End of the world


Fear of the end of the world and for eternal hell 

No, there will be no such thing as the end of the world in the sense of the physical destruction of humanity, or the total destruction of our physical world, which the Creator himself would have done. It is this role that some religious denominations attribute to Him, joining His activity as the Sovereign Judge. In the meantime, it must be said that God did not create laws of nature and then break them. Specifically, He did not bring our world to life for destruction. After all, creating an environment for living for His children, He did not foresee their fall, nor did he have present evil in His plans. God is eternal, and so His works should also be eternal, no matter how people behave.

The perfect world being created was destroyed by Satan and the first people not physically but spiritually. This happened without any physical disasters, so the repair of damage will also take place through spiritual change. This repair is called salvation, or more precisely: the restoration of the world to the state originally foreseen by the Creator.

Many religions announce the end of the world as a total cataclysm, sometimes as the Last Judgment in the form of a global spectacle, and sometimes as the total end of an existing human civilization. Fortunately, this should not happen in a literal way, and those who are waiting for similar events make a serious mistake.

Evil, and hence, evil (fallen) human civilization, has its source in the "triangle": Adam, Eve and Satan. This configuration was created without the participation of God and not his fault. God cannot repair what He did not break. That is why it is necessary to repair fallen human civilization by removing people from this "triangle" of Satan, and by introducing God in its place. For this reason, the word renewal is also used to determine salvation.

During this process, regardless of God's Providence, a stream of love flows from Heavenly Father. This fact does not let us forget our Creator and gives us the power to believe in Him. This is despite the fact that it is difficult to see in moral terms that the world will become better and reduces the level of evil. The Creator has offered this love to us from the very beginning of creation. It is immutable like Him. It has always stimulated our life energy needed for a happy passage of physical life. This is what I mean first and foremost, I understand God's indirect support for people living in a fallen world.

The end of the world is most often associated with the Last Judgment and with terrible punishments for so-called sinners. I hope that my opinion that it will not be so will be forgiven by all those who believe that the worst of us for their evil lives and many sins will justly end up in boundless torments for perpetual hell (that is, to the one in the spiritual world). It would be the most terrible punishment for people. It would consist not only in endless suffering, but also in the final separation from God. It is believed by representatives of many religions and the entire humanity is threatening this phenomenon. The source of such thinking is a sense of historical justice or even a kind of satisfaction stemming from the belief that the evil deeds of people must be punished. Sometimes these "righteous" use words like "May you be fried forever in hell!". However, it is worth considering whether the historical justice prepared by the Creator really is supposed to look like? I assure everyone that this is not God's point of view, because hell cannot be eternal. I can already hear the voices of those who find that the lack of fear of eternal damnation is very "un-educational".

I believe that our Creator is not a God-Avenger. He is a Father, and a very loving Father. In general, we know how an ordinary "earthly" parent should behave towards their children. God is a hundred times better father than even the best parent. He does not reject anyone because it’s Him who created every man.  Therefore He could not seek his defeat by perpetually rejecting His own children.  The Heavenly Father's love is eternal and unconditional. The fall of His children could not weaken His love, on the contrary, if possible, he strengthened it even more.

It follows that God does not need to be afraid, but on the contrary, it is only to love Him. One can be afraid of threats resulting from the existence of evil. At the same time, the fear of evil can be very limited, apologizing to people for wrongdoing and repairing what we have spoiled. Then you will no longer have to live in fear of some "just" punishment from God.

You can certainly worry about the end of the world caused by the people themselves. Especially since the invention of the atomic bomb, we have been asking ourselves questions about the possibility of a nuclear holocaust of humanity. This would be a black scenario for our civilization, which I am writing about in a special chapter at the end of this study. Then the question arises whether such a total suicide of humanity would not be a defeat of the Creator at the same time. I will also answer this question in the mentioned chapter.

Undoubtedly, the elimination of evil and bringing to an end the satanic civilization is a task for us - people living on Earth and in the spiritual world. This is because we participated in the creation of evil, only we know it and only we, unlike God, should take responsibility for its elimination. The Savior can help us the most. To some extent, we can count on the support of angels. On the other hand, we have to take into account the phenomenon of the destruction of our efforts by Satan and his subordinates.

Whereas, help from God does not act directly, but in the form of Divine Providence. It exists from the very beginning of humanity. It is based on the operation of His laws and principles that guide everything He has created to a state of perfection. From the beginning, it was a mainstay of stability for the entire creation, something like a plane of balance for all changes taking place during the creation of the ideal world. It was to help people especially during their imperfect state, when the Creator himself could not interfere with their development. Hence it has the character of "top-down" care of Heavenly Father directed at bringing people to the level of His children and the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven. It acquired a special meaning after the fall of Adam and Eve. It began to act as a permanent signpost to the lost people in the fallen world, the correct direction of the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Her renewing activity became apparent immediately, when Archangel Lucifer took power over people and led to their downfall. Already in the next generation, Abel, thanks to her action, could drag Cain to the side of good. Unfortunately, there was another failure. Next, the story still ran in a similar way. Whenever the next interference of Satan led to the fall of anyone who acted for the sake of salvation, then Providence indicated the way out of this bad situation. As a result of the correct reading of its direction, such leading figures as Noah, Abraham, Moses or, finally, Jesus Christ himself appeared. In this way, Divine Providence indirectly supports the process of the salvation of the world. However, God does not help us directly, because he does not know evil, but knows only good.

Adam and Eve were a "window" through which God would connect with His children. They were replaced by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They are now the "window" or the bridge between God the Father and the evil world. It is them and people who should participate in the end of evil. It must end sometime, because it is a transitory, do not made by God, state that illegally appeared in the universe created by Him.

Therefore, with the end of evil, with the end of the reign of Satan and his fallen world, the so-called  "Eternal hell", both in the physical and spiritual world, will end. It will be the end of the world, but the evil one, fallen, under the dominion of Satan. It will also be the beginning of the proper world, the one under the authority of God.

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