The main moral problem in the world


The biggest moral problem of people towards God

Everyone is different. This is because we are a unique act of the Creator, that is, we have a unique personality. He gave us all our "breath of life", that is, what He had the best, our spiritual person. We are His "precious treasures" and this will never change. You just have to see it.

The question then arises, do we treat ourselves as the Heavenly Father treats us? Are we really the most precious beings in the universe for us? I do not think I need to answer that question. It is enough for now that we understand how far we are from the ideal that the Creator has established.

Moving among people, passing by them and looking at their faces, we can see only foreign people, who are indefatigable by us with no special feeling, let alone love, although such would be the desire of God for sure. No one understands that we are passing by the "treasures" of Heavenly Father.

We know well what our reality is. Where did the colossal difference between Him and us come from? Where does the emptiness of love come from? The answer is the same as in all phenomena in our fallen world: it is the aftermath of events in the Garden of Eden, from the very beginning of human existence. There, not only was our spiritual development stopped, but also the growth of the most powerful power for man, or the power of love, ceased. We actually stopped at its level enough to create our civilization, but it is a level much lower than the Creator had predicted for us. The various actions of the power of love in our world are only poor versions of what we should live, even if we happen to fall in love with "without memory" or to experience significant periods of partner or parental love. Unfortunately, we are not able to assess the current level of the strength of love developed in us, because we do not have an appropriate point of reference. Understanding of true love is still in the realm of dreams or desires, for the full knowledge of it is beyond our possibilities: "The eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him ". (1 Cor 2, 9).

I am convinced that the lack of the strength of love developed in us is the cause of a huge number of negative phenomena. Perhaps it is even the case that every bad event can be explained by the lack of love or at least its weakness or degeneration. We lack love everywhere, from personal matters to global ones. Everything is tainted with a very poor understanding of how true love should work. I do not have adequate knowledge myself, which is why I analyze only what constitutes my personal understanding. Therefore, I will focus first on the "horizontal" love described in previous chapters.

For thousands of years, we have witnessed the birth of more or less equal numbers of women and men in the world. This fact should be an important clue for us. It is hard to resist the impression that one woman falls for one man.

When the Creator began His Work, he gave life to one man - Adam and one woman - Eve. I assume that God knew what he was doing by limiting the number of partners to one. One woman and one man, a couple of spouses for forever. God is eternal and His children are eternal. However, comparing such assumptions with everyday life around us, it is hard to resist the impression that we live extensively beyond the concept of the Creator, and our world can actually be called hell.

The sexual act between a woman and a man is actually a physiological act, like going to the toilet or eating a slice of bread. Very rarely someone realizes that not only our physical persons, but also spiritual persons participate in this act. What's more, God Himself also participates in it in an indirect way. Most people do not realize that this act is the most important mission given to us by Heavenly Father.

Let's make it even clearer. The creator has established a sexual intercourse between a woman and a man as the most important creative act in which he participates every time. Yes, every time, because God is the Father of all people born on Earth. The fact that He engages in the conception of a particular man is perfectly understandable, because in this way He begins His Paternity. His participation consists in the initiation of the spiritual person in His Personality.  Then, at the birth of a man from the womb of his mother, He gives him a spiritual person born directly by Him. Such principles were established by the Creator from the beginning, and the fall of the first people did not change that. This is the primordial and unchanging bond between God and man. This is explained in detail in one of the previous chapters entitled "Man - eternal being".

It happens that during the act of sex only the enormous pleasure and fun counts. Therefore, what is happening in our civilization is for the Creator almost a complete denial of his original plans. There is no doubt that this wonderful act of love is callable in the world thousands of times a minute. God, who coded in him his unity with people, in a sense became a hostage of his own presence during the conception of new people. The result of the present state of affairs is the immense loneliness of God and His heart missing His children. Added to this is the fact that the goal of creation has not yet been achieved.

