God's help and prayer


I am trying to understand God’s help and the need for prayer

Very often we have a childish image that God is sitting on the throne among angels and from behind the clouds watching our lives. Meanwhile, the previous chapters show that God is not an observer of our lives.

We are praying to Someone whom we do not see, who we do not know exactly. We do it a little intuitively guided by the unwavering faith that this Someone is constantly watching over us. And if it is not? The previous chapters of this study suggest such a situation, which is good to take into account.

For now, it is better to imagine humanity closed under a huge glass lampshade, which was created as a result of taking our world under the authority of Satan. God has no direct access to the fallen world. Only the eternal love of God reaches us, which we, trapped in this fallen world, perceive as the mercy of God. Some religions call the action of His love Divine Providence. It seems that only in this way do we experience God's help. It only becomes effective if human efforts are made to meet it. Then we recognize the saving work of Jesus Christ, the protection of angels over people, and the support of spiritual people from a good spiritual world.

People have always created different visions, concepts, philosophies and beliefs that were a reflection of their point of view. Based on them, they assessed reality and decided what the truth about universe is. They made this view their most important of all and did not take into account God's unfamiliar point of view. Unfortunately, we know that the concept of the Creator can be completely different from all human visions, which means that they can largely not follow the truth. Many emperors, kings and political leaders have invoked God's Will, which they knew, but in reality they did a lot of harm. All those who suffered because of this state of affairs tried to find out what God's real point of view is. Hence the need for prayer among others. I want to explain two most important problems related to the causes of its existence.

The first problem concerns the mere fact of the existence of prayer. In the original concept of God, man should be the master of all creation and behave towards the universe as someone who replaces God. Therefore, just like God, man should express his will by speaking it in the form of a verbal declaration. With God, the Word initiated the execution of His Will every time, and then also finished her introduction. People who submit to the flow of time and move in physical space should imitate the Creator's declarations, such as "let it be so" or "God saw that it was good", confirming the introduction of His Will into life. Man, like the Creator, was to introduce his will in the universe, so that the "human" word would become a body in this way. Unfortunately, after the fall, man ceased to be the master of all creation in the positive sense of the term. At present, he is actually the servant of the servant, that is, he was demoted from the position of the lord to the position of a lost creature calling for help because of falling into a peculiar captivity. In this way, prayer was born in the world under Satan's rule. Instead of expressing our creative will as God's free children, we express our condition in the form of petitions and entreaties to the "distant" Heavenly Father.

The second problem concerns the knowledge of God's laws. It is not a matter of orders or bans resulting from the Ten Commandments, because their existence is a secondary matter and not related to the original formation of the ideal world under the authority of God. God's laws are, first of all, the laws governing the physical world, that is, the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, the comprehensive concept of the laws of nature. Secondly, these are laws defining the order of all things, that is, relations of supremacy and subordination on the line Father (Creator) - child (man) - servant (angel) and all other dependences inherited from the creator (God) - recipient (human). It is also the principle of equality that takes into account the unique characteristics of every human being in all human activities on the path to achieving perfection. It is also the existence of harmony and beauty in nature. I will add that God's laws were what man was to learn at the beginning of his education in the physical world. They consist, among other things, of the concept of Divine Providence. Unfortunately, this process has been interrupted in the Garden of Eden, and therefore one of the reasons for the need for prayer is the desire to know these laws and to understand God's Will. In all of history the gaps of our knowledge in solving important life problems came out.

Now, as imperfect people, we live in a world in which there is no presence of God in a world that is a bondage zone for His children. In this situation, the main form of communication with God is prayer in the hope of His help. Actually, from the earliest times people have prayed to Him no matter how physically they understand the form of His existence. For the very meaning of prayer, it is not important whether they see Him in the form of an idol, the Sun in the sky, Yahweh, Allah or Our Heavenly Father.

Therefore, I do not deny the need of many people that they want to communicate with "their" God, which suits their imagination. Each of us is different and therefore everyone has the right to profess a God that he imagines.

