Who is man?

Man - separate category of being


I will start this text with some important attention.

In the most important matters, such as the sense of human existence or the creation of the universe, it is not worth starting from very ambitious questions, such as: does God exist and who actually is. One should not ask about the creation of the universe until we answer questions about ourselves and about people. For example, are we animals or some other category of being.

Of course people from time immemorial ask very ambitious questions and find different answers. Among these questions are questions about God and about ourselves. Is God? Who are we, people? Among the many different answers, one seems to me the most important one, because it allows me to go even further in search of the truth about the universe, knowledge about the First Cause, or about the true meaning of human life. This answer is: we are not animals.

It is worth to think deeply about this fact, because the fact of not being animals is the first and most important knowledge that should reach us.

Man in his mind can create virtually everything, like a virtual world in which everything functions according to his will and according to the rules and laws he sets. It can move freely in such a reality, realize your dreams and be happy in it. He can freely create any worlds in his mind and have experiences similar to real ones. Maybe even over this imaginary world, lose control, moreover, lose control over yourself and fall into a mental illness.

That is because we are not animals. We are not actually part of nature, although our physical body is associated with it for some time.

When we talk to another person, we do not talk to her skin and bones, but to someone who is inside. We feel that our words flow somewhere deep into our listener and enrich his knowledge. This and another thousand things that people can do make us completely different from animals.

I try to show in this study that man is a separate category of being in the universe. This is indicated by the widely developed personality of man and his incredible achievements of civilization in a very short time in relation to the age of the universe.

In the next topic ("We are not animals") I will try to present a wider description of the human personality.










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