A world without evil and the present world


Where do we actually live now?

God is eternal and perfect, and also infinitely good. Such assumptions accepted that in the previous chapters in the analysis of his existence. The divine concept of the world should be the same. It means that the world, or our civilization, should be eternal, perfect and, above all, good. Just ideal world.

And what is it?  Certainly far from ideal. It is imperfect, full of prophecies about its end; and generally rather bad than good. You can even treat it like a big place deprived of liberty. It's quite apt to convey our situation to the following description. Imagine that from birth we live in prison, isolated from the world by its walls. So what do we know about the right life? Probably only as much as the guards directed by the head of the prison allow us. It is similar in our reality. In the previous chapter, I tried to explain exactly who is the "commander" of our "prison".

If the world means the totality of our civilization, then both it and the people who live on it and create this civilization are to a large extent the denial of the original intentions of the Creator. The difference is so fundamental that one can name the world established by God - the heaven, and the world around us - hell. And this is how we understand the definitions of heaven and hell used in this study.

People have always wanted a perfect world in the hope that they will be able to live in an absolutely good, stable and perfect environment. This desire was expressed by striving for the existence of eternal goodness, happiness and true love. People just dreamed of something that was meant to be their destiny. Most of them have sensed that God should be the guarantor of all these dreams.

For a better understanding of the current state of civilization, one should first describe the state of the world that would arise if at the beginning of the history of mankind everything would go according to the Will of the Creator. This is the ideal world, some religions call the Kingdom of Heaven. If everything developed in accordance with the plan of the Creator, today, after the millennia of such a human civilization, we would live in a reality that most elements are now difficult to imagine.

The fact is, however, that the perfect world has never been created and we have no idea what it would look like. Even if it did exist now, it would be a result of salvation.  Still, we would have trouble understanding the original concept of the Creator. The most important thing is that we should know where we are going and what the world should really look like without evil. Below I present my comments on this subject.

For sure at the beginning of the restoration of the ideal world, there would be a fundamental difference between this new, saved one, and the one that would evolve from the very beginning without the presence of evil and under the patronage of the Creator. Of course, certain elements of this newly-formed Kingdom of Heaven would be noticeable immediately, because God's supremacy would take place in him. However, due to the multiplicity of aspects of this change, it would only take hundreds of years to see such an image of the ideal world as it was in the original assumption of the Creator.  Everything should actually depend on the efforts of people who will work on making up for losses.  There will be a huge task for humanity and it is not enough for us to say that the ideal reality is one in which everyone loves and behaves like brothers and sisters.  That is why it is worth trying to find out what is hidden by the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world.

The most important feature of the ideal world is the constant presence of God in him.  We will notice it above all in the form of His omnipresent Parenthood. It will give everyone the assurance that he is loved and that he is embraced by perfect divine protection. The practical realization of this care will be accomplished through people and beings from the spiritual world, providing people with security in all areas of life. All surprises will only have the character of discovering man's greater possibilities for nature and the entire cosmos. The invisible presence of Divine Energy, which harmoniously harmonizes with existing forms of energy and matter, will be a kind of guarantee of this security.  Divine Energy is needed because the inhabitants of the Earth will change the natural environment for their needs. Our environment in a "raw" state was stable, but a man, bringing his creative abilities, develops it and adds other, new structures, which can affect the balance of nature. Therefore, there is a need for a constant force stabilizing it to the level of a harmoniously functioning whole.  God, however, does not have to manage God's energy. This role will be taken over by fully mature individuals who, after reaching the level of maturity, or personal perfection, will be able to represent the Creator. Angels and people from the spiritual world will be able to help, with whom they should have easy mental communication.  God will remain in the physical world as if in the background, because he can only be fully present in the perfect spiritual world.

