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the background of conflictsm


I am trying to understand the background of conflicts between the spiritual and physical worlds

Previously, I explained how cooperation between the spiritual world and the physical world should work in an ideal world. Then in the next chapter I described what their coexistence in our imperfect world consists in.

As you can easily guess, coexistence does not always run smoothly. Therefore, in this part of the study I will deal with anomalies arising from the fact that we are now living in a world that has departed from the original concept of the Creator. Invariably in our reality, one must take into account the fact that there is Satan and hell in the physical and spiritual world.

Previously, I compared the mental communication that takes place in our world between people on Earth and spiritual persons in the spiritual world to synchronize between the transmitter and the receiver. This synchronization is sometimes disrupted just as it happens between an unsynchronized transmitter and receiver.

We are talking about the phenomenon of using the vital forces of people living on Earth by spiritual persons who have already completed their earthly life. They want to bring their personal development to perfection. This is a key problem that should be carefully analyzed. Imagine a situation when a person on Earth loses control over himself for a short time. It can happen at the time of a huge breakdown or depression, during a serious illness, in a period of short or long loss of consciousness or in a state of extreme mental exaltation. If a spiritual person seeking an "earthly partner" recognizes such an unusual or distorted state and considers him / her to correspond to his or her spiritual level, then it may be "connected" to that physical person. I decided to call this act "sticking", in contrast to the conflict-free "connection" of a spiritual person to a physical person suited to it. In such typical situations it was about the phenomenon of synchronized connection of two parallel lives, just like the gluing of two parts matching each other. I called it "connection". Now, however, I will deal with atypical situations, which I call "sticking". Unfortunately, I do not know more accurate terms for naming these phenomena.

A new spiritual person from the spiritual world can "cling" even when the moment of human disagreement is relatively short. Most often a serious problem arises from such a situation. The spiritual person of a deceased man, especially shortly after his physical death, is extremely difficult to find a suitable "earthly partner" for himself. If she suddenly manages to "track" someone appropriate for her, she will immediately use this opportunity, even if it is not fully synchronized with it. Then, once it comes into cooperation with the natural person of this "earthly partner", it will not be able to "detach" from it. Such a situation may also arise in the case of members of the immediate family, especially immediately after the death of one of them. For example, this is when the recently deceased loved some living member of his immediate family, and at the same time this beloved person is very much experiencing his death.

A man on Earth, to which an inadequate spiritual person "got sticking", having returned from a state of distraction to his normal state, may still feel very strong personality discomfort, most often appearing in a bad mood. Such a condition may in extreme cases result in a serious illness, especially mental illness or even madness. Many mental diseases have just such a basis. Doctors in psychiatric hospitals are trying to treat such people with pharmacological agents that weaken the reactions of the senses of the human body. This brings only a momentary calming down of the patient, destroying his biological body at the same time. So this is not an effective method.

It would be best to "throw away" an unsynchronized spiritual person from the body of a sick man, just as Jesus Christ did. For us it is quite difficult. Only a few people with a very special and strong personality have this skill. In milder cases, it is possible, by special screenings, to "pacify" a conflicted, alien spiritual person. During such a session, led by an experienced spiritual guide, one can understand the problems of the "attached" spiritual person and then lead it, through specific education, to synchronization with the man living on Earth.  You can also free this man from her completely. For example, good results are achieved by directing such a person with the help of hypnosis, to understand the problems of this spiritual person and to eliminate the difference in the level of synchronization on the path of strong persuasion or vice versa, by accepting the "attached" spiritual person. Sometimes you need to get the help of an experienced spiritual guide or even the help of a person who is a hypnotist.  However, I do not recommend taking independent attempts to free itself from the influence of a spiritual person who is not harmonious with us, because we may not have knowledge about this "attached" person or not possess the appropriate spiritual power. There is now quite a large group of such spiritual guides or therapists open to knowledge of the spiritual world, who can help people haunted by unfriendly spiritual persons. They can identify them and interrupt their impact on a human in a therapeutic session. However, this cannot be called an exorcism.

Meanwhile, a typical exorcism is needed when a bad spirit or evil spiritual person from the realm of the spiritual world called hell "sticks" to a man. Then the phenomenon of being possessed by an evil spirit may occur. In this situation, the release of a possessed man should be taken by someone who has power from Jesus Himself, because only He is able to help. Exorcists, or clerics, specially prepared to cooperate with Jesus, have such power. He, through His redemptive work and victory over Satan, obtained not only the power to draw people out of hell in the spiritual world, but also the possibility of releasing them from the influence of those who live in this hell.

Exorcisms can only be carried out by really strong spiritual people with an authentic religious calling, with great knowledge of evil spirits and Satan himself, and strongly associated with Jesus.

For example, I am explaining that on the Internet I read about a woman introducing herself as an exorcist. This person, widely publicized ghost specialist, at the same time denies the existence of Satan and demons, still claiming to be an exorcist. My hands are falling because it is difficult to imagine a greater conglomeration of absurdities and contradictions in this area. It's strange that most people do not see it. It is difficult for me to seriously discuss such a person, which is why I will appeal to a small comparison in the form of a joke. Imagine a seaman navigating the oceans who does not believe he is moving in an aquatic environment. Absurd, right?

