Man in the face of faith in God

How to find God in your personal life?


What is faith in God?

Christians, especially those who declare themselves as deeply religious Catholics, say that faith is a grace from God.  Without any defiance, they proclaim that God distributes His favors according to His Will, hence one who gives the grace of faith, and not others.  I think it is a very unjust image of Our Creator.  God is our Father, and all religions say He is very just.  He should not divide people into the worse and for the better, or for those whom He will bestow on His grace and on those whom He will not give it.  So, I think faith must depend on something other than His grace.

In the Garden of Eden, God kept Adam and Eve from consuming fruit from one of the trees in this Garden. I have already written about this in the chapter on the beginnings of evil. Then, however, the "Serpent" appeared and said something opposite to God. It is worth noting that on one side we have the words of Heavenly Father, who forbids eating this fruit, and on the other, someone else, much less important, appears from the opposite view. And, surprisingly, the first people believed the words of the "Tempter" and rejected the words of God. I have already explained in many places in this study that before the fall Adam and Eve were unpolluted evil children of Heavenly Father, so there was no reason not to trust in His words, the more so because the failure to comply with them caused a certain death. Therefore, it is not a grace of faith, because if faith depended on the Will of God, it certainly would not have fallen.

It seems that faith depends on the knowledge of man and his will. Lucifer influenced the knowledge of people so much that the misfortune of the fall came when the power of love was disoriented. The most important, original feeling of each of us is love. If this love is somehow destroyed or damaged, then the need for faith appears.

Therefore, our religious faith has the character of a secondary phenomenon, which is a consequence of a fall. In our world, separated from God, it depends on us, how much we will become addicted to the "ruler of this world" and how much he will hide himself from God.  Our fallen nature can be so dominant that we will not feel the need to believe in God, let alone love for Him. In the present society, the fallen nature has a very different influence on the way of thinking of a particular person, which gives a different understanding of God. Hence different levels and different strength of human faith.

To discover faith in yourself, it is worth checking how it works in the case of love and happiness. We want them and we are convinced that we have the right to them. We sincerely believe in it. It gives us energy and will to have it. You cannot see it, but we know it exist, although it is difficult to prove. Our faith in their existence comes from inner conviction, from the subconscious knowledge inherent in us. This is how original nature works. We dream about happiness and love based on the hope that it will come true. We can also call it faith.

If such a belief was about believing in God, then probably all people on Earth would believe in Him. It would be good, therefore, to make the dreams of happiness and a love connect with the source of their creation, that is, with the Creator. The whole problem lies in understanding this. It is worth checking, if only for curiosity, if it is so. If it turned out to be true, we would experience happiness and love in the infinite dimension. Past experience indicates that getting happiness and love is often fleeting, momentary and impermanent. Meanwhile, the combination of these feelings with their Creator can give us a chance to live them eternally.

So what determines faith?  In the first place, we ourselves have to decide about it based on our inner conviction, that is, the type of internal knowledge that we carry in ourselves. Therefore, before we listen to anyone in this respect, it is worth to look inside yourself in silence and loneliness. From there we can take the first proper knowledge, because there, in our depths, in every human being without exception, is the beginning of a "thread" binding us to the Heavenly Father. This is our original nature. Everyone carries it, although it is invisible. It is necessary, therefore, to stop and concentrate for a moment, to be able to find it.  It is not a gift or grace. It's a common rule, just like the fact that we're eternal. It is worth checking out, deciding for a moment of absolute honesty with ourselves.  It's as if it happened alone at night and looked at the starry sky. We should do it ourselves, not paying attention to the society around us.

Only in the second place I put out the external knowledge that I provide in this study.

Looking around in society, it is easy to see that there is a large group of people who do not believe in God. At least that's what many people say about themselves. On the other hand, those who believe are not always able to accurately determine their faith. Certainly, it helps to belong to a particular denomination or religious organization. Then one can easily accept the principles of faith in such a community and recognize them as his own. However, it is always worth getting a deeper reflection on the present state of your faith, to be able to describe it yourself.

It is much more difficult for those who claim to believe in God, but do not belong to any religious denomination. These people are trying to somehow define their faith and imagine the God they have adopted in their own way. These are the most appropriate addresses of this study. It can serve as a new platform for them to think about their faith.