In turn, the physical world will become like a kindergarten, school and university of life.  Of course, both people and angels, bringing up the children of Heavenly Father on Earth, should depend on His presence, because as omniscient and omnipotent, He can foresee all possible events. He will remain the guardian of all His children, for such a good father should be. I do not want to speak now broadly on economic, social and political topics concerning the organization of the Kingdom of Heaven. I know that people will determine what can be good for them. I will only emphasize that in an ideal world the legal system should act in accordance with a constitution based on God's laws, and the government should play the role of an orderly and protective organization.  Of course, there will be no army, police or prisons, but all sorts of security services, for example order service of land, sea and air traffic, should act.  Probably there will be no separate countries on the globe, but rather some communities or cultural zones. There will be a huge development of science and technology. Probably the major part of the physical work will be taken over by specialized robots. Our surroundings will remain in their original state. The earth's atmosphere should be clean and healthy in this environment, as well as food. Humanity will certainly organize a rich cultural life to develop the talents and abilities of every human being. Thousands of other matters will be effectively subordinated to the development of a particular human individual, so that it will reach perfection as soon as possible, preparing it for eternal life. All this indicates a completely different level of existence on our planet. Such life is colloquially called "life as in heaven", because the heaven in this saying means the Kingdom of Heaven both on Earth and in the spiritual world. A characteristic feature of such a Kingdom is constant contact between the immaterial world and the physical world, and possibly even contact with other areas of existence in some remote part of the universe. In addition, a very important social value in the everyday functions of the ideal world will be the spiritual presence of those who have already completed their stay on Earth. Thanks to the openness to the environment beyond time and space, it will be possible to interact with current inhabitants of other places in space, which will result in the emergence of one great universe human family.

The conclusion from this is simple: we are living in hell today, and this world, this civilization that surrounds us, has little to do with God, moreover, it is simply anti–divine. To call her satanic is quite understandable, because only a being called Satan, realizing the concept of a world contrary to the concept of God, could guide the history of humanity on the present tracks.

From the point of view of the original plan of the Creator, humanity has been thrown out of the proper reality prepared by Him.  In place of a scenario of life established for man, which is to prepare us for a happy, eternal presence in the spiritual world, an illusion has been created that separates us from the true sense of existence. In the present reality, we hardly ever prepare ourselves for the fundamental and most important part of our further existence. The only exceptions are various religious congregations and certain few groups of people, sometimes acting among us. Despite the signals from their side, we are still effectively drowning in ourselves the need to prepare for the second, most important part of our lives. We are surrounded by the structure of the fallen world, for centuries created largely from the inspiration of the perpetrator of this state, Satan. This is his great work. It is from his invisible physical influence that we arrange our everyday life, creating a hell.  It takes us 24 hours a day and effectively diverts our attention from the proper meaning of life. One can say that Satan has arranged the world for us, and we have "bought" it.

It is clear, therefore, that the lack of knowledge about the roots of evil has made huge havoc in the mentality of the inhabitants of our globe. Today, we feel this effect particularly. Philosophers of various kinds still feed us with the statement that the existence of evil is necessary to properly understand good. This is obviously absurd in the light of the above description of the world under the authority of God.  Most theologians continue to give us the wrong knowledge that Heavenly Father has allowed evil, that we, with free will, may choose between good and evil. For they forgot that God did not create this evil, so no admission or choice is possible. Unfortunately, this is another absurdity that makes a lot of confusion. That's why I pay attention to this in this study.

I remind you that in a perfect world people will be looked after by their spiritual educators – angels. There will also be active people from the spiritual world who have already lived their time on Earth and have come to perfection. Of course, children who start life in such a perfect reality should be brought up well through parents and teachers mature to this role. They are to give them before all rights and principles from the Creator. Unfortunately, this is not happening in current reality. God's Providence works, but it is drowned out by the devastated moral standards that have been in our civilization for thousands of years. We are now led by the Fallen Teacher of the Garden of Eden and his evil spirits. At the same time, the practical influence of good angels and saints from the spiritual world is minimal, because we are not ready to receive them ourselves. It is a pity that the standards of good coming from the Creator are not known in our daily lives.  Without them, we do not know something absolutely objective, which can be invoked when assessing what is good and what is bad. Therefore, often in practice, we cannot distinguish between good and evil. At the same time, people who promote God's values ​​are treated as mentally disturbed people, haunted or, at best, over-zealous. This is due to the excessive influence of Satan and his demons. You can, of course, try to maximally avoid their impact, but you cannot avoid the impact of the surrounding society with its models far away from ideal and standards of life. It is difficult to isolate our children from the evil education system in education or ourselves from the governments of politically incorrectly elected politicians or various evil leaders inspired by evil.

However, there are those who see that something is wrong with our present world.

This can be better understood by watching the movie trilogy titled "Matrix".  From this movie, it appears that there may be two different worlds in parallel: virtual (untrue) and the real one. The vast majority of people, living their lives, do not notice this abnormal state, because they cannot imagine anything else. In the movie "Matrix" the power over people was taken over by intelligent machines that created the illusion of a normal world for people, and in fact imprisoned them in "their reality". They also did not allow them to understand their true, real reality and ruthlessly eliminated individuals trying to explain to others the truth about their present condition.  In this film, good is identified with real freedom, because the main hero hears the sentence: "The Matrix has imprisoned you".

