Imagination about the Image of God


An image of God reaching the human imagination

To sum up this part of my study, I would like to add an illustrative description of God that can affect our imagination. I have often wondered how to present my understanding of God to other people in the simplest way. Once I thought that describing the Original Being, you can use the structure of the onion. In a great simplification, this comparison means that the construction of onion resembles the Image of God. Once a similar sentence that someone is like an onion, I heard in one of the children's films. Then I realized that such a simple wording can go not only to children, but also to most adults.

What, in that case, means that the Image of God is similar to the structure of onions?

In short, it means that God has layers!

It is in these layers that the whole meaning of this comparison lies.

Let's look at it.  On the top you can see a thin brownish shell, from which a smooth surface emerges. To understand its entire structure, it must be cut in half.  Then these layers are clearly visible. We watch its center, like a nucleus descending to the roots, and then further layers, up to the surface covered with the already mentioned shell, which is easy to remove.  There is no need to count all these layers, but the important thing is that there are many of them.

We get to know the "layers" of God, starting from the nucleus, which is easily compared to the God's Heart described in this study. It is true, God has a Heart and It is the beginning of everything.

There are more layers around His Heart.

The closest to the center is the layer of the deepest Entity of God, His Personality, that is, His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. From it follows the next, or layer of all rules and rights. Both together constitute the Spirit of God, or the Spiritual Side of the Creator. It is realized in the entire universe in the form of an existing legal order and in the form of already existing principles that we are still discovering.

The next layer from the inside is the Energy of the First Cause, called Primary Energy, which is the building material of the entire physical universe. This is the God's Physical Side. This layer is the boundary between the spiritual and physical worlds. We begin here because we have to deal with so-called dark energy, and then with dark matter. At this level, we still have a sphere that is invisible to human eyes.

It is only the next layer that begins to be visible physically, because from the Energy of the First Causes elementary particles emerge, and then from them atoms and molecules of inorganic and organic compounds.

In the next layer, flora and fauna appear, because the Creator Himself transmits life encoded in biological cells made of organic compounds.

The last layer consists of people born of God - His children, to whom God transmits a part of Himself in the form of a new born spiritual person.

People are like on the surface of God's creation. They form the last, bonding layer on which a thin "shell" is applied - the physical world around us. The thin layer itself is, however, transient in nature, just like the physical human life, after which an eternal life awaits the man in the invisible spiritual world. This means that for eternity man should go to the "inside of onion", means to an invisible spiritual world, close to the Heart of God.

I would like to point out that although my comparison is not very comprehensive, it stimulates our imagination. Really learning about God is reading the pulsating core of the universe. It's the onion that can help us.  However, it must be as great as the entire infinite cosmos.

It is the cosmos, as the Physical Party of God, that is in the possession of man, because that was the purpose of the creation of the universe, and so was the position of people in the original plan of the Creator. It is the people, as the last layer, that together constitute the embodiment of God in the universe. That is why we can call people not only God's children, but also the masters of all-creation.

Unfortunately, in our present world this dominant role of man does not look good. On the outside of the "onion" one can see a peeling, damaged "peel" that rots in places, giving testimony to the corruption of our present civilization.  Certainly the nucleus and the surrounding layers, that is, what determines the realm of the Creator's existence, are healthy. Unfortunately, God's children are not expected in them.  Heavenly Father is still waiting for His children and he knows that one day the Kingdom of Heaven will be filled with perfect people.  Our present civilization is thus a sick layer that fills this healthy interior. Today, we live in a world that must be rejected, just like sick tissue. What is healthy should remain an intact layer of life destined for humanity. It will follow the process of salvation.

I used a comparison for onions, because I still see people slipping only on the surface of the truth about God, as if they only saw the top layer of creation.  Certainly some people are guessing what is inside this "onion", but most are groping in the dark. We are dealing with infinity and the absolute, which often escape logical reasoning.  Despite him, I try to explain everything rationally and in my opinion as far as possible. However, I am afraid that due to the vastness of the issue, it is impossible to do all of this for the rest of my short life on Earth. I also know, however, that in the future we will gradually become familiar with all the "layers" of the Divine Personality and all the secrets of the Universe, and then my dreams will come true.










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