The next groups of people to whom I address my study are those who do not believe in any God but have no negative attitude towards religious problems. In this group of people there are certainly questions that my study tries to answer. This group, like many other people, has a very vague idea about God and is looking for a bit blindfold. Maybe thanks to the arguments given by me, one day they will be able to find the Unknown.

Based on my elaboration, you can also confront warlike atheists. The arguments used here are based on logical reasoning, therefore they should cause reflection on the doctrines describing God, people and the world. Atheists also use logical arguments to try to deny the sense of faith in God. Unfortunately, they start their attacks by pointing out the mistakes that God's people are making and by pointing out extreme cases of scandal caused by the representatives of the clergy of different religions with their immoral behavior. They also recall examples of the Inquisition's activity and evidence for the preparation of biblical texts. They often point to religious views contrary to science. For example, they return to outrageous allegations against followers of major religions who believed that the Earth is flat and that the Sun revolves around it. These arguments are supposed to logically explain that God does not exist, that the creators of religion are scammers and that religion is opium for the people. At the same time, they are very happy to oppose the teaching of religion.

All these arguments have been repeated for many years, they were repeated by materialists, Marxists, communists and all opponents of religious institutions. Unfortunately, these are actually only attacks on people and human errors, in a way that dishonestly engages God to participate in the life of the fallen world. In the meantime, as I have shown before, God does not participate in the functioning of our civilization and simply is not in the fallen world. Even using science is a kind of fraudulent atheist surgery. Science does not deal with God and there are no mechanisms to prove whether God exists or not. Simply, science takes into account only the existence of the material world, that is, it deals with all manifestations of life in the visible universe. Therefore, using science to fight God is unauthorized and dishonest.

As long as atheism is about the views of individuals, it is not a bigger problem.  This is due to the right of every person to profess personal views that suit him.  However, when atheism becomes a flagship ideology of larger social groups and even whole countries, this situation often leads to great historical tragedies.

The French Revolution for the first time introduced the slogans of national atheism into national banners, which resulted in the removal of the clergy of all denominations from the territory of the state, and even mass murders. Guillotine worked at the time "in full swing", because the decision of the civil court was decisive for the fate of the people, and not the right to freely express personal views. This French atheism was proclaimed by freedom, equality and fraternity, but it took away the dignity of the human person. According to these types of atheists, man was the most developed animal. Every disobedient animal, just like a disobedient citizen, could simply be removed from society and liquidated. Such views were continued by the strategy of the Napoleonic wars, which resulted in huge sacrifices in contemporary Europe. Many of these atheistic elements found themselves on the banners of the Spring of Nations, until finally lay at the foundations of Marxist philosophy and communism. This resulted in genocide and the Holocaust during the reign of fascism and Nazism and the mass persecution of manifestations of religious life in all communist countries. Today, unfortunately, we already know well how many millions of people have lost their lives in concentration camps, in Soviet gulags, or in the Far East death camps. For this is how practically state atheism and the resulting views based on the assumption that there is no God and that man is only a physical being.

Humanity paid the highest price for the consent to state atheism, which unfortunately grew out of individual atheism. With great pain, I listen to young people who proclaim their personal freedom and personal happiness based on atheism. I also observe with great pain how many people are fooled by the deceptive arguments used by atheists in current society.

In the meantime, I can only do one thing: invite everyone to get acquainted with my study, to discuss the real personality of a person and to logically understand the manifestations of God's existence. To reinforce my arguments, I am calling now the opinion Someone more important to me.

Some Man, after fruitless attempts to convince people of his description of reality, said a certain sentence that has gone down in history. He said something like this: people have eyes to see, but they do not see, they have ears to hear, but they do not hear, they have reason and cannot understand!

The fact that people do not see something or do not understand something is an undeniable fact.  When it comes to small things, this is not a big problem. However, in the case of essential matters for humanity, this becomes a very important problem.

There is much evidence that human minds can be manipulated by bad knowledge or by denying the evident truth.  This can be seen in many examples.

A significant conclusion can be drawn by analyzing the rise to power of Hitler in Germany and all the consequences resulting from this fact. Almost the entire nation could be manipulated in such a terrible way that its members lived with hatred and murdered unscrupulous millions of innocent lives. Communist agitation was equally tragic, which, through the spread of lies, led to many tragedies on the globe.

It follows that people can live in ignorance, act according to the will of crazy leaders and lose touch with reality. They can also do a lot of bad things in the belief that they are doing something good.