Let us note that the Creator gave this act such significant value that it became the subject of the only ban that the first people received in the Garden of Eden. "Failure to use the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" means the prohibition of joining Adam and Eve in the act of sex before they reach an adequate level of maturity. This level and moment was to be confirmed with a proper blessing from God, that they would become His representatives in the universe. The inheriting of creative possibilities from God was the most important thing for the future development of humanity. Instead, we have created a completely new reality, or hell, for our Heavenly Father. His children remain outside of Him, which causes His immense loneliness and longing for them.

In my study, I do not intend to deal with the physical aspects of the sexual act between a man and a woman. However, I deal with the problem of the conception of a new life during this act. In fact, this conception should take place in an atmosphere of harmony between the partners and be combined with a sense of great happiness and joy both before and after its completion. Of course, not every sexual act ends with the conception of a new life, but the feelings of happiness and joy that accompany it should always be at the highest level. If it happens differently, it means that there is something wrong with such an act of sex. Just feelings after finishing the act of sex are the best measure of its value. If there is a feeling of discouragement, routine, fear, or even disgust or disgusting after him, it is a sign that he was simply wrong, wrong or dishonest. I believe that everyone can feel in their hearts whether his sexual act brought full happiness and joy, or feelings completely different.

At the same time, I live long enough in this world to realize what people do with it. I also do not conceal that the sexual act between partners of the same sex causes me to feel disgusted. In turn, this act, when it is a result of rape, becomes a dramatic experience for the victim. There are numerous cases of suicides of raped people, which is evidence that he is undermining the most important values ​​of humanity.

It seems that Adam and Eve "consumed" the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil at a very young age. The moment of understanding the act of sex is the border separating childhood from adulthood. God, with the help of angels, wanted to introduce His children into adulthood in the most beautiful way, that is, in the wave of true love. The deviation of Lucifer and the failure to take account of the Father's warning on the proper direction of love led to the destruction of God's plans for the future of all mankind. Our current maturity, to a large extent, has nothing to do with God's original plans. We are now living in a world that should never have been created.

Now I am obliged to address the issue of the permanence of my marriage.

Well, the point is that a marriage between a man and a woman, God's children, is eternal and is not limited to time only to earthly life. Marriage, regardless of whether it was concluded before a priest, rabbi or "on a cat's paw", is eternal, because its duration is also transferred to the spiritual world. Even Jesus had a problem with the question of the Sadducees, with whom a dead woman would live in the spiritual world, since she had several of them during her lifetime. Jesus, knowing that the marriage is contained only once in the physical world, did not answer their question basically. At the same time, He excluded the possibility of entering into marriages in the spiritual world.

Jesus also instructed His disciples that what they "bind" in the physical world would also be valid in the spiritual world. It is worth knowing, therefore, that the conclusion of a marriage between a man and a woman is an extremely responsible decision that affects eternity. Meanwhile, people have moved so far away from the concept that God originally had, that it is difficult today to propagate the conclusion of only one marriage in a person's life. The wrong approach to the durability of the marriage goes through all imagination. Hence also the observation of Jesus about the impermanence of marriage in a fallen world contained in the famous Gospel parable of the Samaritan at the well, in which He noted that she had once had several husbands.

I often asked myself why love is dying out in people and marriages are falling apart. After all, love should be eternal, just like God and us.

There are several conclusions from my thoughts. Above all, the fact that we should learn to love, for example from the beautiful patterns described in the history of mankind, especially that presented by Saint Paul in the First Letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor 13: 1-13). In addition, we should know more about our love, that is, it should be connected to a common source existing outside of us, i.e. to the Creator, or actually to His Heart. We believe that love is naturally written in our personality. At the appropriate moment, for example when we meet a partner who is responsible for us, love can develop and even explode with unprecedented strength in other situations. Yes, that's true, but this applies to so-called horizontal love, identified above all with love between a man and a woman. If this love is not connected with vertical love, it will tend to fade away, just like any value deprived of the source of energy and the right direction. Vertical love flows from the Heart of God and goes "top-down" to us. Because it comes from the eternal and "inexhaustible" Heavenly Father, it is also, like Him, eternal and inexhaustible. Hence, learning for us that horizontal love should be constantly strengthened by combining it with vertical love.