I too, referring to this sentence, say: Satan has imprisoned us. We left the world of God and found ourselves in a reality reminiscent of a huge prison, so large that it is difficult to see its limits. This is the hell in which we live.

The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is an event symbolically depicting their exclusion from the world of God, that is, from the realm of the good that this biblical "garden" was. After all, there was not a garbage behind his gate for the creator's unsuccessful works. Besides, the "garden" stretched a kind of abyss, the sphere of evil not created by God, but created after the fall of Adam and Eve not by Him.  We live in a world that "biblically" can be called "east of Eden".  It is a world of spiritual death with a very limited degree of perception of true reality. In short, our civilization is carried out completely outside of God, that is, it exists outside of His Reality and His Will.

In the Garden of Eden there was also the interruption of education of God's children. To this day, we have not even come close to the level of knowledge planned for us by the Creator. I mean, first of all, spiritual knowledge, because this is what the people themselves have provided themselves with, thanks to science. The exclusion of a man from the Garden of Eden made him a spiritually flawed creature, that is, ignorant and far from perfect. God's spiritual omniscience was to be given to the first people by the Archangel and the angels who accompanied him, but because of the fall, it did not happen. The lack of this teaching has not been made up to date, despite the efforts of the prophets, saints, Jesus Christ and the leaders of countless religious denominations. Satan continues to guard his position "the god of this world". He does not allow the children of Heavenly Father to raise their level of spiritual knowledge beyond those who had fallen before their fall in the biblical "Garden". After leaving this place, we stopped in development at a fairly low level. As a result, we very poorly understand God as well as the spiritual world with its laws and principles. Religions only provide us with a rudimentary understanding of the Creator, or rather limit ourselves to presenting us with the principles of faith in Him. Meanwhile, learning about God and the eternal spiritual world beyond time and space should develop as the scientific thought has been developing for many centuries. Unfortunately, this is not happening and this fact determines the great disability of human civilization. In light of the above argument, I am also aware of the deficiencies in my proper understanding of the ideal state of all-creation.

Imagine that the ideal and eternal world is like a great spherical area, a huge sphere on which a hideous cancer has grown up. Actually, all people should live in this sphere containing the Heavenly Kingdom. Meanwhile, so far, no one lives in it, because all people are outside this sphere, actually in this kind of cancer, which is still on its surface and feeds on its cost.


It seems that the environment in which we live is only a sick degeneration of the world parasitizing the work of God. Based on this degenerate state, a new structure has been created that pretends to be the right world. In summary, our current civilization is not only an artificial, but also a sick creature, which must be liquidated in time. For this is a creation incompatible with the Will of God, and this means that it is not eternal.

Now it is easier to understand the words in the Bible: "My kingdom is not of this world". (John 18:36) or "I came down from heaven" (John 6:38) because they concern someone, who belongs to the ball, but temporarily came into the cancer attached to it. Such a person was Jesus Christ.  He and people who understand the primary purpose of creating the world and living in such a hell are people who do not belong to reality, as if alien on Earth. At the same time their life is constantly threatened. They are like sheep among wolves.

We can now imagine what Jesus wanted to do. He simply intended to lead us out of this cancer or from hell on Earth. It was His way to restore our lives. However, he was not recognized as the true guide, although he spoke about himself: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14, 6).  People in his time closed their way to the Kingdom of Heaven and replaced the truth with untruth, or evil. The Jewish nation, choosing untruth, lost several thousand years of building the road to the Kingdom of Heaven and several thousand years of efforts of its central figures preparing it for the coming of the Savior.  And in this untruth he lives to this day.

Every lie is evil. This evil is very easily formed around us. It is different with good, which in our reality is created with great difficulty. To build a house, you need many months or even years of hard work. However, such a house can be destroyed within a few seconds, for example blowing it up with dynamite.

Truth is a good that we know for years and even for many centuries. Meanwhile, untruth, like evil, can destroy the truth in a few seconds. This is how the fallen world functions, that is our hell.

How is it that Satan rules over people, or simply over our world?

As I wrote, as a result of the fall of the first people, a sphere functioning outside the original structure of the emerging world was created, never unplanned by the Creator. This sphere is a fallen world. It is completely outside of God and beyond His control. So it can function in a completely different life than in the reality foreseen in the plans of the Creator.

