New searches and questions


Why did I create this website?

For many years I have been researching and analyzing knowledge about God, man and everything that religion deals with. I have conducted hundreds of conversations with my friends, colleagues, opponents and independent researchers. Hence, among other things, this study was created. I created this website to convey it. These are not only my thoughts, but also thoughts of hundreds of other people, smarter than me, independent researchers and good people.

What else do I look for?


How does God create new spiritual entities?

How did He create angels?

How did he create a spiritual person of a man?

How was it exactly with creation of Adam and Eve?

Seeking the answers to these questions I am still in many cases at an early stage.

Let me start with a topic about the origins of different beings.

I am looking for analogies between the emergence of physical and spiritual entities. By looking at how new physical entities arise, one can guess certain processes. They arise most often from spores or eggs in which the "preimages" of adult beings reside. These spores and eggs are most often produced in the wombs of parents. So what was the first thing: an egg or a chicken? Or maybe the Creator was first? I think that God is certainly the parent of all beings. They arise in Him as "preimages" and the Creator codes in them unique qualities, which are most often manifested only in mature individuals. Does God first bear a spiritual being in himself, as if in pregnancy, until he reaches the state qualifying him for independent existence, and then follows the emergence of such a being from Him? Is this the type of incubation? But do I reason well?


How is it possible that God created the Archangel who left his position, fell and pulled the first people behind him?

How is it possible that the Archangel may fall? He should be perfect at his level. However, he was not. Was the change to a higher level (the desire for love at the level of people) made him weak enough to fall? Was leaving the position the cause of the fall? I am still struggling with the question why God allowed the presence of this Archangel (the Serpent) in the Garden of Eden?

I have to think again about my description of the situation in the Garden of Eden, which I have accepted so far, and I still have doubts about the details. And that's where the proverbial devil is, or perhaps Lucifer himself? So…

The cause of the whole event in paradise was the desire for love, which was to affect only Adam and Eve, and it also moved to the Archangel Lucifer (the Serpent). The archangel, attracted and charmed by the love that was born in the first people, with a love he had never met at such a level, ignored the commandment "not to eat the forbidden fruit – love". The power of love is the greatest of all strength. With God, this power dominates over other forces, and so was the case for the man whom God created "in His image and likeness." God is perfect and everything in Him is in perfect balance. Meanwhile, man, still in the stage of development, it means in the imperfect state, received the power of love necessary to reach perfection. This situation posed some danger in the case of disorienting the power of love. Therefore, in this period of growth, to balance the power of the power of love, God gave a hint to man, or actually a ban, not to "eat fruit", i.e. not to arouse love between the First Woman and the Archangel. It turns out that disoriented love can destroy life instead of giving it. The Archangel apparently did not control the wrong direction of love and did not master his strength, despite the clear warning not to do so. This desire for love was so strong that it overwhelmed the Archangel and aroused the desire to achieve the level of love that Adam and Eve were following. It was a level of love for the children of God, while the Archangel knew only the level of love of a servant towards God and he had no right to the level of love for the children of God. Archangel and Eve had to know about it, because God clearly described it. How did it happen that the Archangel ignored the ban given by God? How did it happen that Eve accepted the love from the Archangel?

Unfortunately, I still struggle with a full understanding of this situation.


Can God possibly know evil, to some extent? Does He know about its existence? Or maybe Adam and Eve and all mankind got lost somewhere? Could God understand the mechanisms of evil? I think you have to give negative answers to the above questions.

So far, I am thinking in this way: If God knew evil and understood it, then evil would become a value with God. However, it is impossible for God to have something in common with evil! It seems that evil is like nothingness to Him, that is, evil is something outside Him. Evil had its beginning outside of God and will have an end outside of God. I think that only what God has created is eternal. God did not create evil and it must disappear at some point. Does my thinking make sense? Before I understand this better, I will strongly argue that God does not know evil.














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