If we are wondering how to do it, then one should definitely come to the obvious conclusion that the only method is to stay in touch with Heavenly Father. It would seem that it is very simple, but very many people do not know how to do it. It is not about making typical prayers, but about speaking to God in every situation and place. If the reason for creating the world was the desire for love, then God wants this love just as much as we do. So let's talk to God, of course honestly and truly, that you love Him or at least want to do it. You have to say it to Him as you say to your nearest friend. From my own experience I know that it gives me inner peace, a kind of feeling that life is of great value and that one can be loved not only by other people, but also by Someone's Most Important. So, apart from caring for horizontal love, for example by giving presents to a beloved person, it is worth giving "vertical gifts" in the form of sending impulses of love "up" to Heavenly Father. I think that everyone can develop their own methods of caring for horizontal and vertical love. We just have to want to talk to God just as you talk to your loved one, although in His case it is difficult to mobilize. It is precisely this mobilization and perseverance that is learning.

The need for education and knowledge in the sphere of love also appears in the case of pregnancy in women.  I have already written about the miracle of the birth of a new man in the chapter entitled "Defining a man". Now I want to raise a topic that is causing a lot of controversy in society.  It is about understanding when a person begins his proper life, that is, when he receives a spiritual person from God. This, of course, is related to the problem of abortion.

Some people say that the right human life begins at the time of impregnation, that is at the moment of conception. Yes it's true. The life of our physical person begins at conception, but is the physical person the right human being?

The embryo or otherwise the germ is the initial phase of a person's physical life. However, it is still an imperfect form of human life which is only the beginning of the formation of a future physical person. A similar process takes place in the animal world, and especially among most mammals.

Man is not an animal, because the process of his birth is different. The germ in a womb of a woman, a future embryo and a developing fetus do not have the presence of a proper human spirituality yet. And until then, we're like animals. However, a further phase of this process is carried out with the help of the Creator.  This is also how I pointed out at the beginning of this chapter.

I will return again to the fact that God gives us a spiritual person at the moment of being born of the womb of the mother. Parents towards God are responsible for the formation of the individual, because this is their proper mission. Meanwhile, our spiritual person arises in God and penetrates to our physical person only when man is born. This is the "divine breath of life" described in the book of Genesis. At this moment, God gives us a piece of Himself and in this way man becomes a child of God. This is the right moment for human life to begin. Everything that "comes out" from God is shaped to perfection. In the case of the creation of a new human being, a spiritual person from God must meet with the perfect form of life, which is a human being born from the womb of the mother. This new creature must be perfect enough to start an independent life. God cannot introduce a new spiritual person shaped by Himself to the imperfect creation of an embryo or an undeveloped fetus. This developing human person must increase and achieve a specific perfection qualifying each newborn to live independently. In the womb of a woman, a new physical person is not yet independent and uses a spiritual person of mother. That is why God gives us a spiritual person shaped by Him only when the newborn leaves his mother's womb. He ends the period of addiction to the mother's womb and becomes an independent physical person who joins the spiritual person received from God. I repeat that it is only from this moment that we can be called the right man, because there has been a unification of an individual born by parents and a spiritual person born of God.

In conclusion, abortion kills the fetus from the mother's womb, that is, a new physical person shaping. It is the killing of physical life, just like killing a living being in nature, not killing the right man. Unfortunately, the abortion also hits the heart of God, because it holds back his most beautiful gift, which he prepared for man, preventing the birth of his new child. In this way, we make the pain of the Creator and break His Heart.

I know that I spoke in a matter that evokes a lot of emotions. That is why I presented this entire thought string so that everyone could assess my view and at the same time form my own opinion on this subject.





















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