In the Garden of Eden, Heavenly Father warned His children that the consumption of "forbidden fruit" will lead to a certain death. This was an extraordinary exception to all other "fruits from the trees of this garden". It was a signal of the possibility of the emergence of an extremely dangerous state, existing outside of God, i.e. the state of spiritual death. It is an exception to eternity and immortality, which are derived from the eternal and immortal God. He has no death in Him, so He is not the source of death. If it appeared, it certainly did not come from Him and He had nothing to do with it. Then in the Garden of Eden there was a unique, exceptional situation, not originating from God and being like a malignant tumor. It was created by the first people led by Archangel Lucifer. An exception was created in God's created universe, which was not only death but some state unknown to Him. This death can only be averted by a second birth. I will write about it in the chapter on salvation.

So the first couple of people "consumed" this unique "fruit" and, according to the announcement of the Creator, died. Of course, Adam and Eve continued to live physically, but they became dead in the world under the authority of God and began a form of existence unknown to the Creator in a completely new world being hell. According to this reasoning, all people who have been born on Earth since then, including those who are currently living, are spiritually dead. We inherit death from its bearer, Satan. We wear it in the form of a fallen nature.

The first people as a result of the fall were like "soaked" with evil. In addition, this phenomenon is hereditary. From the first moments of the appearance of every new person in the world, something likes an "algorithm" of evil works for him. Although the spiritual person, which the Creator gives us, is pure, that is, without evil, immediately after our birth this "algorithm" creates a fallen nature in us. In a short time it effectively damps the original one. Therefore, in contrast to God, we know both good and evil. We are, therefore, in the middle between God and Satan, that is, between Him who knows only good and who knows only evil.

Fallen nature first and foremost manifests itself in the lack of direct contact with God, the inability to see His fundamental rights and principles, and the failure to realize the proper course of life assigned to man. I showed that it has its roots in the fall process in the Garden of Eden. Then Satan became the "father" of humanity. All his intentions, thoughts and ways of action, created in him during the fall from the state of good Archangel Lucifer to the condition of an evil being called Satan, have moved on to people. They became his heirs in a new evil kingdom called hell. Embodied in the personality of Satan, fallen nature has been inherited by all the spiritual persons of people coming into the world in a fallen world. It functions next to our original nature. Unfortunately, the original one did not develop enough and was drowned out by this fallen one. Religions call what happened in the Garden of Eden, the original sin, and unanimously express the conviction that this sin is inherited by all people, regardless of our will. We are just born with this sin which manifests itself constantly in the form of a fallen nature. Both original sin and fallen nature cannot be simply removed from human beings. Therefore, humanity needs salvation, which in a nutshell is a process opposite to the process of the first man's fall. I write about salvation elsewhere, and now I have to explain the basic features of man's fallen nature.

The operation of the fallen nature can be clearly seen in the wrong assessment of the Omniscience of the Creator and His participation in the creation of good. The personality of a man burdened with fallen nature does not understand how God functions. Fallen people are unable to recognize the fact that God does not know evil and does not participate in the life of the fallen world. In the meantime, only we know good and evil. Based on our state, we impose on ourselves a vision of the Creator who knows both good and evil. This vision also refers to the assessment that God knows everything, including the fact of evil and everything can, including the possibility of destroying evil at any moment. However, I say that God cannot know something that he has not created and cannot destroy something he does not know. With all my awareness I use the statement that He does not know evil and cannot eliminate it without the help of people. In this situation, the only solution is to rely on the action of our original nature to at least understand the Creator a little.

As I wrote before, these qualities were created in the process of the fall of the Archangel and the first people. During the fall, the hierarchy of the created world was turned upside down. People adopted the concept of understanding reality from the Archangel, and rejected the concept of the Creator, because they did not implement the warning about not eating "the fruit". In this way, evil penetrated the sphere of human personality and became a source of fallen nature, or something in the shape of a distorted character. Every day every feature of our fallen nature manifests itself in the frequent domination of evil over good, in practice - lies over the truth. This results above all in the lack of knowledge of truths and principles from God. All power, even the democratically elected one, has a tendency to dominate over people, to take away their freedom, to force them to act according to its principles, which rarely have anything to do with the original rules of life, prepared by the Creator. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel, a servant of God and man, unlawfully ruled over the children of God. This state has moved to our social life because there are still many tyrants, magnates or bad leaders ruling humanity, leading us to create evil even on a large scale. I will mention here only the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler, who could negatively influence the powerful nation, making him participate in the atrocities of the war he opened. There has been an incredible genocide that has never happened on this planet before on this scale.

