Salvation of the world


What conditions must be met for the world to be saved?

Salvation is a time-extended process of transition from the state of the fallen world in which there is omnipresent evil and whose "master" is Satan, to the state originally foreseen by the Creator, or to the creation of a good world under the authority of God. Colloquially, it means the type of repair or renewal. In religious terminology, it can also mean resurrection, or return to eternal life under the authority of Heavenly Father.

In this chapter, I will try to analyze the conditions under which humanity may be fully saved and the world without evil will come.

Imagine that this moment could take place in several dozen years.

So what is needed for this?

My previous texts explained why there was a bad, fallen world. Let me remind you that our good world was stopped in its development and, coming out from under the care and fatherhood of God, he came under Satan's rule. Here are the so-called boundary conditions needed to carry out the analysis of the world's salvation process.


1. The first and basic level of analysis is based on the fact that God is the perfect Creator and His Will, originally established, should be realized, no matter what situation Adam, Eve and Lucifer prepared for Him. God is unchangeable and His original plan will be realized at some point because it is a perfect plan.

2. The second level of analysis of this phenomenon, which should be understood in the perspective of the entire history of the creation of the world, is based on explaining the situation of the Garden of Eden. Adam was without sin, and in this state he was to attain the level of perfect man. Among other things, he also had, as a son of God, demonstrate his superiority over the world of angels. He also received from the Creator a life partner subject to the same criteria, because she was also the daughter of God. Together they were to create the perfect first married couple. Therefore, in order to initiate the salvation of the world, we need a reborn Adam, or the Son of God and the reborn by him Eve, or Daughter of God. This is absolutely a key and basic condition for the salvation of mankind.

3. The third level of analysis of the concept of the way to salvation is based on the conclusions of the mission of Jesus Christ. He was born in the chosen people waiting for the coming of the Messiah. At the very beginning of the mission, He showed His personal perfection by overcoming the temptation of Satan. This showed His superiority over Satan. It also allowed Him to confirm his authority as the Son of God and to restore Adam's position. Thanks to this, Jesus Christ can be a role model for people.

4. The fourth level of analysis of the phenomenon of salvation concerns the necessary participation of people and angels in this process. One should take into account the fact that salvation is not an unexpected grace from God. The Creator's participation in this process should be based on the work of His Providence, in order to bring mankind back to the symbolic Garden of Eden. This will happen in response to the victory over Satan, worked out by the Savior, people and angels.

5. The fifth level of analysis concerns the ways to recognize the Returning Savior.

Let me begin first with a whole range of questions about the First Coming of the Savior, or rather events related to the last period of Jesus Christ's presence in the physical world.

Jesus lived among people on Earth for 40 days after His resurrection, as if He was one of us. Could such a situation happen again, this time in the form of his long stay? Logically, it is worth taking into account. If it does, it is necessary to ask whether it will be recognized by those who expect it to descend from heaven in great glory and in the form of a universal spectacle. It is known that during these 40 days of presence in the physical world, the apostles often did not recognize Him, and even had to prove their identity to them, for example to the Apostle Thomas. Jesus unexpectedly appeared and disappeared, you could not recognize Him by the voice. Additionally, you have to ask what happened between successive appearances among the apostles.

Jesus ended His visible earthly activity two thousand years ago, promising that He would return. Christians are waiting for His return and are wondering when this will happen. Often they do not know whether it should be passive or active waiting. It may happen that it will come to us in a similar way as during the 40 days after the resurrection. Looking at the sky can therefore be ineffective.  What would happen if he appeared as a Muslim Mahdi?  Would he be accepted by all other religions? Or maybe, according to the theory of reincarnation proclaimed by Far Eastern religions, will he be born as a different physical person? Perhaps He will be His reincarnation in another body unknown to us?  How to recognize Him then?

How then should the Second Coming of the Savior take place?

There is no doubt that it was not God who caused the first men to fall, and therefore God would not repair what was corrupted in the Garden of Eden, means on Earth. Therefore, the process of salvation must take place between Adam, Eve and Satan.  It will happen here on Earth.

Since both the First Adam and the Second Adam were born on Earth, the coming Savior must also be born on Earth. It is not surprising, therefore, that in recent years, many so-called "messiahs" have emerged who aspire to the role of an appropriate savior. Unfortunately, these "gentlemen" cannot show birth without original sin, that is, without a satanic lineage. Meanwhile, the First Adam had a pure lineage inherited directly from God. For the pure pedigree of the Second Adam, Jesus of Nazareth, the chosen nation earned, or rather selected figures of the Old Testament. These people, with their faith, their actions, and especially fulfillment of the conditions of separation from the influence of Satan, have cleared from his interference the womb of Mary, from which the awaited Savior, the Son of God, Jesus Christ could have been born.  Angels helped them, because their participation was a necessary condition for the whole process of salvation to succeed. Therefore, in the final phase of his preparation, the Archangel Gabriel could communicate to Mary the conception of the Son of God.

If we are to name the future Savior, he must be like the Third Adam, also the Son of God and also the Son of Man. It is best to call Him a Returning Savior. A lot of saints, martyrs and other figures of the modern era have been working and purifying the womb of a woman from whom he will be born. In my opinion, none of the "messiahs" known to me can be shown to be born of a pure womb, without original sin, that is, having a divine lineage. Therefore, we can calmly not bother with their heads. In addition, this Returning Savior should be able to demonstrate his superiority and power over the world of angels, and above all to Satan, which has not yet been accomplished by any of the "messiahs" known to me so far.

