all these conditions were invented by people who created these religions and set the rules for followers. Especially punishments for sins, imposed on followers, cannot have anything to do with the Will of God.  This is because after the spiritual death of His children in the Garden of Eden, Heavenly Father certainly feels their lack or kind of deep loneliness, although this understanding is beyond my imagination. For this reason, he did not prepare any punishment for anyone. Instead, he has to offer us His love, which must break through the "walls" built by Satan. Many religions rightly believe that in the Garden of Eden, Satan has separated people from the Creator, he has prevailed over them, and henceforth he makes us commit sins. At the same time, these denominations believe that God punishes us for the sins resulting from this situation. Such thinking is wrong and very unjust because it impels God through the effects of Satan's actions. That is why scaring these "righteous" God and punishing him is harmful to him. I am guessing that such inappropriate views result from the inability to understand the point of view of Heavenly Father.

The Creator is the Absolute Being, that is, independent of anything and no one. It is simply an "unconditional" God.  He has established His perfect laws once and for all and cannot change them. He cannot set new requirements and conditions for His children, because otherwise he would have to be an imperfect God. He does not improve Himself. In the Garden of Eden, He showed us the path to perfection as our way of life. At that time everything was prepared for a man, appropriate laws and development process were shaped. The Creator no longer needs to add, correct or change anything, because he created an absolutely perfect concept of life for His children. Of course, He has always had this basic "interference" in human existence, which is our spiritual person, which we receive from him at birth. He wants us to live forever, just as He does. We, in turn, are to bring to perfection our inner personality, and then He will welcome us in His Kingdom.

Indeed, it may seem that God is waiting for us at the end of our journey to renew the world. However, it is not a passive waiting, because it further actively expands the universe for us, penetrating it with its principles and laws. The operation of these laws and principles is His Providence. It works constantly and is unchangeable. It is absolute, just like He is. Thanks to this, we always have a fixed point of reference in assessing what is good and what is evil.

The above reasoning also results in a different fact that has an impact on the difficulty of assessing reality from his point of view. I claim from the beginning and in a decisive manner that God does not know evil. If he knew it, it would be part of His Personality, that is, evil would be eternal, unchangeable. However, it is not. The evil was initiated by Lucifer, Adam and Eve, Jesus met them and we know them well too. However, the Creator has absolutely nothing to do with him. For him, evil is a nothingness that is beyond Him. Evil is a sphere beyond His existence and action. It is a completely new state, which in practice applies only to us. We have entered the evil zone, and God has lost sight of us for some time and is still waiting for us.

The most important in this respect is to understand the fact that evil has been joined to our world after the finished act of creation. Writing this study, I wanted to stop all agonizing about God's admission of evil to the work created by Him and that it is the result of free will, which he bestowed on us. Such theologians' ideas came from the ill-conceived assertion that the Creator knows everything, and so He also knows evil. In fact, Our Creator knows everything, but this "everything" refers to what he created. Because he did not create it, it is beyond "everything", that is, outside of Him. The erroneous assumption of theologians means that they must create breakneck theories about the contradiction between the existence of a good Creator and the existence of evil. It is even harder to find a reasonable answer to the question why God has not liquidated it yet. The apogee of these theories is the claim that the Heavenly Father, in order to abolish him and introduce good, used the crucifixion of His Son. Meanwhile, homicide is clearly defined as a crime in one of the Ten Commandments. As long as we "accuse" Him for such things, it will be someone untrue, having nothing to do with the Creator of our world.

The fundamental error of Christian reasoning regarding the causes of evil is the assumption that everything that people come up with and then put into practice must be known by God at the same time. In my opinion, it is not. I think that people can think of and create something inconsistent with His concept of creation, something outside of Him. It is, of course, about evil. So, could the mechanism of evil creation by people and the Archangel be unknown to God? Can evil be the "product" of Archangel Lucifer and people and be unknown to God? Yes, it is.

The free will of man was only the plane for the emergence of evil, but the fall caused a force greater than the force of preserving life. In my opinion, evil was created by changing the direction of love towards the direction that God has set. This change against God's will was made by the first men and Archangel. What we did was unknown to the Creator, so after the fall He could not find Adam. He could not introduce evil into his consciousness because He has no knowledge of the mechanism of its creation and implementation, which the first men and the Archangel used. He is a perfect, absolute and complete Creator. It cannot be supplemented, modified or refined with new knowledge about evil, which he did not have in himself. The perfect God cannot be changed by imperfect people. Our evil actions cannot affect Him. Evil was and still is incompatible with His law and state of His consciousness.

Thus, evil is a unique "product" created by the Archangel, Adam and Eve, who with this "product" found themselves outside of God. Because of the creation of evil, they became other beings whom God did not create, that is, Satan and fallen people. This has already happened after the introduction of the perfect plan of the Creator concerning the future Kingdom of Heaven. In His concept of creating the world there was no place for evil.

If we definitively eliminate from our perception the figure of God, who knows evil, we will discover for ourselves an important and true knowledge about Him. By completely stopping accusing Him of knowing evil, we recover the "pure" Creator, that is, absolutely perfect and perfect Heavenly Father. That is how it should be, so that we can at least partly understand his point of view.

For the reasons I have described in previous chapters, humanity has entered the path of death instead of the path of life. It is logical, therefore, that men should turn back from it, guided by the understanding of the laws and principles established by the Creator and by the support of the power of love from Him. We have a good spiritual world to help: Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Buddha, Muhammad, angels and all official and unofficial saints from the so-called paradise. Everyone can do something positive, although everyone needs the support of a good spiritual world.  Politicians, scientists, doctors or businessmen will not do it for us.

Unfortunately, one must humbly admit that human logic cannot penetrate everything and that is why it is not yet possible to understand many important things from God's point of view. However, I hope that this analysis will allow us to assess our reality a little more accurately and objectively.

I put a summary of previous considerations in the chapter:

"God does not know evil".























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