An important conclusion from this is the statement that people can be manipulated on a large scale, which leads to many tragedies. Often the source of this phenomenon is a fanatical belief in God or faith in various "idols". Also unbelief in God or suspicion of its lack can cause a tragic event. Such situations are reflected in religious wars, in the activities of the Inquisition, and finally in the martyr's death of many preachers of religious ideas or missionaries.

Why is this happening?

Why is it possible to manipulate human minds to a level of faith in lies that contradict common sense?

Answers should be sought in the absence of fundamental and lasting knowledge of the mechanisms of the world around us. If a person does not know and does not understand who he is actually is and in what world he lives, he has no lasting foundation for life.

The knowledge that absolutely every man, regardless of race, religion or nationality is eternal and comes from the Transcendent Source, which is God, can stop the development of intolerance, hatred and the consequences of these feelings in the form of genocide. Wider knowledge of God and man makes him a creature more immune to the influence of all kinds of evil, beginning with the influence of Satan, through the lies of mad leaders, and ending with small temptations.

Reflecting on the meaning of your life, a little confidence in the voice of your conscience and a pinch of life optimism always has a positive effect on the personality of a person. The knowledge of an immortal spiritual person in each of us is really not easy to obtain in the present world. This faith and this knowledge cannot be inherited. Everyone has to deal with it individually from the beginning of their lives. At the same time, the world around us may not provide such knowledge. It is just the opposite. The facts around us are a minimal proof of the existence of God and the eternity that exists in man. We can say that the present world is automatically separating us from God.  It is for this reason that Jesus, tired of His efforts, says that people have eyes to see, but they do not see, they have ears to hear, but they do not hear, they have reason and cannot understand!

How to get out of this situation?

Certain spiritually open people, called saints, and sometimes haunted, as well as Jesus Himself, tried to overcome the lack of human faith in God and impart knowledge that they wore in themselves. They acquired it in a somewhat incomprehensible way, and then with great passion began to spread it. In many cases, it ended with a loss of life for them. It follows that acting for faith in God is a very dangerous task. There is no doubt that the main opponent of these people is Satan himself, but the risk is also caused by such factors as stupidity of manipulated people, strange fear of learning the truth or simply life difficulties, unfavorable to open to important matters.

Sometimes it can be concluded that only a total shock or events similar to the outbreak of war can change such a sense of danger and helplessness. One should not be surprised at the Christians who see the solution of this state only in the spectacular phenomenon of the Last Judgment and the End of the World.

So what to do to believe in God or at least understand the need for His existence?

Once again, I will refer to the above statement about eyes, ears and reason. Our eyes are worth making a deeper vision so that they can objectively see the world around us. Our ears are worth being prepared for listening so that they can hear the voice of wise and honest people explaining things that are essential to our existence. Our reason has to be free from the noise of civilization to be able to understand something more than the trouble of everyday life.

When I look at nature and observe phenomena that take place in her life, for example among animals, I see an incredible abundance of forms, extremely complex organisms, sensitive senses and their extraordinary ability to benefit from the benefits of the environment. Then it becomes clear to me that all this has not happened and the fact of evolutionary changes has not come from nowhere. Although I am already in the stage of admiration over the wisdom of the Creator, I started from the stage of astonishment with the surrounding reality and the level of intellect built into the laws of nature. This level could not be taken by itself, nor was it introduced by people, because their knowledge is much more too small. It had to come from a hundredfold more intelligent source than human reason. I gradually realized the necessity of an intelligent creative source, and this in turn made me aware of the omnipresence of the Creator.

When it comes to listening, I started by listening to the poems of a well-known priest – a poet who particularly identified nature with the Creator's work. Just listening and reading interesting views of different scholars should lead to the awareness of the existence of an Intelligent Source in the universe. The appropriate dose of knowledge from various scientific and religious books taken over in the period of education should then result in a desire to listen to the voices of people analyzing the sense of the existence of this world. This can inspire many people to look for the right truth about the creation of the universe.

I think that human reason, awakened in this way, can begin to draw the right conclusions. As I noted earlier, the external reality of this world does not lead to the conclusion about the presence of God. However, instead of external sensations, turn on internal feelings, so that you get to know something invisible at first glance. Then you can have the chance to discover more complete knowledge about our life and the entire universe. I have found that this is not a supernatural gift but a phenomenon of human reason. It can lead to a natural understanding of the existence of God without resorting to religious education.

