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Satan's identity


I ended the previous chapter on the beginnings of evil with a cry: We are living in hell!

Despite the fall of the first people, the Creator is and will remain an Absolute for us, an unchanging "Rock"” and Eternal Ideal. Unfortunately, the fallen Archangel took his place and he took over the rule over people. This is an unlawful mission, started after the events in the Garden of Eden and continued despite the Will of God. It continues uninterrupted until today. On the basis of this position, he "masked" Our Father with himself, that is, he stood between Him and people. Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, instead of taking a position higher than the angels and subordinating themselves to the Archangel Lucifer, surrendered to his will and became servants of the servant of Heavenly Father. Thus, Satan, taking a dominant position with the children of God, actually became a god to humanity. This was done first by the spiritual domination of Eve, and then, through her, also Adam.

Originally Adam and Eve should reach perfection during the first part of their lives.  The Archangel Lucifer was to help them. Their coming to such a state should be considered the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven.  At that time, the first human couple would receive the status of God's perfect children, and the Archangel, God's servant, would cease to act as their educator and would become their servant. Unfortunately, there was a situation that I described previously. This wrong situation can only be changed by the attainment of the perfection of Adam and Eve or those who inherit their position. All generations of humanity are waiting for this event. Despite the efforts of many people, and above all Jesus Christ, this situation has not changed. Satan is still the "educator" of people, and at the same time their unlawful "god" and "father."

Therefore, I remind you that we live in an imperfect world in which people remain under the dominion of Satan. In our world, God is absent, because there cannot be any zone of life in which He and Satan work together in the same place. God has nothing to do with evil, or rather does not know its functioning, because evil exists completely outside of Him.

Quite the opposite is in our world, in which this evil exists together with good and in which it is difficult to see the superiority of the original laws and principles from the Creator over the evil laws inspired by Satan. Fortunately, there are still religions that define non-compliance with God's laws as evident evil. This statement is not only about religion, but also serves to define evil in general terms as non-compliance with the established law and universally accepted moral principles. For example, breaking a constitution of a state is clearly referred to as evil. Therefore, people who break the law, whether moral, state or divine, are bad people and can be treated as criminals.

An example of an ordinary good is a hanging lamp on the ceiling and illuminating the room. When it falls on our head, it can do evil. Therefore, it can be said that good is what should or should be originally. Therefore, referring to the previous sentence, evil is what it should not be. It is not somehow our fantasies, but something definitely substantial, that is, the most real and specific. It has its personal source. It is Satan. It is the embodiment of evil that has entered the human world.

This state, as I shown in this study, arose in the triangle Adam–Eve–Lucifer due to the wrong direction of love. At that time, a situation that was incompatible with God's laws was created. The truth of the children of the Creator was false, and, more specifically, a lie. It was spoken for the first time by Lucifer. It was like this. The truth from God concerned the fact that the consumption of "fruit" will cause death: "(…) you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die" (Genesis 2: 16-17).  And that's what happened.  As a result of the fall Adam and Eve died, of course only spiritually, but for Their Father it was tantamount to the full death of His children, or their falling out of His Jurisdiction and Reality. Lucifer opposed the truth from Heavenly Father his words: "You certainly will not die! God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know good and evil"(Genesis 3: 5-6). In this Lucifer statement, there are actually two lies: the first is that they will not die, and the second that God, apart from good, also knows evil. This second lie has been so pronounced that few are aware of its enormity and consequences. Almost all Christianity recognized that Lucifer was telling the truth, claiming that God knows evil. Meanwhile, Jesus had a clear opinion about Satan's statement: "He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies"(J 8, 44).  That is why on many pages of this study I show that our Creator knows no evil, and even cannot know it. Of course, Satan would very much want people to say that God knows evil and that his lie would become a common truth. That it would not be so, it is worth to trust the opinion of Jesus himself.

In the Garden of Eden, God asks, "Where are you, Adam?" (Gen 3, 9). Was Adam lost somewhere in the recesses of this Garden? Apparently something like this happened that they ceased to notice. The Heavenly Father is all-knowing in all universe, and so it is not simply getting lost. Adam seems to have fallen beyond the framework of the then world, whose image was the Garden of Eden.  He ceased to be "visible" because he found himself in the realm of an evil, unknown Creator. There is also no specific information that Adam has found himself, that is to say, whether he remained in the sphere subordinate to Heavenly Father. There was an exchange of opinions between them, but it only confirmed the fact that the Creator was losing control of man. From that moment on we learned the main nature of evil, a state that has nothing to do with God.  His children lost contact with him. They only had to communicate with the words "at a distance" because they were no longer together with their Heavenly Father. Thus, the first people left symbolically east of Eden, which is where one lives in a world unknown to our Creator. From that time on they had a new god, Satan.

Satan is the embodied evil that has entered the human world. He is the source of evil and its center and quintessence. He does not belong to the Creator Reality.  Both Lucifer and Satan are names of the same spiritual being, but with two completely separate personalities, as if they were two completely different spiritual persons. One, called Lucifer, as if froze in life activities, still having the pure nature of the originally created Archangel, and the other, called Satan, has only a fallen nature, or a new, bad side of the former Archangel.