When asked what we are to pray for, the best answer is given by the current state of the world and people. Undoubtedly God's greatest desire is to achieve the goal of creation, that is, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven in the physical and spiritual world. That is why the Lord Jesus proposed to us in the well-known Prayer of the Lord: "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." (Mt 6: 9-13). Praying for this does not mean that God will fulfill our request and how, by touching a magic wand, he will establish an ideal world on Earth. This task must be carried out by the people themselves led by Jesus Christ and a good spiritual world. Our prayer, however, means that we have the same goal and we express the same will that God has. In this way we also inform Him that we feel His heart and we miss Him.  This is the highest level of prayer. I treat this prayer as a constant cry for success for God and for all mankind. And it is worth to pray without interruption or at least constantly think about it.

The human world began to form in the Garden of Eden. From that moment on, men and women would join together; create families, social groups, and then entire nations. Unfortunately, in the presence of Heavenly Father, we only came to an individual, very initial development. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, we did not get to know the right plan of social development in accordance with the Will of the Creator. Everything that we have created then is our work without its direct support.

For this reason, our relationship with God takes place only on an individual level, because only this has remained after the events in the Garden of Eden.

Currently, God is often treated as the last resort in hopeless situations, although there are no rational premises for this. Throughout the history of mankind, we have been convinced of the lack of God's interference in subsequent tragic events. We remember about the terrible slaughter of humanity in antiquity and in the Middle Ages, about epidemics, and about the latest genocide in concentration camps and labor camps. People who were subjected to these tragedies often asked where God is and why he allows it. Many because of this have lost faith in such ailing Creator. Therefore, in this study, I try to explain this situation by the fact that He is absent in our earthly hell. It cannot, therefore, act like our rescuer pulling us out of the crimes we have prepared for ourselves. It would amount to a constant watch over our security, that is, to defend good people from the actions of these bad guys. Unfortunately, it is not.

God is the perfect Creator, the Absolute on the permanent creation of perfect material forms in the universe. This possibility is permanently in Him, because it is derived from His inexhaustible Energy and His unlimited Spirit. He carries out his every plan to the end. When He puts it into his life, He goes on to the next work. He does not hesitate to repair something. If He did it, He would be an imperfect Creator. He usually creates everything in a perfect way, for eternity, because that's the Divine Nature. Meanwhile, we imperfect people are often a denial of His methods of action. Therefore, we cannot judge Him according to our point of view.

I remind you that the proper development of mankind is supervised by His Providence, that is, the laws and principles established by Him, and His angels. In our "unfinished" world subjected to the process of frequent devastation combined with the progress of civilization, first and foremost, laws created by imperfect people are in force. That's why we go through the constant "fixing" of what we create. We include the work of Jesus Christ and His saints in this, because it is necessary in the salvation of the world. They are supposed to be a counterweight to the devastating work of Satan and his demons supported by evil spiritual people who create hell in the spiritual and physical world. It is only the victory of the divine side in this struggle that can connect our paths with the ways of Heavenly Father. That's what you should always pray for.

There are two more important problems left.

The first concerns the question whether our prayers really go to our creator. I wrote earlier that He is not present in our world and that He has nothing to do with our civilization. God knows only good and it is a matter that determines His way of understanding His creation and human beings born of Him. All His knowledge is good. Therefore, for Him only good exists and only it goes to Him. This should be a fundamental truth for us when we turn to Heavenly Father. We should pray to Him in an absolutely pure way, that is, only for good, without any evil.