To build the right faith based on knowledge, I recommend, for example, to analyze two different situations.  I will start with the first one.

Namely, the presence of God can be indirectly understood, looking at the civilization development of humanity. It is most often characterized by the multiplication of beings, towards increasingly complex and more perfect ones.  This is because "Somebody" taught us this.  The "divine" way to develop was to create increasingly complex and perfect lives. From God, as from the source, new, more perfect concepts of creatures emerged, finally to come to man himself.

At this point, the Creator seems to have ended his contribution to the transformation of nature, recognizing that the end of evolutionary development has come about, which also concerned the physical bodies of people. And that was our beginning. A level has been achieved that enables individuals to bring to perfection spiritual persons associated with them. It follows that in the opinion of the Creator, humanity "grown up" to take over his creative abilities. Of course, the "divine" stage of the emergence of spiritual persons from Him remains, because in this way new people will always be born. Thanks to the described activity, not only humanity develops, but also God Himself.

From the beginning of the civilization, people have taken from the Creator their developmental stage of our physical world.  From that moment, only the people themselves deal with this reality, creating still new entities constituting the development of civilization. Just look around you. You can see cities, roads and other spatial structures. There has been unimaginable progress in the development of communication and communication. We admire the explosion of ideas in all areas of life. There are still more and more entities representing modernity and refinement.

It is worth to force your mind to the effort and thus find the original source in the described phenomena. Once we can identify the Creator, our eyes, ears and reason can open to us. Then maybe we will understand that development is our heritage received from God, our Father.

I am writing so that others can share with me the conclusion that using eyes, ears and mind in an open and honest way leads to the knowledge of God and to the understanding of His presence in the universe.

The second example concerns a slightly different way of shaping the faith in God. In this approach, it is not worth starting with very ambitious questions, such as: does God exist and who actually is. It is better not to ask about the existence of God and the rise of the universe until we answer the question about the proper status of existence of ourselves.

I suggest to understand in the first step that man is not an animal. When we talk to another person, we do not talk to her skin and bones, but to someone who is inside. We feel that our words flow somewhere deep into our listener and enrich his knowledge. This and many other things that people can do make us completely different from animals.

Therefore, I constantly emphasize the achievements of our spiritual person based on a natural person. This is a completely unique phenomenon in the scale of the entire universe. Man was placed between the existence of the First Cause and his presence in the eternal vastness of the cosmos. As the only being, it transforms the universe and will do it forever. And here we touch eternity. The entire universe, from the elementary particle to the largest galaxies, creates a perpetual plane of action for its "host" - human. It is begging that this eternity that surrounds us is also our share. And so it is, because it cannot be otherwise. We have it inside and outside of us. This eternity in us is our spiritual person, that is, we ourselves, the right people. So it must be the same with the First Cause that fills up the entire universe. In this way one can understand the necessity of our Heavenly Father.

It is time to get out of the parochial view of the Creator. For many religions, including Christianity, He seems to be a God of failure. Such an impression can be derived from the description of the fall of the first people and deeds of His angels. Also the history of salvation, permeated by the martyrdom of saints, cannot be treated as a series of successes. Added to this is the unjust crucifixion of the Son of God Jesus Christ, His still unfinished salvation and only spiritual victory over Satan.  All this may not be too optimistic. That is why many people do not believe in Him at all.

Meanwhile, in my understanding, our Heavenly Father is the creator of the whole inhabited by the people of the universe. I repeat my supposition that the Creator realized His Will in establishing a perfect world on all inhabited planets of the cosmos, creating there ideal worlds inhabited by people who are in His image and likeness. I am sure that with the full mobilization of humanity, it will also see such a state on our Earth. So it is not God's failure, as it seems too many atheists locked up in their little earthly world. He is the Absolute who has scattered His universe, Intellect, Beauty and Love all over the universe.

Thus, it is worth starting a personal attempt to find God. As you can see from the above, it is good to use logical reasoning and our inner intuition. For the sake of consolidating your knowledge, it is worth returning to the first chapters of this study, starting with the theme entitled "Original Being", through "Personality of God" and "God as Father and Creator", to make sure again who God is and what who we are.

That's all I have to offer to bring my long-term thoughts to each and contribute to the creation of God's own understanding for everyone.































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