Probably the news of this coming Savior in the era of radio, television and the Internet will spread around the world like lightning and you certainly will not have to look at the sky to see it. This is how the angels advised to follow up Jesus' apostles after His miraculous disappearance (Acts 1:11).

How should the salvation process go?

Just as God gave Adam Eve, so too should a woman appear in the chosen environment of great faith, as if she was the Third Eve for the Returning Savior.  What should have happened is what the Jewish people who did not prepare for Jesus the Bride (Second Eve) did not meet because of a lack of faith in the Son of God. The key to salvation is therefore not only to recognize and believe in the Returning Savior, but also to accept the woman who is prepared for him, whose task will be the revival of Eve's position.

In the original plan of God, Adam and Eve were to be the first ancestors for all mankind, that is, the first parents for future children of God. And so it finally has to happen. If the Returning Redeemer and the Reborn Evil appear on Earth, who will replace Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, then they will finally have the opportunity to return to this "garden". When they achieve personal perfection and create the perfect marriage pair, the situation will give rise to a real beginning of humanity, and Satan will automatically lose his position as the "god of this world".

All the people who are living now and those who are already in the spiritual world will be able to join in the pedigree of the reborn parents of humanity in order to return to the "womb" of Heavenly Father. This process will have the character of adoption supported by the will of both parties.

This is how the originally prepared history of humanity will begin again.

I must add important attention here. As we know, God could not force Adam and Eve to "not eat fruit" in the Garden of Eden. God could not, unfortunately, compel Cain not to kill Abel, as well as many other similar cases described in the Bible. Nor could he force people not to kill Jesus Christ. Therefore, it will not force anyone to accept the Returning Savior. That is because a man should realize his responsibility in an independent and free, without any compulsion, that is, in accordance with God's law.

Therefore, man's responsibility, independent of God, is his necessary participation in the renewal of the world and himself. It is the fulfillment of the necessary part of man's responsibility towards God. Otherwise, it is not possible to shape perfection in man and create a perfect world. I will write about it in the next chapter.

The salvation of the world must one day be accomplished, for God's Providence stands behind it. It does not mean, however, God's interference in the fallen world, but the functioning law of God, which one day will be put into practice. Therefore, it should be clearly stated whether in the process of salvation the Creator will act with us directly, or only angels and the spiritual persons engaged in salvation led by Jesus Christ will do it. I argue that God cannot directly steer the process of salvation, while it can be done by the people and angels led by the Savior. There is much biblical evidence that angels have continued to influence the process of world salvation since the fall of the Garden of Eden. Meanwhile, Christians invariably and contrary to logic believe in God's direct participation in this salvation. In particular, they claim that after many minor interventions of the Creator, the greatest took place when He sent His Son, that through His death and resurrection he would lead the salvation of the world.

In this situation, one must consider how to understand the Old Testament preparatory period for salvation differently. Suffice it to say that the birth of Jesus was prepared jointly by angels and people in order to fulfill the still existing Divine Providence. It was people who created a pure pedigree for Jesus, and the angels led them and supported them along this path. In this way, together, they opened the way to salvation. So it should be with the Returning Savior.

Therefore, in the process of the salvation of the world, the active participation of humanity is absolutely necessary. This is particularly evident in the "Cain-Abel mechanism" which I discussed in the chapter "God and the present world". This is a necessary process for pre-separating good from evil. It must be clear what good is and what evil is and who represents it. Exactly it is about indicating what comes from Heavenly Father, and what comes from the "god of this world". Of particular importance here is the clear identification of the identity of Satan.

When someone talks about a perfect world and sees God everywhere, the people around him usually think that everything is fine and no one questions it. Therefore, nobody should be accused of being haunted or insane when talking about a bad, fallen world and everywhere he sees the presence of Satan. A man who acts in such a way supports with his words the process of salvation, because he preaches the truth. Salvation is not something that "will do itself". It should be called for, because it will not be accomplished without full human involvement. The negative attitude of the Israeli nation was a terrible mistake, but a passive attitude towards this process is also a mistake. It will not be possible to save people without effort, and this maximum effort.

The returning Savior will save the world through teaching, which in the religious language means proclaiming the Word of God. This teaching should gradually embrace the whole world and convince all people that God is their Father, and that the coming Savior is the Son of God. At the same time, as described above, He should revive the situation of the Garden of Eden. Thanks to this, humanity will return to its roots again. All people will become children of God, Archangel Lucifer and his angels will return to the role of the servants of Heavenly Father and His children. Then the Creator will be able to announce the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven in the physical and spiritual world.

When assessing the current situation in the world, it must be stated that the tasks facing the Incoming Savior are extremely difficult.  Jesus Christ, in carrying out these tasks, gave His life to fill even a part of His mission in the form of the Redemption. It is difficult in this situation to discuss with the views of the majority of Christians who believe that this Coming Redeemer will be the same Jesus Christ who was crucified and resurrected 2,000 years ago.  In my opinion, it will be the continuation of His mission, anointed by Him.

The indifference of humanity to His efforts to save the world may be a certain danger to the Incoming Savior. Jesus did not allow himself to be ignored by people and Satan. At the cost of His life, He led to the Redemption. This time, His Continuator cannot repeat it, but He should convince all of humanity to His teaching. This is the greatest difficulty.

How difficult it is, we can assess the results of many years of teaching and efforts made by Pope John Paul II during his long life. It was evident how much he wanted to hit the Word of God with as many people as possible. Today we know that the level of evil in the world is not less than before the beginning of his pontificate, despite the fact that he has traveled the whole length and breadth of the world.























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