The casting of evil spirits began Jesus Himself, because he had great power for this, as well as open access to the evil spiritual world. He obtained it by defeating Satan in the desert. One should not be surprised at the accusations of the Pharisees who, not knowing the power of the Son of God, accused Him of having cast out demons in the name of Beelzebub. In contrast, the disciples of Jesus understood the power of their Master. Jesus empowered the twelve apostles, men like Him, to dispose of His power in the fight against the evil spirits under Satan. Without diminishing the role and significance of women, Jesus could not communicate this power to them, for He was not given the opportunity to revive any woman to His level. This means that God's authentic daughter, equivalent to the Son of God, did not appear in his life. In the Garden of Eden, the first daughter of God lost the "duel" with Lucifer. The first Adam also lost at that time, but the Second Adam repaired this defeat. So Jesus is the only winner of the duel with Satan so far. This victory, however, was primarily of a personal character and consisted in a definitive release from Satan's influence. This is attested by the situation in which he submitted to the will of Jesus, as can be read in the Bible: "Go away, Satan!" (Mt 4:10).

Only Jesus and the persons authorized by Him, that is, the apostles, as well as directly anointed and prepared by the successors of the apostles, priests can make exorcisms. That's why there are so few of them. It is hardly surprising, because it is very difficult to meet extremely high requirements for this service. In addition, during the exorcism, these priests must be willing to give up their lives because Satan does not joke. Everyone who deals with this ministry knows this well.

It is also worth knowing that Satan is very interested in people not believing in him. Many famous theologians and popes emphasized the fact that the greatest media success of Satan is precisely that most people do not believe in him.  The proclamation that Satan does not exist is therefore a great gift for him.

I will describe another phenomenon now. Sometimes, though very rarely, there are some positive effects of desynchronization between the spiritual person and the "partner" on Earth. If one of the living men has a great faith in God, at the moment of spiritual rapture, he can reach a spiritual level similar to that of those in the spiritual world called paradise. It may then "connect" to him a spiritual person from this sphere, for example some saint. Such a man on Earth, after returning to his normal state, can become a very active preacher of faith in God. It can do loud in public places, create religious organizations, and sometimes behave in such a way that others start treating it as abnormal or mentally ill. Of course, it all depends on the individual personality of the human being haunted in this way. In the group of these people, so-called "messiahs" may appear. This happens when the haunted man becomes too zealous in his actions, has too high an idea about himself, and especially when he has a distorted understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then it is not a positive phenomenon anymore.

How to recognize the action of spiritual persons in the physical world? I must admit that it is not easy and only a few people can do it. We call them spiritually open, but this is too general and not always true. It is worth knowing, however, that spiritual persons are not connected, with a few cases, to specific physical places. The exception is the so-called "haunted houses", where spiritual people can appear of the dead previous residents who do not realize that they have already died.

By the way, I would like to clarify that the unnoticed physical death by spiritual people sometimes happens in people who, during earthly life, did not take into account the existence of the spiritual world or were agnostics. Similar phenomena can also be noticed in places of frequent accidents where people died. Their spiritual persons may also be unaware that they have already completed physical life. They affect people appearing in these places and can lead them to similar accidents. However, I am not a spiritually open person and I cannot fully understand the motives of these "terrifying ghosts". I know, however, that people who are properly prepared and spiritually strong, such as exorcists, can effectively remove such confused spiritual persons from haunted places.

When people who are open spiritually say that there are many spiritual people in a given room, it does not mean that they are "sitting" there. Spiritual persons almost always function as "connected" to people and move with them. The more people in a room, the more spiritual persons. People who live on Earth "draw" a kind of "tail" of spiritual persons and bring them into physical areas. Most often it has no effect on the surroundings, but sometimes it can be seen in crowd psychosis, for example as a collective hysteria. This happens when in such a crowd there are people who are influenced by bad spiritual persons or evil spirits.  Such a community may unknowingly become a dangerous force capable of lynching or similar crimes.

It happens that a bad atmosphere in an environment results precisely from the presence of evil spirits or evil spiritual persons. Therefore, it is worth knowing that for their removal from some surroundings, the main efforts should focus on people staying there, and not on a given room. It is equally important to recognize if the cause of the trouble is really bad ghosts or maybe bad spiritual person. Evil spirits, or demons, are often able to spread a bad atmosphere on their own initiative, while evil spiritual person must be directed by them.  However, in most cases, it is only about the lost ghosts of the dead who have a not too big impact on people.

The operation of a real evil spirit happens very rarely, because the vast majority of people on Earth do not create conditions for its interference. This is an evil spirit who is a fallen angel directly subordinate to Satan, or a so-called devil or demon. He can posses some people, especially those affected by nervous distress. Yet another negative influence on people is the evil spiritual person of a dead man who is also subject to Satan in the spiritual world. However, it focuses only on a single person with a similar bad character. Both these spiritual beings can be called evil spirits, although the difference between them is significant.  This is especially true exorcists for whom removing an evil spiritual person is a hundred times easier than expelling a demon.

Fortunately, the vast majority of cases of evil spiritual interaction that we face in life is simply the result of inadequate synchronization of someone with the spiritual people of the dead. They "stick" to the individual most often and affect only him. This cannot, of course, be called a positive situation, because different madmen or people defined as mentally ill can have a bad influence on the environment. In this case, as I explained before, someone with a strong personality supported by a great knowledge of spiritual phenomena must help them. Doctors psychiatrists and hospital wards for the mentally ill have little to do in such cases.

To sum up the problem of the impact of people from the spiritual world on people on Earth, one should somehow assess the scale of their impact on our lives. Of course, I am not able to determine the percentage of this impact, but it is certainly a fact. Of course, the negative impact described above on individual individuals from evil spiritual people or evil spirits is rather marginal. Unfortunately, the Earth is still deprived of the presence of God, and evil spirit beings can feel "at home" on it. For this reason, we have had the same offense, crimes, conflicts and wars for thousands of years. I have no doubt that the influence of the evil spiritual world is many times stronger than the influence of this good, connected with God.

This information is not very optimistic, but it is still true. It is a clear message about what a difficult task awaits humanity on the way to the salvation of the world.























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