Until the coming of Jesus, Satan was practically omnipotent in our world. After the saving work done by Christ, he lost some of his freedom to act, but for the average person he is still as dangerous as before. Just on the example of the Son of God and give you how to treat the fallen Archangel. It was Jesus who called him many times "the evil god of this world". He was aware of the power of the former Archangel. Therefore, preparing the salvation of the world, he decided to fight him individually first. After forty days of fasting in the desert, signifying separation from the influence of the fallen world, in a direct duel he proved that He is a Real Lord resistant to all attacks and temptations of "the god of this world". That is why we call Jesus Christ not only the Second Adam, but above all the Son of God. Unfortunately, at the Second Adam there was no revival of Eve to the level of the Daughter of God.

Because of this, Satan's evil power is still underway. He usually uses every opportunity to attack each of his opponents. In the case of a confrontation with Jesus, if he felt that he had no chance of winning, he would not play such a game. Apparently, however, he still considered himself an omnipotent one and only the Son of God had to show him who his real Lord was. Of course, Jesus did not want to limit His victory to a personal level. He strived for victory over Satan at the level of all mankind. Unfortunately, the chosen people did not help Him in this. The effects of the described situation continue to this day in the form of our fallen world, in which Satan continues to rule.

In the Garden of Eden, Lucifer caused the first conflict in the history of the created world. From that time on, evil has entered the life of humanity, which we often feel as various conflicts. Of course, it is not always called by Satan himself. They are evoked by people most susceptible to its influence, and above all those who have power over others. For a long time we have known the slogan of evil rulers sounding: "divide and rule". It is a derivative of the recommendation: "invoke conflict, and then intervene and enter your order and your rights". This is an excuse to authoritatively manage people and maintain full power. It is precisely on this authoritarian power and conflicts that Satan is the most concerned, because thanks to this he still maintains his hell.

Popes often called Satan the greatest enemy of humanity. They often asked for prayer for them and for spiritual support. They knew that without the support of the faithful, they could make huge mistakes and be fooled by Satan. That's why every person involved in uncovering the true identity of a fallen Archangel needs the support of other people. Unfortunately, a person who, like Christ, challenges Satan is often treated as an enemy in his environment. Everyone is turning away from her, subconsciously feeling that something is threatening them. It is enough to mention the situation of Jesus, from whom all turned their backs, his apostles hid in fear for their lives, and the closest of his disciple in public denied Him out of fear. No wonder ordinary people are afraid for their safety. They are right, because they can also be affected by the evil caused by the action of "the evil master of this world".

Satan's authority over people stems from the fact that God gave him knowledge destined for people, giving him an advantage over the children of God who are developing in the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, after his fall, Satan illegally uses this advantage, stopping the spiritual development of people at a level that allows him to continue to control them. So we have an implanted fallen nature with which Satan has permanent access to us. For he appropriated our spiritual person, originally received from our Creator. Today, it is regrettable to say that we have not only God's primordial presence, but also the specific presence of Satan in us. His evil pervades our personality, causing a constant struggle between good and evil.

I still meet people who say they believe in God, but do not believe in Satan. In my opinion, this is a paradoxical and illogical situation. After all, the Creator has brought to life all beings, including the Archangel Lucifer. Satan is a transformed archangel who fell out of God's jurisdiction. He exists in the realm of evil he has created, so he is still active among us. If you do not believe in him, then there is also no point in believing in God. In the case of unbelief in the existence of Satan, with the simultaneous belief in God, it would be the blame for all evil in the world to burden the Creator. This, however, should not take place at all, because it has nothing to do with the actual state.

According to the explanations of some theologians, Satan is such a devil with a pitchfork, who sometimes tempts a man to various kinds of sins, for example theft, sexual abuse or murder. Another group of theologians holds that he has been definitively defeated by Christ at the level of humanity and that he only has an influence on our individual sins. At the same time, they believe that God watches over everything, who sees everything and protects us from satanic evil.  According to them, this enemy of humanity only interferes with Heavenly Father, and it simply does not allow us to lead a peaceful life. Meanwhile, it is completely different. It seems that in a veiled way it rules our world, not allowing our Creator to us. Of course, his power was partly limited, but only in the spiritual world, which was largely saved by Jesus Christ. However, Satan preserved a certain sphere there, which we commonly call hell. Unfortunately, in our physical world we still have a real hell, because he is still the master of our Earth. Only people supported by Jesus and angels can oppose him. God remains outside of our satanic civilization, and he keeps the bond with every man indirectly in the form of prayer.

Satan always wants to hide his identity. He hides in various forms and adopts various "disguises".  This fact has repeatedly revealed various widely available Christian and Muslim scriptures. Almost all these studies agree that Satan does not want to be believed in him. For example, in an infinite number of conflicts in the world, someone rarely sees his presence. Almost nobody suspects that various forms of evil have their source in satanic operation. For example, misunderstandings and conflicts between people can be influenced by his actions. Of course, the fallen Archangel uses a huge number of his "direct subordinates" or fallen like him angels, sometimes called devils, demons or evil spirits. He can also perfectly use for his purposes spiritual people who have found their way into his realm of the spiritual world after death. We call them evil spiritual people.

I am writing these words so that people, knowing about the existence of Satan and his presence in the human environment, try to perceive manifestations of his actions and do not succumb to evil. It is difficult but possible. You do not have to be particularly surprised by the colloquial statements of people who make a mistake, that Satan tempted someone, because that can be true.

At the end, I have to cite the view that among the people themselves there is no strength for Satan.  It is a pity that this is true.  Unfortunately, you have to live with such knowledge in our world, try to survive difficult moments and overcome evil every day.

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