The second problem concerns the already mentioned fact that God does not participate in the life of our fallen world. In the Garden of Eden, however, He communicated with the first people, although he entrusted the main educational tasks and the entire care of their daily life to the proper guardians of the people, or angels. The perfect God was able to watch over the development of His children only indirectly, although the words of the people went directly to Him. Does this communication still exist after Adam and Eve leave the Garden of Eden, or after their spiritual death? Definitely yes, because it was restored after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Human thoughts and desires can be addressed to God in the form of words, means using the language that people have. Our words reach Him in an indirect way, that is, they pass like a kind of judgment through the existing God's Law being an absolute good. It is a peculiar language spoken by Our Heavenly Father. Thus, by using the language of the good itself, that is, in accordance with His Law, our thoughts dressed in words can be accepted by Him.

In addition, our prayer is facilitated by the mediation of a person who, based on his achievements, is in direct contact with God. In the case of Judaism and Christianity, it is about Abraham, Moses, various saints and what is the most appropriate, about Jesus Christ himself. These are the "translators" of our prayers, because they know best the language of our Father's good.

It is a good practice to turn to God in the form of a prayer for oneself in case of danger of our spiritual condition through evil. In the situation of other threats, a certain exception is the prayer for our health.  Personally, I think that it should not be treated as "selfish" prayer. God, as our Creator and Father, has knowledge of how He created us and what we need for life, both physical and spiritual. It is worth saying to God: "You created me and you know my body. Please, bring me back to the state of health that you planned for my creation". This prayer expresses our hope of gaining access to His healing power.

I am not sure that God can give us His power directly to restore our pre-illness health. However, such power can have endowed with it an angel - the messenger of Heavenly Father, that is our guardian angel. From our birth he watches over us on behalf of God. It is his to ask for the use of God's power and to overcome our disease with her help. I want to remind here that we should name our angel the guardian, because then he becomes an "our private" angel, and we maintain the due position of God's child. It all costs nothing, but requires only internal determination and knowledge that a man is not only skin, meat and bones, but also a spiritual person. Our life is the way to Him that we need to go through, having proper physical and spiritual health.

It is said colloquially that "in a healthy body - a healthy spirit", which means that if we are physically healthy, then our spirit should also be healthy. This is a very materialistic view and in my opinion irrelevant to our lives.

Personally, I think that it is actually the opposite than in this proverb. It should read: "a healthy mind is a healthy body". So if we are spiritually healthy, then we can also be physically healthy. It was precisely this principle that the Lord Jesus healed, claiming that if a suffering man sincerely accepted Him, the spiritual strength radiating from Him would reverse the course of the illness. Our angel also has this spiritual strength for us. You just have to ask for it. Behind our words must be absolute faith in what we say to make Jesus' words come true: "Your faith has healed you" (Lk 17,19).

By the way, it is worth mentioning the harmful spiritual phenomena that I wrote about in the chapter on conflicts with the spiritual world. Evil spiritual people can also be the cause of many diseases. That is why the prayer for freeing us from the inadequate influence of spiritual persons who are in conflict with us is one of the methods to solve various disease problems. In his lifetime, Jesus showed how important it is and that He has the power to do it.

At the same time, when it comes to our health, I do not refuse to make any sense of the established pharmacological and surgical treatment carried out by doctors. This is an important element of recovery, but the difference is that specialists treat this treatment, that is, people. Unfortunately, doctors can be different. And here is also a place for prayer and a plea to God or to our angel to influence His doctors with His power. They should be honest in their work, make the correct diagnosis and focus on effective treatment. I also need spiritual support for them to follow in the same direction as the efforts of a good spiritual world. Let me remind you once again that man is a double personality: physical and spiritual. Every disease is played on two levels. And so should the treatment. Physicians should be responsible for the physical formula of treatment, but we are responsible for spiritual responsibility, of course with the support of spiritual energy from God, for example, transmitted through our angel.

The vast majority of people turn to God blindly. Some say mechanically the words of remembered prayers without thinking about their proper content. Others treat prayer as an obligation performed at least once a day or even only once a week. Still others treat prayer as a kind of spell, after which our wish can be fulfilled. Such behavior is the result of ignorance of God Himself, in which someone believes, not really trying to get to know Him. And yet the knowledge of our Creator should be absolutely the most important thing in our lives.























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