The process of fall has also shown that the inheritance of evil is transmitted through a sexual act which, in the Creator's original intention, was to serve something extremely different: the transfer of the heritage of good from God. The transmission of life on His behalf results from the power of love and should be the happiest event for every human being. The transmission of life on His behalf results from the power of love and should be the happiest event for every human being. Meanwhile, this act and its effects are another basic mechanism used to maintain our fallen nature. Everyone knows about sexual degeneration, about harm done by sexual cravings, about crimes against this background. Despite thousands of years of human civilization, it has never been possible to remedy this problem, which unfortunately dominates interpersonal relations. What was supposed to bring the greatest happiness and joy is now the source of uninterrupted disasters and tragedies. That is because the fallen nature cannot be eradicated by any teaching methods or even by means of legal coercion. Human civilization can only be remedied through the process of salvation, which every human being should understand. For now, however, our fallen nature continues to sustain the existing hell.

You can still use another way to explain our current situation.

Satan took control of the first people, while still as Archangel Lucifer raising the children of God, he desired the highest level of love to which he had no right. This meant his efficient participation in the "consumption of fruit" in the Garden of Eden.  Having the position of a teacher and educator of God's children, he used it and continued to use it to rule over humanity. He illegally continues the mission entrusted to him, to which he has already lost his right. Through this, however, he became a father and god for all generations of humanity. He closed people like under a big glass bowl and wants to be absolutely omnipotent in it. In most cases, its activities are effective. He stopped the spiritual development of humanity at a level no higher than the one to which the first people in the Garden of Eden arrived. Thanks to this, he still has an advantage over "his" pupils. Therefore, he rules in this "glass bowl" and, above all, prevents people from understanding what the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world should look like. That is why our knowledge of metaphysical phenomena is so miserable. It is in the interest of Satan that our Heavenly Father would be somewhere far from His children, distant and unattainable, mysterious and incomprehensible.  Additionally, in order to distract people from his learning, he makes constant efforts to make learning about God practically not develop and be blocked by prohibitions and dogmas proclaimed by religions. It's the same with Jesus Christ.  Oblivious to his actions, the leaders of various Christian denominations removed Jesus to the inaccessible heavens instead of leaving him among the people, so that he would always be a companion of our lives. Thanks to this situation, Satan can still be very close to us. We live, therefore, under this "bowl" as in a cage, separated from our Creator and from a good spiritual world.  This is our fallen civilization.

In connection with the above conclusion, one may be tempted to say that in our world all institutions are more or less serving Satan, acting in this way to maintain his power over people. There are no exceptions. Regardless of whether it is an economic, social, political, scientific, educational or religious institution, they serve to maintain the reign of the "ruler of this world". It is particularly surprising to include religious institutions on this list, that is, churches, confessions or denominational movements. While teaching their faith in God, they should constantly show the evil power of the fallen Archangel Lucifer, who took the place of God. However, they rarely do it, as if they had something else, more important to do. It is known, however, that such a reminder of the existence of Satan is not in his interest. He constantly hides his identity and does not want religious organizations to show his ubiquity in society. So long as clergymen do not act against their interests, their activity will not be related to the most important task that should become their real mission. Meanwhile, their activities fill only a secondary niche in society, as if a separate place outside everyday life.  They usually have nice buildings and good living conditions for clergy. This allows Satan to control these institutions, giving them the illusion that they are doing something for the sake of salvation. This routinely calms both their leaders and followers. People from time to time perform some denominational practices and have a calm conscience that they fulfill their duty to God. Thus, very important human activity for the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven is directed to the side track. In addition, every deviation from the current norm is absolutely eliminated by Satan with people's hands. An example is Jesus himself, whose activities were primarily tried by the then priests. If one of His apostles came to the synagogue and asked any priest whether he would follow Jesus, he would certainly receive a negative answer. This is also the case today. Orthodox religious institutions make sure that nobody violates their position, especially teaching about the power of Satan and human weakness towards him. That is why the fallen world goes on so long.

Thus, Satan invariably persists invisible and as if absent from the backstage of our civilization. However, he actually has a decisive influence on the whole of our life. And being in hell is a difficult experience for most people, and sometimes even a great suffering.

I must make it clear that we live as if locked in a "ghetto" overseen by Satan and separated from the world of God. Thus, a "wall" or otherwise a barrier between the physical and spiritual world was created. Therefore, we do not know the spiritual world waiting for us, we have no idea what is in it, how it lives there and what happens to us after entering it. We are still helpless in front of the border between the reality of space-time and the sphere beyond time and space.

In summary, it must be said that our world seems to be sinking into the abyss. A hell existed completely outside of God. An important hope is that this state will end sometime. I will write about it in the next chapter on the end of the world.

End of the world”,

































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